Next Level Real Estate Asset Protection: Comprehensive Strategies for Investors

Next Level Real Estate Asset Protection: Comprehensive Strategies for Investors

by Clint Coons
Next Level Real Estate Asset Protection: Comprehensive Strategies for Investors

Next Level Real Estate Asset Protection: Comprehensive Strategies for Investors

by Clint Coons


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#1 Amazon New Release in Real Estate Investing & Buying & Selling Homes

Next Level Real Estate Asset Protection: Comprehensive Strategies for Investors is your concise playbook for building your very own passive-income empire to millionaire wealth.

Good real estate investing advice isn't easy to find. It seems everyone in the real estate game is playing an angle. Not that people are dishonest, necessarily, but they may see things from their limited perspective and experience.

CPAs look at investments from a tax-advantaged perspective. Attorneys are all about asset protection. And all those online coaches, financial advisors, and "entity mills" just want to sell you their products.

But most of them are not actual investors.

Inside this book on real estate investing strategies, you'll discover:

  • Why LLCs, or limited liability companies, are the #1 way to protect your assets and the exact steps to structuring your real estate properties.
  • How to leverage your retirement plans and 401(k)s as a great vehicle for real estate investing.
  • How people find and use investor information to their advantage - and how they can sue you or scar your character.
  • Why land trusts are the holy grail of real estate and should be in every intelligent real estate investor's toolkit.
  • When it comes to protecting your personal assets - particularly your residence - you can either leave yourself vulnerable or take steps to protect your assets.
  • How flipping and wholesaling can serve as entry points into the real estate investing game.
  • Ways to leverage stock portfolios, Airbnbs, short-term rental properties, house hacking, lease options, residential assisted-living, raw land, and mobile-home investing - to develop a wise mix of different assets to help you achieve your financial goals.

Don't wait ... In the end, everything works until it doesn't. The fact that your present real estate structure is "working" just fine may only mean they haven't been tested yet. You haven't been sued. Your legal structures haven't been picked over by smart attorneys looking for flaws they can exploit to force you into a fat settlement. You haven't had a judge hand over three of your properties to a stranger who slipped on the ice in front of your house.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781950863884
Publisher: Advantage Media Group, Inc.
Publication date: 08/30/2022
Pages: 232
Sales rank: 465,800
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x (d)

About the Author

CLINT COONS is an avid real estate investor and attorney who takes investing to the next level through asset protection, tax reduction, and estate planning. Uniquely combining legal expertise and extensive investing experience, he gives people an expanded understanding of how to succeed in entity planning. A founding partner of Anderson Business Advisors, Clint has grown this well-respected legal and tax firm to over four hundred employees with offices in four states. In addition, he has acquired over 250 properties ranging from single-family homes to commercial buildings. Hundreds of his articles, YouTube videos, and workbooks have been published on various topics related to real estate investing and asset protection. His dynamic speaking ability and on-camera personality make him a favorite at seminars and programs across America. Clint’s innovative and dynamic strategies have helped over five hundred thousand people build real wealth and save millions of dollars.

Table of Contents

Why I Wrote This Book and What It Can Do for You The Three-Legged Stool The Element of Privacy—Using It Effectively Land Trusts LLCs—Not One Size Fits All Smart Investing with Retirement Plans Play the Lender’s Game Protecting Your Personal Residence Flipping and Wholesaling Other Ways to Invest in Real Estate Don’t Wait ACKNOWLEDGMENTS ABOUT THE AUTHOR

What People are Saying About This

From the Publisher

“I have known Mr. Coons for almost a decade. I currently own over $60 million in real estate and manage $250 million for patterns and clients. Whenever I have a new client, I send them straight to Clint and the Anderson Business Advisors. Don’t miss this read. Clint has put together an update of everything that he and his partners have learned helping thousands of real estate investors just like me. Navigating real estate can be difficult. Clint’s personal perspective as an attorney and as an active real estate investor creates a ‘unicorn’ source of advice and counsel.”
—Aaron Adams, MBACEO, Alpine Capital Solutions

“If you are a real estate investor, this book will become a trusted roadmap for you to navigate the dangers of real estate investing. Clint spells out step by step what real estate investors need to do to protect their wealth and minimize the dangers that are inherent in building a real estate portfolio. This is a must-read for anyone who is already a real estate investor or who is seriously considering becoming one. From one investor to another, use the strategies Clint lays out in this book. Your future self will thank you.”
—Andrew Mathis, Esq.

“Catastrophic failures occur when real estate investors ignore liability planning, business planning, and tax planning. Mr. Coons is a master of his craft and breaks down into layman’s terms the essential concepts that each real estate investor must acknowledge, embrace, and implement.”
—Michael Bowman, Esq.

“Sun Tzu said, ‘Tactics before strategy is just noise before the defeat.’ Clint combines his unique ability to craft creative asset protection strategies backed up by tactical moves in a world governed by government regulations. This is an absolute must-read for anyone looking to achieve their next level of asset protection.”
—Scott Lewis
CEO, Spartan Investment Group

“Clint Coons shares his deep knowledge of Real Estate Asset Protection on the Next Level so everyone can understand it. I know, as I’ve implemented his teachings and 10x’d my side- hustle real estate business in a very short time period while implementing his security asset and tax protection strategies to build lasting wealth with predictable recurring revenue. Every entrepreneur in America would benefit from being an Anderson Business Advisor member. For just $35 a month (less than the cost of a gym membership) Clint and his experienced team provide all the tools needed to structure deals in this volatile and changing environment.”
—Suzy Ginsburg
CEO, Global Communications Work

“Based on personal experience after the 2008 market crash, I can tell you firsthand that Clint Coons has provided information and actionable content in this book that will literally add value for you and future generations of your family. I wish I had this information back pre-2008 because Clint has laid it out with the utmost common sense, simultaneously inserting jaw-dropping reality. I will continue to use him and this book as a powerful trusted reference. Embrace this road map!”
—Chris Prefontaine
CEO, Wicked Smart Real Estate

“There are plenty of books written on the basics of investing in real estate. But there are few that teach you how to protect that hard-earned money while accelerating its growth. This is an absolutely essential book for anyone who wants to take their real estate portfolio to the next level.”
—Peter Kim, MD
Founder, Passive Income MD

“This is a must-read for real estate investors who are looking to not only protect what they have but also grow their real estate businesses. As Clint teaches in the book, with the wrong asset protection strategy, you might hinder your growth and not set yourself up for success.”
Dr. Letizia Alto, MD, and Dr. Kenji Asakura, MD
Cofounders, Semi-Retired MD Podcasters, Doctors Building Wealth

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