Nicolae Ceausescu: The Last Romanian Dictator?

Nicolae Ceausescu: The Last Romanian Dictator?

by Cristian Butnariu


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Inside Ceausescu's Romania: An unquestionably efficient Police State
In 1989, when peaceful revolutions were sweeping across Eastern Europe, the fall of communism in Romania was marked by a higher level of violence and bloodshed than elsewhere in the region. This was due, at least in part, to the repressive nature of the regime established by Nicolae Ceausescu (1965-1989) and his loyal secret police, the Securitate.
Estimates suggest that the Securitate had a higher proportion of representatives per population than anywhere else in the communist block and that by the 1980s as many as one person in thirty had been recruited as a Securitate informer. In this pages, the author considers the deadly combination of Ceausescu's distinctive style of dynastic socialism with the establishment of a brutally efficient police state, which enabled him to maintain an iron grip on power until the dying days of communist rule across Eastern Europe.

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