The Night My Sister Went Missing

The Night My Sister Went Missing

by Carol Plum-Ucci
4.1 11

Paperback(First Edition)

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Night My Sister Went Missing 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
TeensReadToo More than 1 year ago
Carol Plum-Ucci is a phenomenal writer who mixes elements of thrillers, mysteries, and problem novels with great success. In her latest, THE NIGHT MY SISTER WENT MISSING, she covers familiar territory from earlier novels without costing the story a suspenseful edge or satisfying conclusion. With her usual cast of sympathetic characters, readers are drawn into the story and feel as if they have a stake in the outcome.

The narrator, Kurt Carmody, learns the details of his sister's disappearance while eavesdropping on an interrogation room at police headquarters. Although there were many people there when Casey Carmody vanished, including Kurt himself, each witness' testimony is limited by personal bias against the main suspect, Stacy Kearn. Stacy and her father appear to be guilty of several crimes as well as an assortment of inappropriate personality quirks. Yet readers are wise not to rush to judgment in the story. No one and nothing is as it appears, neither those under suspicion for Casey's disappearance nor those who rush to help her and claim innocence. Like her earlier novels, particularly THE BODY OF CHRISTOPHER CREED and WHAT HAPPENED TO LANI GARVER, Plum-Ucci creates a realistic sense of community guilt for the mysterious, tragic events in the lives of teenagers. Those who are viewed as outsiders and are made to feel unwelcome suffer for the intolerance of others. This message rings through the novels closing chapters without overpowering the reader.

As in previous novels, the author tackles community myths and legends in order to show that there's usually a logical reason behind so-called paranormal events. Although the ghost of a suicide victim is given short-play in this novel, this subplot is engaging enough to leave the reader in doubt about the nature of Casey's disappearance until the novel's conclusion. There may be no better mystery writer in today's market for maintaining tension without sacrificing realistic endings than Ms. Plum-Ucci.

Five stars. Highly recommended.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
In the book, "The night my sister went missing" was a very mysterious book. The plot being a very dark theme involving the possible death of Casey Carmody, sister to Kurt Carmody. The story revolves around Kurt, and how he tries to figure out if Casey is either pulling a prank, or has really past away from a bullet at a dune party. At the dune party, Stacey Kearn brought a pistol so small, it was believed to be a toy, and after all the kids touched the gun, a shot was fired in the direction of Casey. I felt that Kurt was a very believable character, being very nervous, and not believing the the possibility that Casey is dead. I'd feel that I could sympathize for Kurt's possible loss, since if I lost my sister, there'd be a chance that I'd do the same actions he did. The point of the story is that even though one person, in this case, Stacey, could be blamed, said person could possibly not be the baddie. I feel as if this book if best suitable for teens, and adults who are interested in mystery, due to use of language, and some... themes. I liked the book, since the whole plot was well developed with the whole fact that Kurt Carmody's sister could be either dead, or alive... a perfect mystery for those interested
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The Night My Sister Went Missing is a captivating book because it keeps you in suspense and you are always wondering what will happen next. After partying with friends a shot rings out and Kurt Carmondy's little sister Casey goes missing. As the police search for Casey, Kurt is at the police station listening to people that are being questioned. While he sits and listens he learns many new things about Stacey Kearny, a girl from school, which leaves him shocked. I think Kurt was very believable and I sympathized with him because it was a very tragic situation for anyone to be going through. The message I received from this book is to never judge a book by it's cover because you never know what happens on the inside. I feel this book is best suited for older teens and adults because of inappropriate language and content. I liked this book because I am very interested in mysteries and detective books.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The book that I read was The Night My Sister went missing. And it is by Carol Plum-UCCI. I think that the reason she wrote this book is because she tells what can happen at stupid parties and how parties can be dangerous. She wrote this book because she is known to capture the world of teens while seamlessly combining reality with the supernatural.

She chose the group twelve and older and I think that she is trying to get kids who are twelve and are going to become teenagers soon to know all the kinds of things that can go wrong at a party. Teens hanging out, little bear, and smoke just another teen party she¿s talking about. This story is told by Kurt Carmody which is the brother of the missing sister. I think that it is good for the brother to tell his perspective on how he thinks what has happened.

The author interpreted them all in a different way. Kurt is kind of a laid back kind of person and Casey is a risk taker. Of course there is going to be a girl that is having a troubled life which is Stacy and the thing that you will find out about her family will blow you away. The timing on things in the book somehow doesn¿t add up the way you think it will. There are a lot of twists and turns before you can actually get to the conclusion. I think that this is really accurate to real life because this kind of stuff does happen at some parties.

I felt kind of sad for Kurt because what he has to go through and it drastically changes his life forever. I think the character that I connect with the most is Casey because I am a big risk taker and I love challenging myself on whatever it may be. The author did a great job with everything that she wrote. Most of the stuff that she wrote about the book was true about the parties. I think that I did learn a lot of things from the author because now if I were to go to a party I would be aware of my surroundings because disaster could strike at any time.

There are some other books that she wrote and they are all compared with the supernatural and strong characters. The books are: The she, What happened to Lani Garver, and The body of Christopher Creed. I think that the book title engages you to want to read it. Your thinking where did she go? Was she kidnapped?

With this book I would probably recommend it to early teenagers because to show them what could happen if you¿re not careful. I found this book really engaging! I just couldn¿t put it down. I really wanted to see what was going to happen now. For me I really didn¿t like the ending I thought that it would have ended differently that it had. I wanted a more thrilling ending. I would probably give it a four star rating because I didn¿t like the ending. If the ending was different then I would have gave it a five star. I think that a good quote that it had was: ¿No body washed up. The police hadn¿t found any blood in the pier near the spot where Casey went over.¿ It gives you a hint on what is going to come but at the same time it kind of leaves you hanging. But all in all I really enjoyed this book and I hope you will too.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The Night My Sister Went Missing By: Carol Plum-Ucci I thought this book was not a very good mystery book because it drags it out a little to much, there is a little to much non-sense about Kurt. But I still agree with its message, not to be so judgmental of people, even if you think you know them really well. This book is told in second person, by Kurt, the boy whose sister went missing. I think it was important for him to tell the story because he was going through a lot of problems with his sister missing and questioning things in his life. A lot of teens begin to do the same thing toward the end of high school, so I think if it had been written from another characters point of view it would have been a little to harsh for a lot of readers. This author wrote a story that quite a few young adults go through in this time period so it was very realistic and easy to relate to. I connected most with Kurt because sometimes I don¿t feel like I really know if I¿m doing what I want or what other people want me to do, just like Kurt did. I believe that this authors reason for writing this book was because it shows how judgmental teens can be and how they jump to conclusions without really thinking. I think this author was very successful in getting across the point that she was trying to make about this story. I learned that you can¿t make assumptions about people because they could be a completely different person from how they act around you. I think this book was mainly written for the young adult age group. They are the ones who usually need a lot of advice, and this story does give you some advice. I felt that this books ending was partly predictable and partly not. Over all I think that it was the best part of the book. The Night My Sister Went Missing was a good title for the book. It makes the readers want to find out what happens, so they want to read it. It also ties in with the story very well. This book reminded me somewhat of the book Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson. In Speak Mel had a rape secret that she didn¿t tell anyone like Stacey did, the girls just dealt with it in different ways. I would recommend this book to people who like mystery book but don¿t care if they are kind of dragged out, because that¿s exactly what this book does, drags and drags and drags out the good stuff until the very end. I would rate this book a two and half out of five stars. It was a good book but it could have done without so much nonsense about Kurt. It could have focused more about Stacey and Casey, and maybe told a little more about Stacey¿s life.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I think the book ¿The Night My Sister Went Missing¿ is a great mystery book to read. Usually I¿m never interested in reading books but something about this book grabbed my attention. Some ways this book grabbed my attention was the description and details, the book cover and the title. Kurt is a senior and his sister, Casey is a freshman. Kurt blames himself for what happened to Casey but it¿s not his fault. Casey is a good actor and likes to play a lot of jokes but we don¿t know if what happened at the pier was a joke or was serious. Mark was Casey¿s boyfriend but before Casey he was going out with Stacy. Stacy is a junior that brought a gun to the pier that night. The gun was passed around.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The Night My Sister Went Missing is a realistic book by Carol Plum-Ucci. I think that this book was a good book. It was realistic which was what I liked about it. It kept you going as you read it you just want to know what happens next. The book took place in a police station and the park that the kids always hang out. A girl named Casey went missing after a night of fun at the park. No body can find her and friends and family are getting questioned. Casey¿s sister didn¿t know what was going on when she woke up at the police station. She didn¿t know why she was there, but soon found out that her sister went missing. This story was told from Casey¿s sisters¿ point of view. The book was easy to understand. You didn¿t have to keep reading things over to understand what was written. This book will give you an understanding of what dangers can come from ¿partying¿. I recommend this book to people who like to read realistic books because what happens in this book can also happen in real life.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book was very intriguing to me, and picks you up right from the start. It begins as an average high school senior Kurt Carmody is at a party on a pier with his small hometown friends. All of the sudden, a gun shot goes off, and his sister, an island known daredevil, Casey, is nowhere to be found. A large portion of the book after this is spent as Kurt looks on with his friend Drew as the island police interrogate his friends. It was very interesting to me how the author portrayed human behavior, and replicated the feelings of many teenagers so well. Many of Kurt¿s feelings are expressed throughout the book. Another main character that plays a huge part in this novel is Stacy Kearny. The author unravels her story in a way that you really don¿t know what to think of her until the climax of the book. Many secrets are told that Kurt and his seaside town may wish they didn¿t hear. This story is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat wanting more. The only weakness that I found in this book is that it was little too short for my tastes. Overall, this is a good book to read if you want mystery and suspense. I highly recommend it.