The Night Sky (How to Identify)

The Night Sky (How to Identify)

by Storm Dunlop, Wil Tirion

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(Illustrations are best viewed on a tablet.)An introductory guide to navigating your way around the night sky and identifying what you can see on any given night.Please note that this is the 2004 edition. Chart data is accurate to the end of 2009.Designed as a comprehensive introduction for the beginner and those who want to find out more, How to Identify the Night Sky covers everything that can be seen with the naked eye and binoculars, as well as what is visible using a small telescope.There are sections on how to observe and understand the objects that comprise the night sky, the moon, the movements of the stars and planets throughout the year and astronomical events.The constellations are given a comprehensive treatment. For each one there is a chart, a photograph, a description of its features and history, the best dates and times of visibility, the mythological representation and a list of interesting objects.

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ISBN-13: 9780007447732
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 07/25/2013
Series: How to Identify
Sold by: HarperCollins Publishers
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 256
Sales rank: 708,374
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About the Author

Experienced Astronomy and meteorology author and translator. Books include Gem Weather (Collins, 2012), Meteorology Manual (Haynes, 2014), Practical Astronomy (Philip’s, 2012) and is the lead author for the bestselling annual Guide to the Night Sky (Collins). Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, the Royal Meteorological Society and a member of the International Astronomical Union.

Wil Tirion was trained in graphic arts and has always had an interest in astronomy and especially star charts. In 1983 he became a self-employed full time Uranographer. Since then he has contributed too many atlases, books and magazines. In 1987 he received the ‘Dr. J. van der Bilt-prize’, a Dutch award for amateur astronomers. In 1993 this was followed by a second, more international ‘award’, when a minor planet was named after him: (4648) Tirion = 1931 UE.

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Night Sky 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 17 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I got this book just before a cross country trip in 2006. I used it on the trip and at the time it was way over my head. I was just learing about the constellations. We have subsequently moved to Maui and I have been reading this book almost every night. Slowly I got used to the presentation and the material began to sink in. The sky here is very bright and stars seem to be at an arm's reach. Now I have a 70mm scope and I've been using the book to help me prepare for nightly star sightings. It is truely a fantastic reference guide. I find stellar objects in the book, look them up on line and prepare a log for an evening's session. Without this book I would have to spend hours surfing on the internet. The only drawback is that it's written for mid 50's latitude. I live at the 21st parallel. I'm still going to buy the up-dated version for the planetary positions charts.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name - Hazelcloud Age - 18 moons Gender - She-cat Description - A light grey tabby with warm amber eyes. History - Ask her! Kin - They're not her favorite people, so to speak Mate - Nope Crush - Nada Kits - Nah Personality - Bubbly, sweet, adventurous, can be hostile towards new faces, and does have a super quiet and shy side Rank - Warrior Other - She likes to listen to other people tell stories and being around others, also has a special intrest in stars. ~Anything else just ask!~
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name•Swiftclaw. Age•23 moons. Appearance•a tall and long limbed silver tom with one white front right paw and soft blue eyes. Mate orcrush•none/figure it out. History•his family went missing while they lived in HorseClan and he left that clan bc he felt very ignored. Its actually a real awesoe clan...if u have friends or a high position. Other•get to know him :)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name: Leopardshade/Age: 13 moons old/Gender: &female/History: not telling/Personality: easy to anger, and otherwise acts like a leopard/Looks: Golden with black spots. Amber eyes/Crush: none, but wants a mate/Other: ask me.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Gender: she-cat Age: 2 moons Crush: darkkit Personality: stubborn but unsure of what to do or say, her mother abandoned her, but she strives to become a med-cat
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name. Up. Gender. Tom. Age..... . Description. Nimble black tom with cream stripes. Blue green eyes. Personality. Adventourous quick risky and lovein caring. Kin. Bloodpelt. Dad. Blackspot. Mom. Grousetooth and Fernpelt. Bros. Cornykelt. Sis. Theme Song. Viva La Vida by Coldplay. Siggy."Tigerfang"
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
NAME: Skyheart GENDER: shecat LOOKS: small build, silver fur, blue eyes PERSONALITY: friendly, loyal, forgiving MATE: DeepWater CRUSH: DeepWater KITS: Darkkit, Snowkit, Ashkit, Starrykit RANK: queen APPRENTICE: none ///// NAME: Mistleaf GENDER: shecat LOOKS: black fur, misty green eyes, no claws PERSONALITY: kind, patient, shy MATE: not allowed but wants CRUSH: Flametooth KITS: same as mate RANK: medicene cat APPRENTICE: Brokenpaw ///// NAME: Darkkit GENDER: tom LOOKS: black fur, brown eyes, strong build PERSONALITY: cheerful, protective, nice PARENTS: DeepWater and Skyheart SIBLINGS: Snowkit, Ashkit, Starrykit RANK: kit ///// NAME: Starrykit GENDER: shecat LOOKS: black fur with white speckles, blue eyes PERSONALITY: kin, curious, playful PARENTS: DeepWater and Skyheart SIBLINGS: Darkkit, Snowkit, Ashkit RANK: kit /////////// SIGGY: &#10023SMDS&#10023 THEME SONG: Who Says by Selena Gomez
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
&hearts NAME Royalheart <p>AGE 18 moons <p>GENDER &female <p>RANK warrior <p>DESC a slender white shecat with ginger spots scattered on her pelt. One side of her face is white the other is ginger. She has friendly green eyes and a graceful figure. <p>PERS though her name is Royalheart it sounds as if she is royalty and does what she pleases. But no Royalheart is quite the opposite. She is a quite shecat with a gentle nature and a kind heart. She is respectful and polite and helps with anything that shes needed in. At times she is lonely and seen sitting by herself due to her being shy in new places. <p>KIN she has a sister named Scarletstone and a brther named Oakbranch<p> KITS none <p>CRUSH none <p>MATE unfortunately no <p>PAST ask and she may tell.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
&bull; &delta &bull; <br> <br> &bull; Name - JetFur <br> &bull; Age - 20 Moons <br> &bull; Gender - T &male m <br> &bull; Rank - Warrior <br> &bull; Looks - A Jet Black Tom - Cat & Gentle Golden Eyes <br> &bull; Personality - JetFur is actually very loyal and kind. He loves to help whenever he gets the chance. Although, he is shy, he c have a really bad temper. <br> &bull; Mate - None <br> &bull; Crush - None <br> &bull; Kits - None <br> &bull; Kin - GingerSnap & VelvetFlight <br> &rsaquo;&bull; JetFur <br> <br> &bull; &delta &bull; <br> <br> &bull; &#9733 &bull; <br> <br> &bull; Name ~ GingerSnap <br> &bull; Age ~ 13 Moons <br> &bull; Gender ~ She &female Cat <br> &bull; Rank ~ Young Warrior <br> &bull; Looks ~ A Ginger Colored She & Loving Amber Eyes <br> &bull; Personality ~ GingerSnap is very loyal and caring. She is very shy, but unlike her brother, she can control her temper. She loves to explore. <br> &bull; Mate ~ None <br> &bull; Crush ~ None <br> &bull; Kits ~ None <br> &bull; Kin ~ JetFur & VelvetFlight <br> &rsaquo;&bull; GingerSnap <br> <br> &bull; &#9733 &bull; <br> <br> &bull; &Delta &bull; <br> <br> &bull; Name ; LappingSnow <br> &bull; Age ; 22 Moons <br> &bull; Gender ; T &male m <br> &bull; Rank ; Deputy <br> &bull; Looks ; A Snow White Tom & Loyal Crystal Clear Blue Eyes <br> &bull; Personality ; LappingSnow is loyal and brave. He would do anything to keep his clan safe. He loves to help at any chance he gets. LappingSnow has a short temper and isn't afraid to speak his mind. <br> &bull; Mate ; None <br> &bull; Crush ; None <br> &bull; Kits ; None <br> &bull; Kin ; WolfSnow & LightningStrike <br> &rsaquo;&bull; LappingSnow <br> <br> &bull; &Delta &bull;
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name: Wolfkit Age: 1 moon Pelt color: Silver Eye color: Pale blue Personality: Brave, polite, cheerful, calm, and sweet. Mother: Poppytail Father: unknown History: Was abondon at birth but Poppytail became her new mother. Other: Ice power. ~Wolfkit*-*
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Flamewind's at flameing third result.<p><p><p><p><p><p>Goldkit's at gold silk first result.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A black she with white paws and purple eyes. Has no mate or kits but want both. As two siblings and both parents died. Love playing with kits and helping out in the clan enjoys swiming hunting and having adventures. Anymore just ask.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name: Brackenstar. <p> Warrior Name: Brackenfall. <p> Rank: Leader. <p> Gender: &female <p> Age: 24 moons. <p> Looks: Dark Brown, Dark Golden random streakes, & Dark Golden/Brown eyes. <p> Mate: None. <p> Kits: None. <p> Crush: ... <p> Kin: Thornfall {{Mother, De<_>ad}}, Wingstar [[Father, Vanished]], Suntail {Sister}, Mossstar [Brother], Wingshadow {Sister}, Duststorm [Brother], Mountainfall {Sister, Di<_>ed When App.}, & Whitefang [Brother]. <p> Kits: Bramblekit, Icekit, Hollowkit, Darkkit, & Deepkit. <p> Friends: Duststar ((Last leader)). <p> Leader Position: 4th leader of SkyClan. <p> Last Leaders: Falconstar, Jaystar, & Duststar. <p> &bull; <p> Name: Bramblekit. <p> Hopeful Warrior Name: Bramblefall. <p> Rank: Kit. <p> Gender: &female <p> Age: 3 moons. <p> Looks: Dark Brown, Silver random streaks, & Dark Silver/Brown eyes. <p> Kin: Brackenstar {{Mother}}, SnakeVenom [[Father, Forcemater]], Icekit {Sister}, Hollowkit {Sister, Gone}, Darkkit {Sister, Gone}, & Deepkit [Brother, De<_>ad]. <p> &bull; <p> Name: Icekit. <p> Hopeful Warrior Name: Icefall. <p> Rank: Kit. <p> Gender: &female <p> Age: 3 moons. <p> Looks: Dark Silver, Ice blue eyes. <p> Kin: Brackenstar {{Mother}}, SnakeVenom [[Father, Forcemater]], Bramblekit {Sister}, Hollowkit {Sister, Gone}, Darkkit {Sister, Gone}, & Deepkit [Brother, De<_>ad].
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name: Fallenpaw ((Would like Fallensnow or Fallenfrost for a warrior name.)) Gender: Female Rank: Apprentice Age: 9 moons Appearance: A beautiful black she-cat with large white speckle all over her boy, a white tailtip, white front paws, white ears, and icy blue eyes. Persoanlity: Kind-hearted, Caring, Shy, Cheeful, Gentle, yet Fiercely Loyal and Willing to Lay Down Her Life for this Clan, Because They took Her In. Crush: None Mate: None Kits: She's an apprentice, for Starclan's sake! Kin: Darktail ((father, dead)), Specklepath ((mother, dead)), and Blackflame ((brother, missing)) History: Will only tell trusted friends. Other: Has a small scratch on one of her haunches, whitch is healing.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
&male Lightningstep &male <p> Age: 21 Moons <br> Rank: Would like to be Deputy, but will happily lead a Warrior life. <br> Looks: A handsome dark gray tabby tom with a very strange yellow-ish lightningbolt on his front paw. He has bright green eyes and white tipped ears. <br> Personality: Calm and Collective, he knows when to crack a joke and when not to. He is Positive and VERY loyal to his Clan and Clanmates. He is also Brave and Courageous. <br> Mate: None, looking. <br> Kits: None <br> Crush: Hmmm... <p> &female Rainpaw &female <p> Age: 9 Moons <br> Rank: App <br> Mentor: None yet <br> Looks: A very pretty calico Shecat with crystal blue eyes. She has a feathery soft tail and black paws. <br> Personality: Very Gentle and Loving. She is Kind and Caring to every cat she meets. She loves making friends and is quite Shy. <br> Mate/Kits/Crush: No/No/Not yet <br>
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
These are the minimum characteristics of the bios: Name, Rank, Age, Appearance, Personality, Mate, Crush, Kits/Kin, and maybe other things like themesongs, heros and favorite quotes! Make yours unique! <p> Name: Eveningstar or Eveningsong <p> Age: Sixteen moons <p> Rank: ^^ look at mah name silly! Leader <p> Appearance: White with orange and very dusty gold and red streaks like a evening sky. She has bright blue eyes that sparkle occasionaly. <p> Personality: Shy, but promises to be a great leader and be active. Will fight untill death for this clan. Can be very stubborn and determined. <p> Mate: No, Crush: nope, Kits: Eyup. <p> History: Too complicated. Ask. <p> Kin: Dapplegrey, mother, dead. Moonflight, father, dead. Grandparents are unkown. Shinekit, Splashkit, Firekit, and Frostkit, kits, rped by meh! <p> FUN STUFF: Themesong, Gernade by bruno mars, mirrors by bruno mars and lil wayne, and lighters by bad meets evil. Hero: Violet from lemony snicket series. Umm thats all folks! To the kits, robin! <p> Eveningstars kits to be rped: <p> Shinekit, a white she kit with silver spots on her back that fades down, eyes are a seafoam green-blue color. <p> Splashkit, a black and white tom with long legs and pointed ears. He has leafy geen eyes. <p> Firekit, a gold and orange tabby tom. He has grey-amber eyes like fire behing smoke. <p> Frostkit, a pretty white she kit with a silver back paw and a silver tipped ear. She has icy blue eyes with sharp white peeking from the dpedges and barely spreaded in. <p> If you want to rp them, just ask! Its a permanent kit though, and you must be active please! Thanks for reading! Your leader, Eveningstar. 3v3n1n9 *