The Next-To-Last American President

The Next-To-Last American President

by Shawn O'Reilly


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The Next-To-Last American President by Shawn O'Reilly

The downfall of the United States of America has been expedited by the recent election of Barack Hussein Obama. The country may not survive his regime, but giving him the benefit of the doubt, author Shawn O'Reilly describes him as The Next-to-Last American President.

O'Reilly, a proud conservative who is deeply worried about America's survival, describes a future date when the country no longer exists in this political satire that is only half joking around. He details the downfall, aftermath, and most importantly, the rebirth of the American people.

It's still possible for the country to recover from the economic, social, and moral decay being promoted by Obama and his band of liberals. The new government, however, must resemble what the founding fathers envisioned-a land that has few regulations and taxes and no violations of personal freedoms.

The end is approaching, and it's time to prepare if you want to survive. Take every step necessary to ensure the well being of you and your family with The Next-to-Last American President.

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ISBN-13: 9781450292894
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 02/18/2011
Pages: 152
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.35(d)

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The Next-to-Last American President

By Shawn O'Reilly

iUniverse, Inc.

Copyright © 2011 Shawn O'Reilly
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4502-9289-4

Chapter One

In the beginning there was social justice throughout the land. Food was plentiful, there for the picking. Man lived in harmony with Nature having no fear or worries. Even the wild beasts were friendly. Climate changed as always without someone blaming Man. Clothing was optional since God placed them in a temperate earthy paradise and they knew no sin. Eve was in a utopia. There was no worry about wardrobe, shopping, cooking or housework. Dishes were not yet invented.

God told Adam and Eve to eat of all the fruit except that from the "Tree Of the knowledge of good and evil" in the center of the Garden. If you eat that fruit, you will be doomed to die. The downfall of the godly utopia began when Eve encountered a Progressive Snake in the grass. These creatures are to be avoided at all cost. The snake came to the woman and said "Really?" he asked. "None of the fruit in the garden? God says you mustn't eat any of it? "Of course we may eat it," the woman told him. It's only the fruit from the center of the garden that we mustn't eat it or even touch it, or we will die".

"That's a lie!" the serpent hissed. "You'll not die" The talking snake convinced Eve to disobey God, eat of the forbidden fruit and give some to Adam. Eve believed the first lie that there are no absolute truths.

The serpent is with us, as from the beginning.

"If my daughters make a mistake, I don't want them to be burdened with a baby" The serpent hissed "YESSSS

"America is not a Christian Nation" YESSSS

"Yeah, I am a Christian, there are many paths to God" YESSSS

"No, No, No, not God Bless America, God____ America" YESSSS

Human life begins at conception! THAT'S A LIE!

After partaking of the forbidden fruit, Adam realized for the first time that Eve was naked. Soon they learned the purpose of each other's different anatomical parts.

In the beginning all was given by God. For this first sin of eating the forbidden fruit, God cast out Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden. No longer would their every need be provided. They would survive by the sweat of their brow. They exchanged immortality in an earthly paradise for a taste of the forbidden fruit. Only a modern day Progressive would take that deal! If Eve had an earthly mother, she would have been warned about men, sex, and to stay clear of snakes, particularly the talking variety. Serpents like many politicians, speak with a forked tongue. Eve would also learn that men are interested in only one thing! (Peace and Quiet)

This dire outcome had to be the fault of someone, other than Adam and Eve. The progressive snake in the grass was nowhere to be found. After causing the first sin of Man it quietly slithered away. I did not know a snake could smile! Years later envy caused the sons of Eve to be pitted one against the other. The snake had another reason to gloat. YESSS

The Next To Last President

Barrack the next to last President Had a contract out on U.S. His Government took power The people lost theirs There is only so much liberty Either for him or for us Babies quiver in their mother's womb Anxiously awaiting their turn Grant him single payer health care You will obey your master The Free Market System is the only way Of this I will never sway "Never been proud of my country" "Reparations don't go far enough" Can he bankrupt US into prosperity? Wake up; it's almost too late!

The United States of America has been morally, politically and financially in decline for many years. The mainline media, progressive professors and politicians controlled the ideological discourse and gained total control upon the people. Any one who contradicted their beliefs was discredited by any means possible. Because of their collusion, the truth about Progressives and the causes they supported could never be exposed. This led to the final chapter in the history of the United States of America with the Presidential Election of Barack Hussein Obama on November 2, 2008. The failure of the prior administration of President George W Bush left the country ripe for a political takeover. Bush's major lacking as President was the wasteful out of control spending and not securing and defending our southern border with Mexico. Mr. Bush was too "Presidential" to defend and properly explain his agenda to the American People. The Progressives and their media elite were more than happy to mention the errors of his ways. Without mounting a proper defense, the drumbeat of political opposition drove his approval numbers into the cellar.

Most Americans declare to be conservative on moral and fiscal issues. Old Blue Blood Country Club Republicans left Conservative Voters a poor choice in John McCain as our presidential candidate. The Democratic Candidate for President, Barack Obama, had easy pickings in defeating the Progressive Republican Candidate John McCain. If your choices for President are Progressive or Progressive-lite, why not go for the real deal. The rest of the story is unfortunately a sad one!

As a proud Conservative, "RINO" (Republican in name only) are now held in lower esteem than Progressives. At least you know that Progressives', however misguided have core beliefs. They blurred the political distinction between the Democratic Party and the Party of Lincoln. Moderate "RINO" Republicans like John McCain and Lindsey Graham led to the total political takeover of the federal government by the Progressives.

A RINO is a vague and despicable creature. It can never be trusted on what side of an issue it will support. It can turn against the conservatives at any moment. This traitorous action is most prevalent when manhood is most needed. "RINO" is a hideous creature in need of political extinction. It is best to excise them early in the primary season. A conservative is equal to two "Rino's". It takes two to equal one conservative since they only correctly vote fifty percent of the time.

I must admit voting for John McCain in the last presidential election. Being not pleased with the Republican Presidential Candidate, I had to close my eyes, hold my nose and pull the lever to register my vote. To summarize my feelings about this election, my bumper stickers read:

McCain Palin

At least the lovely, talented and true conservative Sarah Palin was on the ticket. Her righteous balance was not enough to atone for progressive leaning Republican Presidential Candidate John McCain. He was at least the darling of the mainline media during the primaries. They supported a feeble republican candidate during the primary season to offer Barrack Hussein Obama a weak political opponent. Once the Republicans chose their Presidential Candidate, this ended the love affair with the Progressive media. Now they used all their biased power of the media to elect "The One". They enlisted comic imitators, not funny late night talk hosts, Holly weird Leftist, along with newspapers, magazines, unpopular radio shows and all television other than Fox. The Progressive Elite was stunned when John McCain picked Sarah Palin as his running mate. How could McCain betray them by picking a conservative woman? She must be personally and politically marginalized at all cost. Progressives in politics, media and other socialist groups convened a forum titled "Get Sarah". They saw only her as a political threat, and set forth a devious plot. Dear Sarah: As a southern neo gentleman, I will defend your honor! Sarah, a true woman, makes Hillary look very pale in comparison.

Thank God those mighty conservative warriors arose from the God Fearing, self reliant, taxpayer volunteers of the "TEA PARTY". The Tea Party is a bottom up, grass roots movement that brought a Conservative Revival. No longer will the Leaders of the Republican Party get away with producing a Progressive candidate for President. The Tea Party supports many great conservative women and men candidates. It is time for Conservative Women to ascend in political power. Sarah Palin is a positive role model for many as a wife, mother, and politician with her conservative, ethical and moral views. It has been recently mentioned that she is a one hundred percent natural woman. (No implants) Sarah's political support to a candidate is often a kiss of success. Her only political mistake was endorsing the re- election of John McCain. Because of that mistake, I have to lower her overall personal score to 95/100. When Sarah speaks, I watch and listen! Thank God for the legions of advancing conservative women like Michelle Bachman and Nikki Haley. Stay determined and on course, for you will be savagely attacked by progressives and their media elite. They will fabricate lies and speak against you will a single forked tongue.

Based on a Gallop survey March 26-28, 2010 showed that 37% of American Adults have a favorable opinion of the Tea Party Movement. Majority of Republicans (62 %) have a favorable opinion of the Tea Party, 37% of Independents and 14% of Democrats. Based upon the election results of November 2, 2010, more Independents are supporting the Tea Party Agenda. Tea Party Members are better educated and earn higher incomes than the overall voting population. The November 2010 midterm elections were a turning point in the resurgence of the Conservative Movement. This was the election that caused many progressive politicians to become ordinary citizens. I was pleased that Republicans once again gained control of the congress and held a majority of governors in the country. This election proved for all times that California is a land of "nuts and berries." The election of Jerry Brown as governor greatly accelerated the exodus of businesses and producers out of California. With the Republicans gaining the majority in the congress, "Nancy Pelosi, "the queen of San Francisco," lost her fleet of personal government aircraft along with unlimited extravagant food and drink. The sales of Jack Daniels plummeted after this election. Nancy was also at her best when she was a little "tipsy." The people of the country suffered mightily during the recession. Nevada led the way in those unemployed, number of bankruptcies, home repossessions, etc. I had sympathy for the people of Nevada until they re-elected "Dirty Harry'" November 2, 2010. Proverbs -"there's none as blind as those who will not see." For those who support corruption for their personal gain, the day of reckoning is at hand. This last statement also applies to the supporters of Barney Frank. I am ashamed of you! Always patrolling for rear, Barney has his sights set on the military, He has a "thing" about men in uniform. The Progressive's set forth new rules for gays in the military during the lame duck session in 2010. The new motto: Don't ask, don't smell, and give me some tail. This gives a new meaning of someone "watching your rear." The faithful question is have these miraculous political events of November 2, 2010, arrived too late to save the country.

Conservatives believe that power and liberty exist for the benefit of mankind. Government and taxation should be minimal. Progressives think that we exist to serve the government. There is finite supply of precious liberty. This Godly gift to America belongs with the people, not government.

A hundred years ago most people of all races were poor by today's standard. They were also honest, hardworking and God Fearing. People seemed to know and care more about their neighbors. When aid was needed, there were family, neighbors and the church. If a person was ill, neighbors would bring food, money and a doctor. Others would tend your farm until you were well. Every one who could was expected to work. You could leave your windows open and your doors unlocked. Life moved at a slower pace with less anticipation and stress. In many ways people were more satisfied and fulfilled. For their actions and beliefs in life, even with a meager existence, many have a mansion and want for nothing in Heaven. The importance of this life is largely to prepare for the next everlasting one.

As the Progressive Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) accepted the 1932 Democratic nomination for president, he proclaimed, "Throughout the nation men and women, forgotten in the political philosophy of the Government, look to us here for guidance and for more equitable opportunity to share in the distribution of national wealth ... I pledge myself to a new deal for the American people. This is more than a political campaign. It is a call to arms." FDR assumed power rivaling that of a dictator. A good crisis should never go to waste! Recently Progressives have used the same thinking to forward their radical agenda. This was a time when many indigent people were forced to yield liberty to the Federal Government. To insure the support of the electorate, the populace must be made dependent on government for sustenance. Once liberty and freedom are traded, surrendered or stolen, it is almost impossible to regain. This is why the Progressives want as many Americans possible to be dependant upon their government. The trade for this dependency is more government control and votes for the Progressives. Most tyrants in history came to power during a depression or political upheaval when desperate people were grasping for a political or economic savior. The "New Deal" put Socialism on the fast track, attempting to "level the playing field" which later became "redistribute the wealth of the country to its rightful owners". This "New Deal" set into motion a progressive social disease that became the "Raw Deal" on America. This disease like leprosy started out as a minor infection that now has consumed man.

For over 50 years, European- Americans tried to make amends for the sins of past racial intolerance spending 5.5 trillion dollars on the failed War on Poverty. This program actually became the war on the American family, removing the financial and moral needs for many biological fathers to be no more than a sperm donor. The US national data handbook indicates that women having children out of God approved marriage continued to skyrocket to 40% of all births in 2010. In 1960 the total of out of wedlock births was 5% of the total births. As of 2010, the percentage of out of wedlock births was 28% for Whites, 51% for Latinos and 72% of all births by Blacks. This moral and social decay paralleled the decline of Judeo-Christian values. Children born out of wedlock are often a detriment to society, since they are more likely to commit crimes, fail in school, and be unemployed, morally deficient and dependent on government assistance. Some of these children by the grace of God, escape from the welfare state and become honest, productive members of society. They are the minority, but shows that one can escape the bounds of their environment. The circle of dependency must be broken, whatever the political, social and economic cost. If we as a country fail at this task, the end result will be the destruction of the country. Time for an economic reversal is dimming and without the painful remedy of massive spending cuts, the downfall will occur sooner and be more severe.

Many are trapped for life in the state of dependency. In essence, this is a captive "Taker" breeding program. Being subsidized for multi generational failure by the United States Government, the destructive pattern continued to grow. We have a perpetual generational maternally organized subset of society on welfare. This guarantees 95% of African Americans and 65% of Latinos being an indefinite voting block for the progressives to the end of government.

Sadly I believe the evolution and advancement of the human condition has stalled or is being reversed. In mans' past, if one was not productive, you had a nil chance of survival and passing on your genes. Today with the help of Progressives, this trend has been reversed. Compounding society's problems, the government subsidized Takers have a higher birth rate than the Producers. Thousands of years in the advancement of mankind are being threatened with the survival of the inept. Alpheus Hyatt stated "the theory of orthogenesis says certain trends, once started kept progressing even though they become detrimental and lead to extinction". I believe we are on that path!

Gratis dispensed from the Government started out as a trickle of the wealth of others and became a flood of red ink. This redistribution of wealth caused such elation among the Progressives and Takers, similar to a drug addict on crack. More and more wealth of others was required to maintain the high of moral superiority for the Progressives. The Takers demanded their Progressive Masters to redistribute more of the producer's earthly possessions. Spending withdrawal pains would be too horrible to mention! This uncontrollable government social spending grew into a present day financial flood, swamping the country in red ink. Even the innocent will not be spared from this disaster. Without government assistance, minorities will struggle more than others. This buying of votes using the wealth of the Producers became very expensive for all of America.


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