Nigeria: Boko Haram and National Security

Nigeria: Boko Haram and National Security



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Defining Terrorism is a challenge, several efforts at making meanings out of what pushes men to unleash terror on fellow men always ended in creating more questions than answers. Boko Haram Islamic sect in Nigeria has since 2002 torment the people of Northern Nigeria and by
2010 became the most challenging security issue in Nigeria necessitating a state of emergency declaration in the area.

Four years after, the end of hostilities in this area is not in sight and the casualties continue to rise giving rooms for questioning the policy and operation in the Sahel. Haram is the number one security challenge in Nigeria War on Terror. The Challenge to security of lives and properties in the Northeast region of the country has been on for over 4 years, with over 5,000 death and the end of this reign of terror not in sight.

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