The Night Spies

The Night Spies

by Kathy Kacer


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It is the middle of World War II, and, with the help of trusted friends, Gabi, her mother and her cousin Max go into hiding in a tiny mountain village. It takes great willpower to endure months of fear in their cramped hiding space at the back of a barn, and eventually Gabi and Max sneak out for the first of many secret nighttime walks. Through the discovery of anti-Nazi partisan soldiers camped in the nearby woods and new roles as partisan scouts, Gabi and Max find strength and courage, and a renewed sense of hope in dark times.

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ISBN-13: 9781896764702
Publisher: Second Story Press
Publication date: 01/01/2001
Series: Holocaust Remembrance Series
Pages: 200
Sales rank: 563,219
Product dimensions: 7.75(w) x 5.50(h) x 0.50(d)
Lexile: 750L (what's this?)
Age Range: 9 - 13 Years

About the Author

Kathy Kacer has won many awards for her books about the holocaust for young readers, including Hiding Edith, The Secret of Gabi’s Dresser, Clara’s War and The Underground Reporters. A former psychologist, Kathy tours North America speaking to young people about the importance of remembering the Holocaust. For more information, visit

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The Night Spies 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I will be reviewing the book, “The Night Spies.” The author Kathy Kacer. She wrote this book to inform children of the Holocaust and to keep the memory of the Holocaust alive. This book is an exciting and interesting book. It lets you see what the people faced during the Holocaust. I believe that any young reader would enjoy reading this book. In the middle of World War ll, Gabi her mother and cousin Max are escaping there town that has been invaded by the Nazis soldiers. With the help of some trusted friends, Gabi, her mother, and her cousin Max, go into hiding in a small mountain village. After months of being cramped in their small hayloft, Max and Gabi decide to go out on a secret night walk. On one of the night walks they run into partisan soldiers camping out in the woods. Every trip they take into the woods is dangerous and risky to their lives, but the chance to help the partisans fight the Nazis gives them the courage to continue their walks. In this book there are many exciting events. The events take place in a small mountain village in Olsavica. This book was based on a real family who had to hide during the Holocaust. The main characters of this book are Gabi, Max, her mother, Mr. and Mrs. Kros, and Eva. All the information and events go together well, and pictures at the end go with the story. “Hello, a voice from outside called.” It is Mrs. Kros neighbor, she is unaware that Gabi is in the house. This event is scary because Gabi and her family could get caught. I believe this book would get the attention of any young reader. The book “The Night Spies,” is a interesting and exciting book. I think that it is a good book for young readers. The story starts out as the family is on their way to a small mountain village in Olsavica. The family has to leave there recent home because of all the Nazi soldiers. An old family friend helps to hide the family. One night when Gabi and Max get bored they decide to leave the hayloft and go on a night walk. The night walks are dangerous. On one of the night walks they run into partisan’s soldier, which are trying to defeat the Nazis. Once Gabi’s mother discover the children gone she begins to worry. She lets them to continue their regular night walks. After a year and a half Hitler is finally defeated and Gabi, her mother, and her cousin Max are finally free to go back home.