Night Gypsy: Journey into Darkness

Night Gypsy: Journey into Darkness




Dark tales of suspense, drama, and horror.

Darkness comes in many forms. It can be the evil that creeps up the stairs to find and drain you of the blood of life. The curse that is cast to destroy someone. The serial killer looking for his next victim. Creatures from the netherworld looking for new residents to join them. The dead seeking revenge against the living. Or it can be the sweet and docile housewife who is finally fed up with her husband's infidelities.

Join the Night Gypsy and her fellow traveling companions for a Journey into Darkness.

*Contains explicit content

Just Desserts - Millie, a dutiful housewife, finds a way to serve up revenge on her philandering husband and making a dream come true in one cold dish.

Apt. 201 (Venganza) - Juan Cisneros has a unique and terrifying way of dealing with his thuggish upstairs neighbor.

Date From Hell (Touched by Angel) - A serial killer gives new meaning to "reach out and touch someone". His murderous plan for his date who he met online takes a shocking turn.

Lorelei's Wish - Lorelei finds out why you should be careful what you wish for.

Love Bites - An office fling culminates is someone being bitten by something other than the love bug.

The Sound of a Boy Crying - A young man fresh on his own finds out the terrifying reason for the sound of a child crying in his neighboring apartment.

Family - A teen-aged boy encounters a seductive and murderous cult leader who may actually be the Devil and tempts Jasper with his greatest desire-a "family" that loves him.

A Thing at the Edge - With her husband away on a business trip, a woman must fight demonic forces on her own.

Shadow of the Moon - Emma is an abused girlfriend who finds help from an unexpected source-one of the children of the night.

The Milepost Motel -Reverend Bob Mellor returns to the scene of his crime and finds retribution of biblical proportions waits.

2109 -After being put into a cryogenic tank, a man wakes up and finds out what will keep him alive forever. Will he find Utopia or Hell on Earth?

Fair's Fair -When Bella finds out the truth about the murder of her little brother years before, she sets out to even the score.

Strangely Calm and Satisfied - A young couple find their peace and quiet broken by unexpected visitor. And he needs to be dealt with, quickly...

With the Strength of Her Conviction - On a rainy night, an elderly woman decides to take her farm back from the young couple who bought it.

Like a Dog -A reluctant husband and father returns home late one evening, sick and getting sicker. As he recalls the events that have led him to this point in his life, he realizes what his illness is doing to him while coming to terms with what his family means to him.

Fine Red Print -Molly Ogden gives a riveting account of what happened when her home outpost was overrun by the living dead. And why she rescued two others but only arrived with one.

Ricochet - "You can eat, you can drink, you can dance," said the barkeep. "Our songs are three for a dime, and all you need for a good time. Come." These words are more incantation than invitation, as a young couple soon finds out. Ricochet is a place where everybody knows your name. . . and much more.

Something in the Strawberry Fields - when a body is found by workers of a strawberry field, some believe it's the work of the monstrous mythic creature El Chupacabra. However, one of them soon finds far more evil forces are at work.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780615607146
Publisher: Indie Gypsy Productions
Publication date: 10/07/2012
Pages: 196
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.42(d)

About the Author

Authors in this anthology include Shelley Halima, Brandon Cracraft, Kai Miro, Liz DeJesus, Eugene Gramelis, a.b. cole, John Lemut, Eric J. Guignard, Marcel Admiraal and Ellie Woodruff.

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