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Night Attack Gunships: The AC-130H Spectres

Night Attack Gunships: The AC-130H Spectres

by Michael Green, Raymond L. Puffer (Consultant), Gladys Green

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Introduces the aircraft known as the AC-130H Gunship, along with its specifications, weapons, missions, and future in the U.S. Air Force.


Introduces the aircraft known as the AC-130H Gunship, along with its specifications, weapons, missions, and future in the U.S. Air Force.

Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature
The AC-130H gunship is one of the most heavily armed weapons available for ground support. Equipped with powerful 40 and 105-mm cannons, the AC-130H is designed to destroy enemy tanks, trucks, bunkers, and manpower in a stunning fashion. By slowly circling over a target, the AC-130H can lay down a devastating amount of firepower in support of ground troops. Used originally in a more primitive version during the Vietnam War, AC-130H's have seen service in virtually all of America's subsequent conflicts. In the hands of a well trained crew these planes have proven a highly effective weapons system. Here, in this illustrated book, readers can learn how the AC-130H gunship is built, maintained, and used in combat. The authors of this volume of the "War Planes" series take pains to give hard, factual information about this plane in a relative few pages of text. They are to be commended for their technical expertise and ability to present a complicated subject concisely. Yet, this is book unlikely to appeal a broad audience as it is written in an almost bureaucratic manner. Therefore, unless readers are diehard fans of military technology, they may find this volume tiresome. 2004, Capstone Press, Ages 12 up.
—Greg M. Romaneck
Children's Literature - Kip Wilson
One book in Capstone's "War Planes" series, this book presents the AC-130H Spectre, touted as "a large, sturdy aircraft." However, there is more to the Spectre than meets the eye. After all, as the authors note, "No other nation in the world uses gunships." The first chapter immediately engages readers by placing them with a group of trapped U. S. ground soldiers. Their call for help is answered by the approach of an AC-130H, which fires on the enemy in a circular pattern. Subsequent chapters provide details about the aircraft's features, crew, and impressive set of weapons. The history of the aircraft is described, from its introduction during the Vietnam War to its replacement by the AC-130U. Authentic color photographs throughout the book draw the reader in and are a great supplement to the text. A center spread that shows the parts of the aircraft labeled is particularly helpful. Bullet points at the beginning of each chapter help struggling readers know what they will learn about in the upcoming pages. A helpful glossary and specifications table complete the picture. Readers will enjoy being pulled into the realm of the night attack gunships through this book. Reviewer: Kip Wilson

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Capstone Press
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War Planes Series
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7.31(w) x 9.15(h) x 0.30(d)
810L (what's this?)
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8 - 14 Years

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