Nice Girl to Love: Trilogy Boxed Set (#1 RESISTING, #2 FALLING, #3 CHOOSING)

Nice Girl to Love: Trilogy Boxed Set (#1 RESISTING, #2 FALLING, #3 CHOOSING)

by Violet Duke

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This is the complete 3-book bundled boxed set of the Sullivan Brothers "Nice Girl Trilogy" that began the New York Times, USA Today, and international bestselling CAN'T RESIST series.


He's the ruthless lawyer with a not-so-little black book, and one simple rule as unyielding as his heart: Nothing more than a month.

She's the doctoral student helping to raise his niece. His brother's best friend. And the valium for his soul he had no business wanting.

To be fair, she did ask him for advice--on what she could do to stop being 'the nice girl' for a little bit. All he did was answer truthfully: "Try something new that excites you."

...Preferably him.


Her best friend since college. The polar opposite of his brother Connor. The 'good guy' everyone's hell-bent on believing is her perfect match--anything beyond friendship for them was just never a possibility. But it is now.

For over a decade, through his high school sweetheart's illness and eventual passing, Abby had been his pal, his rock. All but a second mother to his young daughter. His heart simply wasn't free to love her then. But it is now.

Now that Connor's left her with a shattered heart he could kill him for causing, Brian's got one chance.

...To prove to Abby that everyone's right.


The one she never thought she could keep.

The one she never hoped she could have.

A decision she never dreamed she'd have to make.

NOTE TO READERS: Each book in this trilogy bundle has a separate story arc in the greater love triangle. There ARE sex scenes in every book. Book #4 (the other brother's happily ever after) is a standalone novel that can be read on its own.

BOOK 2: FALLING for the Good Guy
BOOK 3: CHOOSING the Right Man
BOOK 4: FINDING the Right Girl


"A fast-paced, heartfelt, and fun read!" -- #1 NYT Bestselling Author Lauren Blakely

"Emotional, sexy, and so unique. I could NOT put these books down." -- NYT Bestselling Author Carly Phillips

"This book gave me one of the worst (or best) book hangovers I've had in a LONG time. I absolutely LOVED it." -- Mama's Reading Break

"A stellar trilogy with unforgettable characters and a truly unique plot...will leave you wrecked one moment and elated the next." -- Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

"Found my heart melting at every turn...I was put through an emotional roller coaster I wish I could ride again and again." -- Coffee and Characters

"What. A. Love Triangle. Witty, raw, and at times, heart-wrenching." -- Ebook Escapes

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BN ID: 2940148408888
Publisher: Violet Duke
Publication date: 08/12/2013
Series: Can't Resist
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 640
Sales rank: 76,278
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

NEW YORK TIMES & USA TODAY bestselling author Violet Duke is a former professor of English Education who is ecstatic to now be on the other side of the page writing wickedly fun contemporary romance novels. Her NYT and USA Today bestselling books have been Top 10 bestsellers across the major eretailers both in the US and internationally. When she's not writing or feeding her book-a-day reading addiction, Violet enjoys tackling reno projects with her power tools, trying pretty much anything without reading the directions first, and cooking 'special edition' dishes that laugh in the face of recipes. A born and raised island girl, she spends her days getting into creatively fun trouble in Hawai'i alongside her two cute kids (daughter Violet & son Duke) and similarly adorable husband.

Find the latest on her books and fan giveaways at

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Nice Girl to Love: Trilogy Boxed Set (#1 RESISTING, #2 FALLING, #3 CHOOSING) 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 98 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The ENTIRE THIS IS EPIC Resting The Bad Boy Resisting the Bad Boy by Violet Duke is seriously epic. I cannot tell you how enthralled I was by this book! I was sucked into this story from the very beginning and found my heart melting at every turn though don't let that comment fool you because Resisting The Bad Boy was heartbreaking at times as well. This one really put me through the ringer! I laughed and I cried and was put through an emotional roller coaster that I wish I could ride again and again. Watched Abby and Conner develop their relationship made me want to be them! I wanted that depth of feeling! And the ending..Oh My God is all I can say. I had to dive right into book two without even waiting a day because I was so shocked. Resisting the Bad Boy is officially on my "YOU ARE CRAZY IF YOU HAVENT READ THIS YET" book list because seriously...You ARE crazy if you don't read it!! This book made be an official Violet Duke fan...she can do no wrong in my eyes. Falling for the Good Guy Okay so after reading Resisting the Bad Boy, I thought I was team Conner all the way but then came the other Sullivan brother and I became Team Brian all the way and now... Well...can't I have them both? Falling for the Good Guys was so completely emotional for me. I have not felt like my heart was ripped from my chest so much in my life than I have from reading this book. This is a fast paced and heart melting read that leaves you wanting so much more of the Sullivan brothers. And Abby, she is the type of woman we all want to be our best friend. She's strong and brave and always tries to do what she thinks is right, always putting others before herself like poor Skylar, damn that poor kid! I cried for her, I cried for Brian, I cried for Abby. Safe to say I cried alot. Falling for the Good Guy was amazing and something new came at every turn. This one is an absolute must read! Choosing the Right Man Yet another emotional roller coaster I kid you not. I don't know why Violet Duke is doing this to me. I thought Book 1 and 2 were emotional but oh boy book 3 takes the cake. I have no idea how Abby decided between Conner and Brian because I couldn't even decide who I wanted her to end up with. Violet made me love them both and it was just so unfair. I was being pulled in so many directions because Conner loved her and she loved him but so did Brian and what about Skylar?! That little girl wants Abby to be her Mom sooo bad and Abby wants to be her mom too. Ahh this was so rough! My heart was in knots the entire time! Huge praise for Violet Duke for writing yet another exceptional love story that had me biting my nails and on the edge of my seat. I could not put this one down and THANK GOD there is hope for the Sullivan brother that did not find love with Abby to find love with a certain someone else. I cannot wait for book 4 to come out.Review by Danielle @ Coffee and Characters
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I don't like this new trend of cliff hanger books where you read it and one book or more to follow just to finish the one story. Of course this one is a bundle of 3 books, but I started reading the first book which was free at the time, and found the bundle. So I was able to read ALL 3 books without having to wait tor each book to follow later which was great. That being said, I just finished the story and it was a 1476 nook pages, a tear jerker, fast pace, funny, sexy and all around great story that left you guessing how it was going to end. I had my dreams of who Abby should end up with, was kind of disappointed but still a wonderful story!!
cdlacombe2 More than 1 year ago
Resisting the Bad Boy (NICE GIRL TO LOVE)] I really loved Connor and more than that, I loved Connor with Abby!! You could just feel their connection jump off the pages and their sex scenes were just hot. Neither one wants to say that it is love but I felt and read in between the lines that it is love. Connor is just too afraid to commit with what happens to his own parents and Brian's wife dying like she did makes him not to want to let love in his life. Abby has been secretly in love with Connor for years. But with his one month rule, she is afraid to actually say I love you to him. And the end of the book, with Brian coming forward and offering to make more of a relationship with Abby, come on...not that I don't like Brian, but I really want Abby to end up with Connor. But we don't know what is going to happen because that is in the 2nd book. Falling for the Good Guy (NICE GIRL TO LOVE)]] Oh wow, I am just so torn right now. I loved Connor and Abby from the first book. And now Brian, I just don't know what to think of him!! I am not saying that he doesn't love Abby in his own way but she does not know the whole story with Connor!! And do I think she has gotten over her love for Connor? No I don't!! And that very last sentence in the book, hmm, that is what I am talking about!! And I love Brian's daughter, Skylar and her relationship with Abby. Do you want to know what I am talking about? Read the book!! Choosing the Right Man (NICE GIRL TO LOVE)]] Wow, oh my gosh. Well first of all, I loved Connor and Abby in the first book. I could tell Connor was falling in love with her and then at the end, he lets her go and sends her into the arms of his brother. I was like, what?? That is where the second book comes in. Even after loving Connor like I did, I was starting to love Brian and Abby together in this book too. Brian and Abby were just so darn sweet and it looks like she is starting to love him and she has always loved his daughter and then at the end of that book, bam, Connor is back. And now I was like, oh man, what now?? And that is where the third book begins. Both Connor and Brian have declared their love for Abby. Now she has the job of deciding who she wants to spend the rest of her life with. Some of the things that they do to try and show her that they are the one she belongs with are just too funny. My heart actually breaks for all 4 of them while they are on this journey. When she is with Brian and Skylar, Connor is sad and when she is with Connor, Brian is sad. No matter who she chooses, someone is going to be hurt but it will still be a win, win for Abby because they both love her. Well, after reading this book and knowing who she chooses makes my heart sing. I was so happy. For the one she doesn't choose, let me tell you that there is going to be a spinoff book in a couple of months for him to get his HEA, because this book does end on an HEA for Abby. So, do you want to know who she chooses?? Read the book, lol. You will not be disappointed!! And Connor and Brian's mom in this book was just so darn hilarious!! I bought the first 2 books and was given a copy of the third book for an honest review and I loved it. I can't wait to read the spinoff. Great job Violet.
MsChris1161 More than 1 year ago
Talk about nailing it first time out of the chute. Violet Duke's Nice Girl to Love series is nothing short of amazing!! Not many author's have Duke's skill as an author for totally selling all her characters and their stories to that place deep within their reader's heart. Duke makes it seem effortless. Right from the start, her first book in this three-part series, Resisting the Bad Boy, placed her solidly on my list of auto-buy authors. She engages you in the first paragraph and never lets your attention stray. Her characters are lively, fun, and snappy with their banter. I found myself smiling, chuckling, and laughing out loud throughout the book. The only thing I like more in my choice of reading material is a hot, sexy scene and she deftly fills the pages with plenty of those as well. She gives us an incredibly romantic story about Connor, an emotionally shut-off bad boy who is revealed to be a good, self-sacrificing man by Abby, the good girl who brings it all out when she shows him real affection without an ulterior motive. These two well-written characters are great together and have smokin’ hot chemistry. I could offer details of so many scenes to illustrate my views but I don’t want to spoil your chance to read and enjoy it for yourself just as I did. Twice. Ms. Duke's second book continues Nice Girl Abby's story in Falling For the Good Guy. I readily admit I fell hopelessly in love with Connor in Resisting the Bad Boy right along with Abby and started reading Falling For the Good Guy stubbornly and solidly Team Connor. At the same time I knew if anyone could sway my opinion it was Violet Duke. Sometimes I hate being right, but she does not disappoint. FFTGG is filled with witty dialogue, laughter, love, heartbreaking moments, passion, and so much more that kept this reader fervently flipping to the next page to see how it would play out, while at the same time, never wanting it to end. Abby and Brian have been best friends and 100% involved in each others lives for over thirteen years. She was by his side through the birth of his daughter, the caretaking of his wife, helping to raise Skylar, and as he recovered from the loss of Beth, his beloved wife and her good friend. They have ALWAYS loved each other and have a history so romantically tragic it begs for a future filled with happiness. Add in the role Abby has played as an undefined surrogate Mom to Skylar and Duke makes it all seem so right for them to finally be a real family. But it also seemed so right that Abby was the light to Connor's broken soul and they were destined to be together. And of course, Abby still has unresolved feelings for Connor and he for her. Which brings us to Choosing the Right Man, book three of this wonderful series, which finally tells us which of the Sullivan brothers Abby will end up with. I was on pins and needles as I began to read CTRM to see how Violet would work it all out since I loved both Brian and Connor (as did Abby!) and as I've come to count on, Ms. Duke does not disappoint her readers! Of course it helps that in the end, Abby chose the man I wanted her to be with! ((Big Smiles)) Because of the nature of this ending, I am not going to spoil it book for other readers, but I will say I eagerly encourage any romance lover to read this complete three book collection. You won't be sorry and you will find a story with well-developed characters you will easily come to connect with, sympathize with, laugh with (and at), cry with, and love. You will see them make sacrifices and demonstrate loyalty we all hope to find in our friends, family and lovers. And you will be fanning yourself reading the heat and passion that comes off the pages in such a delightfully descriptive way. In other words, you will not be disappointed and you will agree Ms. Duke's books are worth every penny!! **On that note, I was so happy to see there will be a new book. FINDING THE RIGHT GIRL will tell the new love story of the guy Abby doesn't choose. A Happily Ever After for everyone -- and you wonder why I say Violet Duke never lets me down!!
JessicaTX More than 1 year ago
If you love a sweet romance filled with fun and likeable characters, these books are for you.  I fell in love in some kind of way with each and everyone of the characters. We follow Abby, Brian, and Connor through pain and heartbreak. As well love and happiness as they make their way to the path of true love. I cried both tears of joy and tears of bittersweet sadness. I know for a fact that the stories and characters in these stories won't leave me anytime soon.  We have Abby, the kind and beautiful "good" girl. Brian, the "nice" guy who is absolutely perfect! And Connor the "bad" boy that has a heart of gold. We also have my favorite character, Skylar, who is Brian's daughter. She is so fun!! Following the story lines and getting to know Abby, Brian, and Connor as if they are my own friends.  The ending of the books was perfect. Everything is how it should be.  Please, if you have not read these books, I highly suggest to get to reading them! 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was so different from a lot of the romances out there. I picked up Resisting the Bad Boy first because it was free and got addicted right from the start. Devoured this box set shortly after. Can't wait for the spinoff in October!
Christon-Benford More than 1 year ago
WOW!!! This collection was great and took me on an emotional roller coaster! I went through so many emotions while reading Connor, Abby, and Brian's story. There were parts where I felt happy, sad, angry, frustrated, irritated, and more. The history Brian and Abby shared, on top of the connection and obligation Abby felt toward Skylar was heartbreaking. The instant love that bloomed between Connor and Abby, and then to see it extinguished to quickly was devastating. Despite the various range of emotions, I immensely enjoyed the story. When an author can take you from zero to sixty with words, that author is an awesome writer. I must say, this was my first read by Violet Duke but I look forward to reading much more. I highly recommend this collection to others. You will enjoy the read! I'm looking forward to reading the A Nice Guy to Love spin-off!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Violet Duke is an amazing and talented new author. She had me all tied up in knots in this book series. After reading book one there was no doubt in my mind that Abby belonged with Connor.  Then book two comes along and blows me out of the water and I am sure that Abby truly belongs with Brian. Book three was the hardest because I was rooting for both Brian and Connor.  Have you ever had a friendship with someone that could have been more? I don't want to spoil the ending if you have not read this series yet.  Violet reminds us of what true love is. That if you set something free and it does not come back to you then it was never yours to begin with. Connor set Abby free in book one and Brian did it in book two. So did Abby chose the right man? I went back and re-read book 1, followed with part of book 2, and then ended with book three. After reading in that order I agree that yes Abby chose the right man. Violet again does a great job with character development and I am looking forward to her spin off novel later this year.  
Voidvamp More than 1 year ago
I really loved this series. The characters were so likable, sexy and fun. They are nice romantic stories of friendships turning to love through many misunderstandings and heartbreaks. You just didn't know which brother to root for the most: Brian the nice guy or Connor the bad boy. Abby can't lose either way and her journey to choose the right man makes for a great love story.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
There's no point in buying the books if you read these reviews. You will know the entire story to all three books as well as the ending. Why do people insist on ruining books for other readers? Why on earth would you feel it necessary to tell every one who Abby chooses?!?! I want to read the end myself as I'm sure most other people do too. Please stop giving away the ending of books in your reviews! It's supposed to be a review not a book report! Those of you that gave away the ending have no respect for other readers and I sincerely hope that someone else ruins a good book for you!
Donald361 More than 1 year ago
Huntington's Disease is serious business. This author captured the life of a family in the midst of the disease, it is a heartfelt story that will make you cry along with the characters and laugh with them through the crazy journey that is their life. Very fast passed story, sexy, funny, passionate & tearful.
LGodfrey More than 1 year ago
Holy swizzle sticks, I could not put the book down!!!!I love this series. I laughed out loud and cried my eye's out. Abby is a good girl who is best friends with Brian (the good guy)and she has been there to help him raise his daughter Skylar since his wife got sick and died while she is working towards her dissertation  Brian's brother Conner is the bad boy with a love them for no longer then a month policy.  He has eye's for Abby and she has had a secret thing for him all these year.   She knows going in about his one month rule but that does not stop her from falling for him....when her heart is broken Brian is there to pick up the pieces but can she love him like she loves Conner?  You will not be disappointed.  This is going on my favorites list!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great story couldn't put it down. Loved it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Likeable characters, twist and turns in the plot, make for a good story. Dislike the episode type books. Not really a series to me, more like little cliffhangers in the story equals new cost to finish book. There is a bundle option. Good read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was a good book but I wish it had more drama. Kind of hard to believe two brothers could date the same girl (basically at the same time ) and still stay so close with so little drama.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book will be in my"must read again" shelf. Very good book. Loved the characters!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The story of Brian, Abby and Connor was definitely a story worth reading this is the second book that I have read that actually had me crying at the end. It had its ups and downs and twists and curves but man it was all worth it in the end. This book will keep you on the edge of your seat trying to figure out how it ends. There were many nights that I kept telling myself just one more chapter and would end up reading lots more than just one; it is that good of a book. This is the first book I have read by Violet Duke and I can tell you that I look forward to reading more of her books.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A 380 page .99 trilogy of a woman graduate PHD student in Arizona, her widowed best friend and his spunky daughtwr, and his bad boy sexy lawyer brother. Which one will it be? Humor, drama, tooth-aching sweetness, drama, romance, adult language, sex bondage talk, and explicit sex scenes. A three book series with each book a cliffhanger to the next. The story plot is good though the narrative gets a bit.long and repetitious, but hang in there because the dialog and story pick up. Warning: box of tissues also needed with these stories. An excerpt for the fourth story of Brian is included.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Amazing is all I have to say. I honestly didn't see the ending happening like it did but I was happy that Abby got her happy ending!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
WeinerDogMom More than 1 year ago
Love Violet Duke's books, she pulls you into the characters and makes you fall in love with them. keep kleenex handy as you may need it throughout the trilogy! I did.
MLovell More than 1 year ago
So, we have Abby, the 'nice girl', Brian, the good guy, and Connor, the bad boy (brothers, by the way). Book 1, Resisting the Bad Boy: I don't usually go for the bad boy, new girl every month kind of guy. I tend to lean toward the best friend turned lover guy. But, in this series, I spent the first book falling in love with the bad boy. As bad boy as he wanted everyone to believe he was, his heart was made of gold. Book 2, Falling for the Good Guy, Connor steps aside to allow Brian to see if he is the one meant to be with Abby, since everyone assumed that Abby and Brian were meant to be. Book 2 is where I fell in love with Brian. I HATE it when that happens. (jk) I spent most of book 2 falling in love with Brian (as well as his daughter) and hoping she would pick Brian, although I knew that whoever she picked I was going to be sad for the other one, because they both were so wonderful and perfect for her. Now for the hard part. Book 3 I spent so close to tears that I think a few may have even fallen. This was Abby's time to chose the right guy for her. And both of the guys were so great about giving her that time to chose. They both loved Abby, loved each other (they were brothers, after all) and even though they spent most all of book 3 fighting for Abby, neither felt they were what she needed, or what she wanted. They were so 'knight in shining armor' that they both bowed out gracefully to allow for the to get the girl. I am soo not going to tell you who she ends up with, but, I know that her choice, while it broke my heart, was the best choice. If you love that feeling of falling in love with the guy, you are in luck. You get to do it twice in this book. If you love to have your heart in your throat as you read a book, trying to keep your emotions in check, you win again. This is the book for you. My only complaint about this book is that she didn't actually end up with both of the guys, because no matter who she ended up with I was heartbroken for the other. Please read this book. You won't be disappointed.