by Will Stuart


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Up �til the time my brother Sean was born, life in Newton, Iowa was pretty wonderful. I was an only child �til then, my Mom and Dad were mine and I was theirs and we could do about anything we wanted in the little house on South Eighth Avenue East. But he did come along and we had to move because there wasn't enough room and the next thing you know I'm getting the short end of the attention stick and having to fight my way up the pecking order of a new neighborhood.
Billy Walsh and Rodney Walsh and Charlie Hefford and I got it sorted out after a bit and soon they were every bit as close to me as my folks. There wasn't anything we couldn't do if we pitched in together from bailing hay to snowbound winter camp-outs to saving each other's lives. Boy, life in the new neighborhood was great for a long time - a good long time in kid's years. And we got most of our fun by learning how to be men, by learning how to shoot a gun straight and hunting, by fishing, by learning how to roll a cigarette and play a hand of poker. We were just getting good at being man-boys when a single rifle shot stole our boyhood and changed the men we were to be.
This is my story of boys and farms, work and play, life and death - a story that I lived and want to share with you.

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ISBN-13: 9780738808758
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Publication date: 12/19/1999
Pages: 156
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.36(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1Family9
Chapter 2The New Kid21
Chapter 3The Garden Spider32
Chapter 4The Hiway Fourteen Bridge48
Chapter 5Big Bill58
Chapter 6Oklahoma63
Chapter 7The Tree Hut91
Chapter 8Leo96
Chapter 9Window Peeping106
Chapter 10Plinking113
Chapter 11Karen117
Chapter 12Paper Routes, Chocolates and Nadine Starrett122
Chapter 13Glendora127
Chapter 14Central134
Chapter 15Cardinals144
Chapter 16And Justice For All151
Chapter 17Reunions152

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