Nibly the Bear Visits the People Town

Nibly the Bear Visits the People Town

by Steve Nelson
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Nibly the Bear Visits the People Town by Steve Nelson

Nibly the Bear Vistis the People Town, is a fiction Children's story for kids from 1 to 99. Nibly is unsatisfied with the food in his area of the forest and goes in search of some good eat'in in the quaint little town of Nelson, BC Canada. Nibly learns a valuable lesson there in the People town. The reader follows Nibly in his Fun adventures in the People town with this delightful story. By Steve Nelson

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BN ID: 2940033135516
Publisher: Steve Nelson
Publication date: 03/27/2012
Series: NIBLY the Bear~ Fun Childrens Stories , #1
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 1,147,433
File size: 1 MB
Age Range: 5 - 11 Years

About the Author

Born in California, Steve Nelson is a resident of North Ogden, Utah. He has worked for over 30 years at Business Ownership and in the Handyman/Maintenance field. He is a H.S. Graduate. Steve has written 12 books; His first two books were written as test subjects to prove that there is No Big Money in the Sex Industry, and it is Not taking over the world, which is contrary to what most religions will tell you. Plus Steve’s second wife said that he couldn’t write a book. That really Did It! So Steve wrote his first two books to also prove that Yes! He could indeed write a book. So way back in about 2009, Steve first wrote the very sexy scifi story: Tomorrow’s World #1 (Currently Published with a 10 year contract in Hardback form by: That outfit is now under the name of: America Star Books). Then Steve found that he liked writing so much that he wrote a sequel to TW1, entitled: Tomorrow’s World #2~ Desert Trek. Then Steve wanted to find something that might really make an income so he tried his hand at a non-erotic book this time. And the Action/Adventure Sci-Fi book; The Maintenance Engineer, was born. Then looking for an alternative publisher other than PublishAmerica, Steve soon found Smashwords. Also by this time Steve had written several other books, and he began testing out Smashwords with his newest creations. Not being fully computer literate he found it pretty tough to get it right, but after several attempts, Steve finally got the Smashwords system figured out and in no particular order he began publishing his works with Smashwords in rapid fire sequence! In 2012 Steve published at Smashwords; ‘The Problem Eliminators!’ ‘Escape from the ORDER!’ ‘The Maintenance Engineer’ ‘Tomorrow’s World #2~ Desert Trek’ ‘100+ Quotable Quotes By & About Dr. Ron Paul~ A Real Amer-I-Can!’ (FREE at Smashwords with over 1500 downloads currently), and then Steve wrote and published at Smashwords his first Children’s eBook; ‘Nibly the Bear~ Visits the People Town.’ Steve had visited Canada and even lived there for a summer, and wanted to write about the quaint little town of Nelson BC, and he made up the character of Nibly to introduce the town to his readers. Sadly, ‘Nibly the Bear’ was not well received by some. And they wrote scandalously false things about it, and even stole Steve’s copy written artwork for another website, and even got their false statements published as though they were legitimate reviews at Smashwords. Sadly some false statements still remain as though they are legitimate reviews at Smashwords. This deliberate lying about Steve’s work brought on a state of severe depression and for a time Steve thought to hang up writing and life all together. But then a new idea entered Steve’s mind and he began research into a new book. New ideas really get Steve going! Almost all of Steve’s works are filled with lots of art and pics. Plus Steve does extensive research on each story that he produces. Steve has produced models and photographed them in fine Hollywood fashion for several of his eBooks here at Smashwords. In January of 2013, Steve published here at Smashwords his newest Sci-fi ebook; ‘In the 47th Generation.’ This eBook is based on a Real scientific paper by a Real MIT scientist. Steve’s idea was simple, what would become of earth after all human life on the surface was killed off with the radiation and chemicals of 20th century man? What would earth look like after about 1000 years? What kinds of mutations might there be? In February of 2013 Steve again visited the quaint little town of Nelson BC with his favorite, Bear Nibly. This time in; ‘Nibly the Bear~ Gone Fish ‘in,’ Steve produced even more art work and scenic pics of the area. Then Steve produced another Freebee for helpful information to the general public; ‘The Deliberate Poisoning of Earth.’ Because Earths poisoning of today is no accident! (This eBook currently has over 1500 downloads also). Then Steve looked at the religious section at Smashwords and found there was no copy of the book of his family religion there. And so making an incredible effort beyond what he even thought he could do, Steve produced in just 4 months time a complete copy of the Original, Book of Mormon, just as his great, great, great grandfather Parley P. Pratt first saw it. But this time with modern technology Steve took out thousands of typesetting errors and infused that Original story with hundreds of pieces of Fine art and computer links. And he did it all for FREE once again as a gift to the general public. This eBook currently has over 1000 downloads. Now in 2015, Steve has produced his latest work, a fantastic Sci-fi novel of incredible significance to the modern era. His newest eBook; ‘The Creator’s Sentinel’ is much more than just a retelling of the Creation story; it’s an Action/Adventure, a Love story, and a story of New faith in a world gone mad with greed and corruption. Steve hopes that all will enjoy this new story and looks forward to writing something new very soon! Oh by the way, that first eBook that Steve published here at Smashwords; ‘The Problem Eliminators!’ Has gone through a major upgrade recently and its Steve’s top selling eBook currently! Steve likes to write stories so that they are easy for the reader to read. Steve doesn’t like boring and difficult stories himself. He likes to have fun and hopes that you do too! Have a nice day!

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Nibly the Bear Visits the People Town 3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
To join put a bio
Fairhonanth_Jones More than 1 year ago
Wow… Nibly the Bear Visits the People Town. I think it’s safe to say that should I ever have children, this will not be bedtime story material. First off, there is a matter of formatting --- it stinks. Some words are randomly capitalized, whereas other words (and phrases) are capitalized and have single quotes around them: ‘Hippies’, ‘Teenagers’, ‘Peace’, and ‘Funky Monkey Burger Barn’. Sometimes there can be as many as three sentences in a row ending in exclamation points; one such sentence begins with “and”. Second, the dialogue is… interesting. Although the book appears to be set in modern times, one boy says “Golly Gee Thanks Mr. Bear!” Has anyone ever really spoken like this? I’m not sure, but I do know that I’ve never heard anyone use that phrase in a serious manner. The dialogue also seems… choppy for some reason. I can’t quite seem to figure out why, but to me it comes across as such. The plot is, of course, ridiculous. I don’t mean the premise of the plot (bear is bored with food in the mountains and so ventures into civilisation), it has potential in the hands of a skilled author. I mean the points added to that premise that Nelson seems to think add whimsy. For example, Nibly randomly finds a sack of money upon beginning his journey to the town (a man drops it). This is an example of bad plot development. Because the author is too lazy or too unimaginative to think of a creative way for Nibly to get money, it simply appears out of nowhere. Nibly is also anthropomorphic and able to speak with humans; not exactly a bad thing as it has been done well in other children’s books (Paddington Bear, Narnia, Martha Speaks, et cetera) but in the hands of Nelson, comes across as silly and contrived. There is more I could say about this book --- so very much more! However, because this one is bad (good?) enough to spork, I intend to do so. There will be substance abuse, there will be racism, and there will be even more horrific plot lines and bad writing. ~Fairhonanth P.S. Is Nibly the Bear Visits the People Town not the worst title for a children’s book (or any book) you’ve ever heard? It’s almost as bad as The Legend of Rah and the Muggles.