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Night Falls Like Silk

Night Falls Like Silk

4.0 9
by Kathleen Eagle

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"Edge-of-the-seat suspense . . . Her scene setting is convincing and her pacing flawless . . . Eagle enriches the romance genre."

-Publishers Weekly

His gift is a rare talent; his art celebrates an important American legacy. But it's born from a torment that might make him as dangerous as he is irresistible.

Wealthy, beautiful and sophisticated, Cassandra


"Edge-of-the-seat suspense . . . Her scene setting is convincing and her pacing flawless . . . Eagle enriches the romance genre."

-Publishers Weekly

His gift is a rare talent; his art celebrates an important American legacy. But it's born from a torment that might make him as dangerous as he is irresistible.

Wealthy, beautiful and sophisticated, Cassandra Westbrook collects exquisite art objects with a connoisseur's fine taste and a rich woman's whims. She always dominates an art auction-until a mysterious artist named Thomas Warrior bids against her for a set of Native American ledger drawings.

Though he's outbid, Thomas feels a strong connection to the historic artwork that embodies his Native American heritage and symbolizes the survival of its courageous spirit. He's a survivor too, growing up on the mean streets to become more famous than he'd ever imagined possible. So he's not a man to give up easily--neither on the drawings nor on the stunning woman who now possesses them.

Thomas and Cassandra are not only destined to cross paths again, but when he agrees to mentor her talented but troubled nephew, fate collides with the fierce attraction they share.

Thomas's artistic gift haunts him as his creations seem to take on a life of their own. When Cassandra's nephew and the extraordinary ledger drawings disappear at the same time, not even Thomas is certain who he really is or what dangers threaten those he loves.

NIGHT FALLS LIKE SILK was a USA Today Bestseller.

Bestselling author Kathleen Eagle retired from a seventeen-year teaching career on a North Dakota Indian reservation to become a full-time novelist. The Lakota Sioux heritage of her husband and their three children has inspired many of her stories. Among her honors, she has received a Career Achievement Award from Romantic Times, the Midwest Fiction Writer of the Year Award, and Romance Writers of America's prestigious RITA Award. Kathleen takes great pleasure in reading letters from readers who tell her that her books have tugged at their heartstrings, entertained, inspired, and even enlightened them. Visit her at www.KathleenEagle.com

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Night Falls Like Silk

Chapter One

Cassandra Westbrook languidly lifted her paddle for the man with the silky voice. The ornate fireplace poker was an unusual selection for her, but it was listed in the catalog as mid-eighteenth century, a gift from the ambassador of Sweden to railroad baron J. P. Hill. One could always use another poker.

It was a good thing the item she sought this trip was finally coming to the auction floor. She had started bidding on other items out of boredom, which could lead to mistakes. Cassandra seldom made a bad art or antique purchase unless she was bored.

It was the set of century-old Native American ledger drawings that had caught her eye in the Sotheby's of Chicago catalog. Primitives fascinated her. She loved knowing that the piece had been part of an ordinary person's everyday life in a world that to her would be, if she could drop in on it somehow, anything but everyday. Ledger drawings were particularly interesting. They were made during a transition period for Native Americans. The buffalo hides they had used to record their pictographic histories had become so scarce that they were forced to use ledger paper, often given them by their agency supervisors or their army jailors. No matter how bad conditions were, there were memories to be recorded, stories that had to be told.

A man named White Bull had made the drawings. Cassandra had no idea who he was, but his figures were especially strong in character and color, and the pages had been beautifully preserved. She expected to pay a high price. The initial barrage of bids soon became a four-way volley. When it came down to two, she permitted herself a glance in the direction of the auctioneer's polished gesture. A handsome black man accepted the challenge with a nod. He was simply dressed -- black dress shirt, black slacks -- and neatly groomed, but that was all she could tell about him. No jewelry, no flash, no sense of urgency or desire. Cool simplicity underscored his masculine beauty. She couldn't guess how old he was or where he came from, what language he spoke, or why he would want the drawings she now thought of as hers.

It was Cassandra's turn to bid. She nodded. This time when she glanced askance, she caught him looking at her. He didn't seem to mind being caught or being contested. His dark eyes did not hint at how far he would go, betrayed neither competitive passion nor resentment. She couldn't guess what his impressions were of her, or whether he cared what she thought of him, or what his next move might be.

"To you, sir."

He appeared not to hear the auctioneer.


Cassandra lifted one eyebrow. Will you?

He prolonged the wait a moment longer, somehow fixing Cassandra so that she couldn't breathe, couldn't move until he did. Finally, he turned from her. With a slight shake of his head he put an end to it.

The ledger art was hers.

She wanted to speak to him, but not there in that airless, windowless room with crystal sconces and opulent chandeliers. When he left, she followed his lead, but not his path. She told herself that she would not chase him down. Her pace was leisurely; she stopped in the office to drop off her check, giving the man time to take his leave completely if that was his intention.

But he stood near a huge bronze cougar, which was perched on a pedestal for display in the huger foyer. He was watching her. She greeted one of the auctioneers, who congratulated her on her latest acquisition and asked about her plans for it. She gave a vague answer, as much for her unsuccessful competitor's benefit as for the auctioneer's. If he waited for her, planning to make her an offer, he would soon find out that he had nothing she wanted more than those drawings. Oh, she would take a congratulatory handshake, and, yes, she wanted his name. But the drawings would still be hers.

His stare seemed to heat up, as though he'd just read her thoughts and didn't much like them. It occurred to her that perhaps she should turn and walk the other way, go back to the auction even though she'd already settled her account. Handsome as he was, he had an unsettling way about him. But she decided to be the courteous winner.

"That was quite a bidding war we had going," she said. "Thank you for not running it up any higher. I was prepared to pay much more."

"I could see that. That's when I came to my senses."

She offered a pleasant smile. "And allowed the more foolish bidder to win?"

"I wouldn't say that. It's a nice set of drawings. Some people would say you got more than your money's worth." His smile chilled her. "But I doubt if those people would be anybody you'd know."

"I know a lot of people."

"Now, that's something I don't doubt." He shoved his hands into his pockets. No name. No handshake.

"I came down for this auction just for the ledger drawings. I wasn't about to let anyone else get them."

"Came down from where? Cloud or perch?"

"What would you call Minneapolis?"

"Home," he said.

"Ah, well," she enthused, refusing to let him get away without warming up to her, at least a little. "Maybe we're neighbors, in which case you're welcome to come over and visit the drawings."

"I just might do that. Did you buy them for display in your home?"

"I haven't decided. I bought them because they spoke to me." "That's interesting," he allowed. "They speak to me, too. They speak of those people I mentioned and of their ancestors."

Night Falls Like Silk. Copyright © by Kathleen Eagle. Reprinted by permission of HarperCollins Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved. Available now wherever books are sold.

Meet the Author

Since the publication of Once Upon a Wedding in hardcover, I've received lots of letters filled with wonderful wedding anecdotes from new brides and mothers of the bride. Most of them want to know just how much of my own daughter's wedding found its way into this book.

Here's the scoop: The devil is in the details. Yes, I said, "Don't spend a lot on a wedding. Put the money toward a house." Yes, I'm cheap. Yes, I'm addicted to E-Bay, and yes, I'm way too hands-on, love to do the craft projects myself — which doesn't save a penny, but what a sense of satisfaction it gave me. And, yes, my dear friends and in-laws saved the wedding with their late-night stitching in time. Oh, and yes, I did hitch a ride to the church on the bakery truck.

Kathleen Eagle and her husband of thirty-two years make their home in Minnesota. Write to her c/o

Midwest Fiction Writers, P.O. Box 24107,
Minneapolis, MN 55424.

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Night Falls Like Silk 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
PW really nailed this one with their statement, "Edge-of-the-seat suspense." I hadn't read Eagle before, but this one really kept me up almost all night because I had to finish it!
harstan More than 1 year ago
In the Chicago area, Thomas Brown Wolf has become a famous somewhat reclusive comic strip writer-artist with popular characters like Dark Dog and Victory. Thomas overcame a stressful life with the help of cop Jesse Brownwolf and his wife and teacher Angela. However, Thomas is angry with his surrogate father who arrested his brother Stoney on drug charges.

Angela asks Thomas to mentor young Aaron, nephew of a friend wealthy widow art dealer Cassandra Findley. Reluctantly Thomas agrees, but hates being attracted to Cassandra, who he previously met during a bidding war between them at an auction. As Angela and Thomas fall in love, someone begins stealing her art while mimicking his comic, placing her in danger from an unknown assailant who seems to want to keep the two of them apart.

Though the twist that causes the tension is difficult to accept (0nce revealed), readers will enjoy this taut romantic suspense due to the obvious flaws of the lead duo. Angela is an interesting protagonist, having married an older man who has since died leaving her rich. Thomas displays impatience and anger until Angela begins to calm him down. Aaron is especially a solid secondary player whose artwork is as dark as they come though he is quite young. The plot implies that his mother's flirty inanity might cause the youth's somber outlook. The audience will gain pleasure with the intriguing relationships between the key players that make for a fine read.

Harriet Klausner

TrishJensen More than 1 year ago
I love all of Kathleen Eagle's books, but this just might be one of my favorites! A do not miss!
DebStover More than 1 year ago
This book left me breathless! Razor sharp suspense, compelling characters, and sexual tension. Great stuff, Ms. Eagle!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I always love Ms. Eagle's books. She creates great characters and plots that leave me  breathless for more!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I can see why this was a USA Today bestseller. I bought it because of that and was glad I did.  with prose that is clean and sharp, Powerfully emotional,with characters so welldrawn you know them in the firstpages, this is a book for anyone who wants a great story. Highly recommended love story.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
What has happened to Kathleen Eagle? This book was horrible. It jumped around and I couldn't keep up with the main characters, the cartoon characters and/or the bad guys, so I just gave up after a few chapters. The female lead was horribly unlikeable and the male lead wasn't the usual "bold and brooding" he was just a jerk. The story never drew me in which is so disappointing because I've been reading Ms. Eagle's books for years and have always loved them. Don't waste your money.
PhyllisSchieber More than 1 year ago
Who doesn't love a wonderful love story? And this is one to love!
Guest More than 1 year ago
It was hard to read the first two chapters. Where is she coming from? I have purchased all of her books, but no more. Luckily I checked the book out of the Library because several of her last few books have been just as bad.