New York Waters: Profiles from the Edge

New York Waters: Profiles from the Edge




New York Waters: Profiles from the Edge is the first book to examine and record, in text and photographs, the lives of the men and women who live, work, or play in and along the rivers and coastal waterfronts that surround New York City. Through this collection of idiosyncratic individuals—young and old, male and female, of all ages—a picture of a previously unacknowledged New York community emerges, created by the very archipelago on which it exists.

The exploration includes all five of the city's boroughs and ranges from its most fabled bodies of water, such as the East and Hudson Rivers, to lesser-known ones such as the Erie Basin Arthur Kill, and Hempstead Harbor on Long Island’s North Shore. A remarkable variety of personal perspectives emerges, revealing what the subjects think about their life and work, and placing the book in the same rich tradition as Studs Terkel's classic, Working.


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ISBN-13: 9780762741335
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.
Publication date: 05/01/2007
Edition description: First
Pages: 160
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.62(d)

About the Author

Ben Gibberd writes for the New York Times, where his profiles, essays, and news stories regularly appear in the City and Long Island sections. He lives in Brooklyn, New York.


Award-winning photographer Randy Duchaine, also of Brooklyn, enjoys the challenge and variety of working with a range of clients, from advertisers, multinational corporations, and design firms to editors and publishing houses.

Table of Contents

(1) Captain Rich Naruszewicz, Ferry Boat Captain (2) Olga Bloom, Director, Barge Music (3) Mike Gallagher, Director, New York Shipyards (4) Adam Brown, Scuba Diver, Waterfront Activist (5) Philip Frabosilo, Urban Angler (6) David Sharps, Director, The Waterfront Barge and Showboat Museum (7) Teddy Jefferson, Guerilla Swimmer (8) Greg O'Connell, Waterfront Developer (9) Pamela Hepburn, Marine Preservationist, Tugboat Captain (10) Larry Seaman, Eel Fisherman (11) Gerry Weinstein, Steamboat Preservationist (12) U.K. Sailmakers, Sailmakers (13) Manny Pangilinan and Josh Hochman, Surfers (14) Sal Polisi, Nautical Woodcarver (15) Bob Weaver, Ship Propeller Repair Man (16) Owen Moriarty, Tugboat Captain (17) Mark Rudes, Fish Wholesaler (18) John Mason, Circle Line Tour Guide



Enter the world of New York City's waterfront - steeped in tradition yet threatened by modernity.
Join New York Times stringer Ben Gibberd as he investigates the lives of those who work and play on the fabled bodies of water that border the city's five boroughs. Among those you will meet are a dry dock operator, an eel fisherman, a fireboat preservationist, and a guerilla swimmer. Gathered from the East River to the Erie Basin, the Hudson to Hempstead Harbor, each new perspective connects a personal passion to a fabled local maritime history.
Scuba diver Adam Brown explores a dangerous yet beautiful underwater world amid the piers and pilings on which the city is built. Octogenarian Olga Bloom runs a floating concert hall for chamber music in a converted coffee barge off Brooklyn's Fulton Landing. And nautical wood carver Sal Polisi uses chisels rather than power tools, believing that his visitors like to watch things being done the old-fashioned way.
Each profile is complemented by award winning photographer Randy Duchaine's stunning portraits. The result: a fascinating, unique look at twenty-one of the waterfront's most interesting citizens. You'll be glad you met them.

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