Nigeria Meltdown (Executioner Series #422)

Nigeria Meltdown (Executioner Series #422)

by Don Pendleton
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Nigeria Meltdown 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Kate, my girlfriend, sat on the couch, watching the news while I got ready for work. <br> "Anything interesting on?" I asked and walked in with my cup of coffee. <br> "We're missing a few channels," She replied, "Did you forget to pay the cable bill again?" <br> "No, 'course not. Paid it last week." I sat down and began tying my shoes. <br> "Okay," She said and sighed, "They were talking on the news about some nuclear meltdown in the mid-west, causing some complications with the Mexican government." <br> "Must be pretty bad, then. Bye, honey." I kissed her and, throwing on my suit jacket and grabbing my briefcase, was out the door. <br> I drove to another uneventful day at the office. I overheard talk between a few co-workers that they, too, were missing some channels on their TV. I drove home to find Kate once again in front of the TV. <br> "Come look at this." She waved me over urgently and I walked into the room in the middle of a live news broadcast. <br> "-found dead at 1:34 pm, shot in the chest, in his Washington D.C. home. Hours later, while resting in an autopsy room of the D.C. Police Department, waiting to be checked out, his body shifted on it's own and he rolled off the table, stood up, and attacked an officer in the room." <br> A video clip from a security camera showed, as the reporter had said, that the body rolled itself off the table, stood up, and moved towards the officer, ignoring her commands to stop. The clip ended before we saw her attack and the reporter's face returned to the screen. <br> "Due to viewer discretion we are not allowed to legally show the end of that clip. When we come back-" The report was cut short when Kate muted the TV. <br> "What was that?! I don't know about you but that freaks me out. That was no human... Was that a zombie?" Kate looked at me quizically. <br> I personally had gotten over the possibilities of a zombie apocalypse in my senior year of highschool, but something struck me that made me re-think my denial. "Naw, it couldn't have been." <br> Just then came a nock at the door. It was Nick, my neighbor from across the street and long-time friend. I opened it and he looked at me.<br> "Did you see that on the news?! That was crazy!! A zombie in America?!" Nick yelled. <br> "Nick, just calm down," I began, "We don't have any proof that that thing was zombie. Lets just wait and see how this plays out. But while you're here, can I offer you a beer?" <br> Nick pretended to ponder the invitation for a moment, but I knew he wouldn't turn it down. "Ya know what? I think I will."<br> I brought him into the house and the three of us had a couple beers. We talked about work and sports and watched some TV up to about 1:30 am. <br> <br> ...5 days come and go... <br> <br> We raced around our bedroom, collecting our things and shoving them in bags. Clothes, food, toiletries, medicine, the basic needs of a household. <br> We could here them, banging on the wall under our window and growling, their grimy hands reaching up. I threw on a pair of jeans, some hinking boots, and a T-shirt and sweat jacket. <br> "I'm gonna go across the street and get Nick and down the street to get Ryan. I'll be back in about five minutes." I told Kate. <br> It took me about 15 minutes to walk 500 meters, avoiding walking corpses and scattered debris. I returned to the house with my friends and their things and finalized the packing. We piled into my van and tore out of there as if to escape Satan himself.