Newly Revised Edition Learning at Home: A Mother's Guide to Homeschooling

Newly Revised Edition Learning at Home: A Mother's Guide to Homeschooling

by Marty Layne
Newly Revised Edition Learning at Home: A Mother's Guide to Homeschooling

Newly Revised Edition Learning at Home: A Mother's Guide to Homeschooling

by Marty Layne

Paperback(Newly REV ed.)

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This book is written from a mother's point of view. I started writing this book in 1995. It took me three years to complete and publish the first edition. It took me three years to complete because I was writing in "mother time." My writing took place in odd times, in odd places, and in spurts. I enjoyed the whole process. Two years later, I published the revised edition. It included material new to the first edition. This newly revised edition issued nine years after the first edition also incorporates new material and a different perspective now that my youngest child is 21 years old.

Mothering and homeschooling gave me a chance to develop myself in ways that I could never have imagined before I started. In Western culture, freedom from child caring responsibilities is often seen as the best and only way for a mother to continue to develop herself. I couldn't disagree more. The time I spent being at home, playing and learning with my children, has been the most productive period of my life. (Pun intended.)


Chapter 1 Can I Do This - Teach My Child At Home?

Chapter 2 Creating A Learning Environment

Chapter 3 Helping Your Child Learn to Read

Chapter 4 Inviting Children to Write

Chapter 5 Mathematics

Chapter 6 The Arts: Music, Art, Dance, Drama, and Phys. Ed.

Chapter 7 Life as Curriculum: Science and Social Studies

Chapter 8 Burn-out

Chapter 9 Beyond Homeschooling



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ISBN-13: 9780968293843
Publisher: Sea Change Publications
Publication date: 07/16/2007
Edition description: Newly REV ed.
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.55(d)

About the Author

I was born in Den Haag, Netherlands. My family immigrated to the USA in 1956. I started third grade a few weeks after we arrived in the States. I knew very little English - I could count to 100 and could say and understand the word street.I wish I could remember how I learned to read in English. All I know is that within a few months, I was taking books out of the town library to read. I began to read the Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. The third grade class I was placed in was making butter as part of the activities related to the book. I thought this was fun. Years later I lived on a 40 acre farm in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada and milked goats, made cheese, and trained a work horse to work in harness. Those Little House books had a great influence on me.Before writing my book about learning at home, I was a La Leche League Leader for many years, helping mothers breastfeed their babies. After writing and publishing my book and as my children reached their late teen, early twenty years, I became an infant massage instructor and taught new parents how to massage their babies just as I had massaged my own babies years before. The baby massage classes showed me that there was a need in my community (Victoria, BC) for a program of songs and fingerplays for parents and their babies, so I developed and taught one. It was a delight to meet mothers who had been in my classes at the grocery store who remembered me from those classes and introduced me to teenage children who had been in my baby classes. All the rhymes I taught those parents wee a fun resource when I began to have grandchildren.
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