Nicole Gibson's Maritime Madness - Short Ghost Stories

Nicole Gibson's Maritime Madness - Short Ghost Stories

by Nicole Gibson

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Nicole Gibson has done it again. Here are three stories that are meant to keep you awake at night wondering if that noise you just heard is an indication that Ms. Gibson's story has come to visit you. These stories are historically correct to add to realism of the tales. You can actually find these places on the eastern seaboard. Each story is tied to a maritime location. Here is an example of Ms. Gibson's superb writing style (This is the beginning of the first story)...


At the entrance of the Little Annemessex River in Maryland stands the remaining framework of the Skeleton Lighthouse. Dismantled in 1932, the lighthouse shone for a brief 65 years before its beacon was extinguished forever. Its official name is Somers Cove Light, but once you’ve heard its shadowy history, you might just realize that folklore has more truth than fiction.
“How do you plead?”
“Guilty, Your Honor.”
Sentenced to life without parole for the murder of his wife, Buford Raymond was escorted out of the court room and found himself awaiting the train which would take him to jail. He had never been on a train, especially given the newness and expensiveness of the transportation industry, but he was excited nonetheless to ride in the soot-covered cars. The county bailiff was there as an extra security measure, and rode with Raymond to the front gates of the Maryland Penitentiary.
Abraham Lincoln had just been elected president and the country was tearing at its seams as the North and South could not reconcile their differences. For Raymond, however, the new presidency only meant one thing: the end of his life was beginning in April 1861. Aboard the train, the crevices and dips of the barren landscape were smoothly escaped by the streamlined rails of the tracks. Raymond looked out the window as houses passed by, not at a dizzying speed, but rather, a lulling pace appropriate for detailed sightseeing and observation.

Hopefully, that is enough of a tease to get you interested in finding out about the tale surrounding Buford Raymond and how it relates to Somers Cove Light. Be sure to get her other short ghost story books. All of the tales are original. It is necessary to note that the stories are fictional. It will be very hard for you to tell whether these are true tales or not.

So get yourself a hot cup of coffee, curl up with your favorite blanket, relax in your most comfortable chair, turn on ALL the lights and..... prepare to be scared! Enjoy!

Number of words: 8,804

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About the Author

Nicole Gibson has been writing short ghost stories for six years. Her style is well defined and she is able to cause the reader to be totally immersed in the world she describes. Ms. Gibson has won many awards for her writing skills. She is very creative and is able to tell scary tales that cut to the core of human fright. Ms. Gibson is currently attending one of the top universities in the United States.

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