Niagara Falls in World War II

Niagara Falls in World War II

by Michelle Ann Kratts


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ISBN-13: 9781467137379
Publisher: History Press, The
Publication date: 11/07/2016
Series: Military
Pages: 144
Sales rank: 831,698
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Michelle Ann Kratts has written, edited or contributed to several books of local interest, including the Italians of Niagara Falls (Vols. I and II) and Angels on the Battlefield: Niagara's Civil War Past. She is presently a librarian at the Lewiston Public Library, and she holds degrees from Niagara University, the University of Toronto and the University of New York at Buffalo.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements 9

Introduction 13

1 In a Total War 17

2 Mobilization 35

3 With the Services 47

4 Tragedies 59

5 The Homefront 67

6 Bell Aircraft and Camp Bell 91

7 Wartime Work in Niagara Falls 115

8 Fort Niagara 129

9 Rationing, Wartime Cooking and Recipes from Niagara Falls 141

10 Victory 159

Notes 171

Bibliography 181

Index 185

About the Author 189

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Niagara Falls in World War II 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Growing up in Niagara Falls, I recognize many of the names of the brave veterans mentioned in this very fine book. In fact, they are the parents of some of my high school friends!! My father was a veteran of World War II, having served in the middle east with the Persian Gulf Command. I have read numerous books on this great war...from the devastating battle on the island of Tarawa to the Bataan death march...the atrocities carried out against American POWS by the Japanese...all these on the Pacific front. I've read of the bravery on the five beaches of Normandy, the brutal conditions our unprepared GIs struggled through in the Ardennes Forest at the Battle of the Bulge...the bloody battle fields of North Africa...the ruthless cruelty of the Germans. True, there's nothing pretty about war. But, much of the historical documentation makes a person wonder what man's limits are...if they even exist. This book is a breath of fresh air!! It puts names and faces to the stories of these great men and women who served our country with such bravery and pride. Written in the genre of the critically acclaimed book "The Greatest Generation" by Tom Brokaw, it hones the reader right in to the thoughts and emotions of the various people involved. The book is beautifully written. The numerous quotes and accompanying pictures of the veterans really makes these men and women come if they're speaking directly to you. This is the human side of WWII. This is the battle field, this is Mom at home worrying, this is the new bride wondering if she'll see her husband again!! It's the woman next door working day in and day out at the Carborundum or Hooker doing her fair share...and supporting her kids while their Dad hopefully lives to fight another day!! It's the WWII veterans telling their stories possibly, like so many of their comrades, speaking out for the first time. It's heartwarming. It's memorable...enjoyable. It's tales of days gone by. It's everybody giving everything for the cause... for their friends... family...for their country. None of this is surprising. If you grew up in my home town you knew your city was full of good, caring people. This book paints a very accurate and beautiful picture. I'm sure every community could have a book written about it that's very much like this. But, for me, and so many others, this is the one that hits home and IS home! This is Niagara Falls!!! Linda Serrianne Davies