Night Walker

Night Walker

by Lisa Kessler

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Two and a half centuries ago, Calisto Terana lost everything when a zealous priest murdered the woman he loved. Now, desperate for another chance to love her, he wants redemption for the mistake that cost her life.

She's haunted by dreams of her own death...

After catching her fiance with another woman, Kate Bradley returns to San Diego to clear her head. The last thing she needs is romance, but after meeting Calisto she's drawn to him in ways she doesn't understand.

They've waited in the shadows for centuries...

Calisto has no doubt Kate is the reincarnation of his lost love, but the Fraternidad Del Fuego Santo has a new watcher with dark ambitions of his own. As old enemies reemerge and a new threat arises, the betrayal that enslaved Calisto to the night might destroy the only woman he's ever loved again.

Each book in the Night series is a standalone, full-length story that can be enjoyed out of order.
Series Order:
Book #1 Night Walker
Book #1.5 Night Thief
Book #2 Night Demon
Book #3 Night Child

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ISBN-13: 9781622666317
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 05/01/2012
Series: Night , #1
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 352
Sales rank: 2,620
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Lisa Kessler is an award-winning author of dark paranormal fiction. Her debut novel, Night Walker, won a San Diego Book Award for best Fantasy-Sci-fi-Horror, and many other awards. Her short stories have been published in print anthologies and magazines, and her vampire story,
Immortal Beloved, was a finalist for a Bram Stoker award. Lisa lives in southern California with her husband and two amazing kids. Visit her at

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Night Walker

By Lisa Kessler, Kerri-Leigh Grady

Entangled Publishing, LLC

Copyright © 2011 Lisa Kessler
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-62266-631-7


When they parked at the Mission de Alcala, Kate stared up at the bells. Although she grew up in San Diego, she'd never played tourist and visited this famous landmark, which she admitted now was a shame. The white arched bell tower of the first Spanish mission in the New World stretched toward the heavens, oblivious to the changing landscape around it. For a moment, she felt like she'd been transported back in time.

Edie hefted her camera bag over her shoulder. "Hurry up! We don't want to end up standing for the service."

"I'm coming." Kate ran up the uneven tile steps after her friends.

When they entered the white adobe sanctuary, her breath caught in her throat. The natural pine ceiling arched high above them, voices echoed in the cavernous space, and soft chords from the pipe organ at the rear of the hall floated down. The music washed over the congregation, filling the church with its somber peace.

Her mother would have loved this place.

Lori grabbed Kate's hand and pulled her across the sanctuary to a pew by the opposite door. Candlelight filled the chamber with a warm glow, and soon the only sounds were the soft chants from the priests. Images of Christ's crucifixion lined the walls, and the quiet hymns from the choir added to the poignancy of the Mass. Bittersweet sorrow swelled in her heart. This would be her second holiday season without her parents, and her first without Tom. The Mass felt like a solemn reminder she was alone in the world.

The room blurred behind a wave of tears.

"I need some air. I'll be right outside," Kate whispered to Edie.

Edie gave her an are you all right look, and Kate managed to smile and nod before slipping out the door. As the heavy wooden door clicked shut behind her, she stepped into a lush courtyard with centuries-old adobe crosses rising through thick ferns that threatened to swallow them. More candles flickered around the garden. Shadows moved across the surrounding walls, mingling with the darkness that gathered in the corners and alcoves.

The cool night air filled her lungs, calming the storm brewing inside her. Seeing the families and couples in the sanctuary stirred up heartache. She had erected protective walls around the spaces her parents and her exfiancé used to fill, but now they crumbled. Kate took another deep breath and stared at the pale moon. She could almost hear her mother's voice telling her to stay strong. Keep moving forward.

Just as she'd promised herself she'd do.

Clearing her throat, Kate focused on her surroundings and followed a worn tile path to a weathered sign. The courtyard, and the crosses within it, honored the Native American neophytes who worked at the mission in its early years. Kate scanned the garden again, finding even more of the half-hidden handmade crosses peering at her from a thicket of ferns. Most of them now leaned to the side, weathered from years of exposure to the sun and rain.

The once-strong angles of the markers now drooped as though they wept.

She followed the path deeper into the garden and found another cross nearly engulfed by the foliage and flowers that grew around it. Though the path here was unkempt and the aging monument covered in moss, a simple floral wreath adorned the neck of the cross.

How many Native Americans died at the mission in its early years? She wondered if anyone really knew. She learned about the missions in elementary school, but her teachers never discussed the relationship between the missionaries and the local tribes. Was neophyte a fancy word for slave? She didn't know, but whatever their role might have been, it was encouraging to see the indigenous people who had lived at the mission had not been forgotten.

When the service concluded, the murmur of soft conversation broke through her solitude. Mass was over already? Kate frowned. How long had she been outside?

Car engines started and brakes squeaked, the headlights drowning out the candlelit shadows. Beyond the black wrought iron gates, small groups of people departed together until finally the floodlights over the parking lot blinked off. She would have worried about Lori and Edie's absence, but she knew they had plans with their digital cameras after the mass.

According to her friends, Dia de los Muertos was the perfect night for ghost hunting. Lori and Edie always enjoyed ghost stories when they were kids, and their fondness grew until they considered themselves amateur paranormal investigators. What better place to find them than in the oldest building in San Diego on the one night a year reserved for the dead?

Kate didn't share their zeal for spirits, but she had no problem waiting for them to have their fun. She was happy to have a few minutes to herself anyway.

The candlelight glimmered around her, the flickering flames left to burn out sometime before morning. The warm glow made for eerie light, casting long shadows of the weeping crosses over the garden. It was exquisite and melancholy in the same moment.

She caught a sudden chill. The longer she lingered, the more her sadness mutated into unease.

The back of her neck prickled. Kate crossed her arms and walked toward the sanctuary doors. She suddenly felt exposed and alone. Before she reached the doors, Lori and Edie came up the path at the other end of the courtyard, snapping pictures as they walked, until Lori disappeared from view.

When Edie saw Kate approach, she grinned. "Oh, you should see some of the great shots we got tonight. We had lots of orbs in a couple of pictures of the bell tower. There might be even more when we can look at them on a larger screen."

"You'll have to show me once you get them on the computer." Kate glanced around the courtyard. "Where'd Lori go?"

Edie turned around. "She was right behind ..."

"Edie ... Kate." Lori's voice, a loud and insistent whisper, emanated from the shadows.

Kate flinched when she heard her name. She had no idea why she was so jumpy tonight. They tracked down Lori and found her kneeling by one of the crosses. She beckoned them closer.

Edie rushed over with an eager grin, camera at the ready. "Wow. Look at this." She squatted beside Lori.

The cross was smaller than most of the others, weather-beaten and canted. There was a single letter in the center, a T, and a single candle burned beside a bundle of large white blossoms.

"Who do you think left those?" Lori whispered.

Kate shrugged. None of the other crosses had fresh offerings. "Probably the priests, right?"

"I don't know." Lori glanced at the other crosses. "Maybe this person's relatives still visit every year."

"Can you imagine?" Edie whispered. "Being remembered like that? I hope someone's still bringing me flowers after I've been dead a couple hundred years."

Kate thought about correcting them, telling them these crosses were memorials to the Native Americans. But she didn't. Something about the cross held her rapt. The conversation around her faded away as Kate moved in closer to the fragrant blossoms.

She'd never seen flowers like these with huge, beautiful blooms of white, silky petals and a center like pure sunshine. And the scent. It was the primrose-like perfume that made her reach out to touch them, entranced by their spell.

Had she seen these flowers before?

"Kate? Are you okay?"

Kate looked up at Lori, her brow furrowed and mouth pinched in concern. "I'm fine," she said, yanking her hand away from the flowers. "Just a little tired, I guess."

"We're almost done. We need a couple more pictures around the front by the steps," Edie said.

"All right." Kate straightened, still unable to pull her attention away from the cross and its bouquet. "I'll wait for you here, okay?"

Lori continued to frown, but Edie said, "No problem. We'll be right back."

Kate watched them wander off before kneeling closer to the cross. Unable to stop herself, she traced her finger along the T in the center.

Behind her, someone cleared his throat. Kate jerked her hand away and shot to her feet. When she turned around she found a tall, dark-haired man staring at her.

Her cheeks flushed with heat. She hoped he hadn't witnessed her touching the relic. She waited for some kind of admonishment, but he didn't say anything.

Not with words.

Something in his dark eyes captured her. His gaze wandered over her face like a tender caress, and strangely, instead of screaming for Lori and Edie, she caught herself imagining his touch on her skin.

"I hope I did not frighten you," he said.

His deep voice resonated through the empty courtyard, and the intimate tone weakened her knees. The hint of a Spanish accent didn't hurt, either. Nervous laughter escaped her before she could contain it.

Her face warmed all over again. "Just a little startled. I didn't see anyone else out here."

He stepped closer without encroaching on her personal space, his eyes locked with hers from beneath thick lashes. "Forgive me."

She swallowed hard and prayed she wasn't blushing. "No problem." She looked away before she embarrassed herself even further, focusing on the cross. "It's beautiful isn't it?"

"Si." He nodded slowly. "Yes, it is." His barely there smile made her think he wasn't referring to the flowers or the cross. "I am Calisto. Calisto Terana."

Expectation hung as heavy as the scent of eucalyptus, as if he waited to hear something more than just her name.

"I'm Kate." Instead of offering to shake his hand, she tucked a stray lock of hair behind her ear. "It's nice to meet you."

"The honor is mine, Kate ..." His accent colored the vowel in her name. It had never sounded more beautiful. She reminded herself to breathe.

When he hesitated for a moment waiting for her to speak, she realized she hadn't shared her last name as he had. She flipped through a rapid pro and con mental checklist, and decided it couldn't hurt. Maybe they would meet again.

"Bradley," she said.

A sexy smile curved at the corners of his lips. "I hope this will not be our last meeting."

She glanced around the shadowed courtyard, feeling vulnerable, and almost gave in to her first instinct — to run. But she remembered her promise to herself. Be strong. Take action. She lifted her chin and said, "I guess you never know."

With a smile that said he had every intention of seeing her again, he tipped his head. "Buenos noches, Kate Bradley."

Her heart raced and her palms sweated when she realized he meant to leave. No man made her palms sweat. Ever.

His gaze held hers for a moment, full of unspoken promises she didn't understand. Without another word, he walked away.

Kate willed him to turn toward her one last time. It would be easy to get addicted to the way his gaze caressed her, entrancing her with his full attention. She wet her lips and shook her head slowly, struggling to break the spell.

A strange man had flirted with her in a dark courtyard. Hello!Huge danger signal for a woman alone.

But she never felt threatened. As if she'd met him before.

"Who was that?" Lori tucked her camera inside her bag.

"He said his name was Calisto Terana."

"He looked sexy from where I stood. Yum!" Edie grinned.

Lori nudged her with her elbow. "Looks can be deceiving. Why was he loitering after Mass and hitting on Kate?"

There went Lori, being overprotective, like Kate was her younger sister instead of a peer. Kate rolled her eyes. "He wasn't hitting on me. He was a complete gentleman." She paused, glancing in the direction he'd gone. "Old fashioned."

Lori hooked her camera bag over her shoulder. "You didn't give him your number, did you? Old fashioned or not, you don't know anything about this guy."

"Yes, Mom! I've been a single adult just as long as you have, remember?"

Lori hooked her arm through Kate's. "I still worry about you. You've been through a lot lately. I don't want anyone to take advantage of you."

Kate relaxed, though she still chafed at being treated like a child. "Believe me, I don't want that either."

Part of her was shocked she even considered looking at another man. A couple of weeks ago she wanted to wipe all the bastards off the face of the earth, and then tonight a gorgeous guy with an accent and a healthy dose of manners suddenly had her heart racing. Go figure.

They started toward the car. Kate peeked over her shoulder, wondering where Calisto had gone. No doubt it was for the best that he walked away when he did.

But secretly she wished he had asked for her number.

Edie unlocked the car. "What kind of name is Calisto anyway? It doesn't sound Mexican."

"Maybe Spanish?" Lori said.

Kate replayed the way he said her name. "He did have an accent. Not quite Mexican though. Maybe he is from Spain."

"Oh, I love accents." Edie pretended to shiver. "Why don't I ever meet handsome foreign men in dark courtyards?"

"Get in the car already." Lori smiled.

Their banter continued as Lori pulled out of the mission's parking lot toward Old Town, but Kate wasn't listening anymore. At the other end of the lot she saw him standing in the moonlight.


He stared right into her eyes. Even at this distance, the heat of his gaze flushed her skin, and her breath caught in her throat.

What if she never saw him again? A knot of panic tightened in her stomach.

He watched them roll down the driveway, bowing his head before turning to walk back into the shadows. Kate sighed and finally faced forward, chastising herself for acting like a love-struck teenager. The last thing she needed right now was a relationship. She'd just been burned so badly that she took a leave of absence from her teaching job and left the state of Nevada.

How could she stomach even looking at another man?

She stared out the window and smiled in spite of herself. Calisto didn't seem like any other man she'd ever met. Against her better judgment, she caught herself hoping they would meet again.

* * *


She was dead.

Part of him still could not, or would not, believe it. Even now as he covered her body with dirt, he imagined this was a foul dream. Still clothed in his missionary robes, Father Gregorio Salvador prayed he would awaken to the sound of her laughter, or see her dark eyes sparkle with shared humor again. Tala had the most beautiful dark brown eyes with a tiny hazel crescent at the bottom of her right iris.

She used to smile at him every time he told her she had the moon in her eyes.

His jaw clenched. He would have his vengeance.

As he laid the bundle of large, white Romneya flowers over her grave, his tears fell onto the freshly turned soil covering her body, like raindrops darkening the sandy dirt. The sight brought him to his knees.

He knelt at her grave, silently begging the God he once served for answers. Was it wrong to love her? Was God so unforgiving of their sin that He sought to take her life and damn his soul? They had hurt no one. He had broken his covenant with God, yet she was forced to pay his penance with her life? Why punish her?

But he already knew. What greater punishment could he suffer than to go on living without her? He was certain no deeper pain existed.

Surely God knew he had been no more than a naive boy when he took his vows in Spain.

He buried Tala at the edge of the cliff where they met in secret during the warm summer evenings to watch the sun set over the water and color the sky. He hoped her soul would find peace there. Taking the rosary beads from his neck, he laid them over the flowers covering her final resting place. He would never touch another rosary. God had forsaken him, punished him for loving her, and he wouldn't serve Him any longer.

Kissing his fingertips and touching the flowers, he whispered, "My love forever."

He tugged at his collar, and then stripped off his robe. Clothed only in his black wool pants and sandals, Father Salvador walked into the darkness of the hills. He couldn't bear to look back.

* * *

Calisto watched her until the car faded away into the night. The Old One's promise had finally come true. With his heightened vision, he had seen the lighter crescent of color in the lower corner of her iris. He recognized her in an instant. She had the moon in her eyes.

Tala, his love, lived again.

Her features were familiar, but not exactly as she had once been. Her skin was lighter now and the angle of her jaw softer, but her long black hair and her eyes had not changed. Hearing her voice, seeing her smile, brought back memories of a life they once shared.

The sound of her laughter was like a burst of sunlight in his endless night.


Excerpted from Night Walker by Lisa Kessler, Kerri-Leigh Grady. Copyright © 2011 Lisa Kessler. Excerpted by permission of Entangled Publishing, LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

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Night Walker: Speak of the Devil - Book One 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 40 reviews.
kristinja73 More than 1 year ago
I don't remember where I first saw this book, but it is definitely one of those OMG-the-cover-is-amazing-I-need-to-read-this-right-now books. I am completely ecstatic that I did. Calisto left me dreaming sweet dreams all night long and Kate was an amazing protagonist. She was a little bit broken, but not so much that she was afraid to love again. Kate Bradley is the leading lady in Night Walker. She walked in on her professor fiance kissing a grad student. Ugh! Then he wanted to talk about it...what more is there to say? I was proud of Kate because she left him and didn't give him a chance to play the "it won't happen again" line. She is beautiful and a talented piano player. However, she knows her limitations and realizes she will never be great. She is happy teaching choir in a middle school. Tom is the cheating no-good-for-anything fiance. Edie, one of Kate's best friends, still lives in San Diego and attempts to help her move on with her life. She is supportive of Kate's decisions and proves to be an invaluable part of Kate's life. Lori, the third part of this trio of friends, she is a tad bit overprotective and mildly judgmental which annoys Kate. Calisto Terana is a philanthropist with secrets, very old secrets. He has been cursed to only walk during the night. After centuries he has finally found the reincarnated soul of his true love, Tala. Now that he has found her, he intends on making her his again...this time forever. Tall, dark, and handsome with an accent. I'm already on board. Bettina, or Betty, is the Director of Foundation Arts...Calisto's foundation. She has her sights set on Calisto and is not fond of Kate. The story begins right as Kate is leaving Tom and goes back to San Diego to take care of her parents' estate. She had put this task off for too long and with the recent break-up, she needs some space. I was immediately drawn into the story, but became completely enraptured with Calipso as soon as he and Kate met. The book flips back and forth between the present and the past. Sometimes this method can cause the flow of the book to go awry; however, I did not feel any of this confusion with Night Walker. Lisa does an amazing job crafting Calisto's world. The conflict between religion and true love is always something to ponder. I love internal battles because I believe we all engage in them more that we will ever realize. I also love a book that make you go...hmmm? Lisa tells Calisto's and Kate's story using third person omniscient. The story shifts between Kate's and Calisto's points of view, pulling you into each of their experiences. Calisto's strong emotions for Kate brought me to tears on more than one occasion. Night Walker contained the perfect balance of romance and action and fantasy. I think one of my favorite things about this book was the level of maturity of the characters. I read a lot of YA and while I deeply enjoy a good love triangle, I also love to divulge in the confidence of adult romance. Even though Kate had been hurt, she didn't really question her feelings for Calisto...she just went with it. Don't get me wrong...this wouldn't have been such a captivating novel if there was an absence of complications. Wow...the complications in this romance were near debilitating, but our two lovers fought until the very end. Okay, so I could go on and on and on, but I will stop there. This book is amazing and I cannot wait for the next instal
Bitten-By-Love-Reviews More than 1 year ago
Night Walker, what are they, who are they, will we ever know for sure? Calisto Terana was condemned to an eternity living in the shadows. Surviving on human essence of life, the blood lust became his only mean to exist and allowed him to walk this earth. Despair couldn’t begin to describe the turmoil Calisto had suffered. But he had no illusion of who and what he had become, a Nigh Walker. The most fearful creature to ever walked the earth. Due to a prophecy, Calisto had forsaken all that he’d know and sacrificed his very life, for the day he reunite with his beloved. Kate Bradley, once a joyful woman, sweet smile, and a voice of a bird, was left days before her wedding. Distraught and lonely, Kate headed back home to where she grew up, a place filled with beautiful memories and love. But coming home doesn’t mean her life will be as she once left behind. Sinister shadows are lurking in the dark and both of them has their eyes set on Kate. It is now up to Kate to decide which is the lesser of two evil, and will she loses her heart in the process. Briskly entertaining and romantically enticing, Night Walker captivated my attention as soon as I started the book. I see a lot of potential in this new author, she knows how to incorporate love and deceit in a moment’s time. Her hero and heroine were solidly formed and the sparks between them magnified as the story progressed. I would definitely recommend this book to all my fellow readers as this book should be on everyone’s TBR list. Can’t wait for the next book in this series!!!
Froggarita More than 1 year ago
5 frogs - outstanding a definite keeper Lisa Kessler spun a moving story that had me falling for the main character Calisto. You could feel his agony and pain over losing his love and having to wait centuries for her to be reborn. Kate hasn't had it easy herself. Her whole life she has been haunted by dreams. Terrifying dreams of her own death. I loved reading the flashbacks scenes where we learn little by little more about what happened in the past so we could understand more of what they both went through. Night walker is an enthralling paranormal romance that I just loved! I started this book and did not stop reading until I finished it! This book had me turning the pages till the wee hours of the night! I had to know what was going to happen and I wasn't disappointed! I can't wait for book 2 Night Demon!
Kyanara More than 1 year ago
I have been so curious towards this book for such a long time. And then the day came I recieved a review copy of it in my mailbox. As soon as I had the chance I added it to my e-reader and started reading. Lately it has been taking me more and more time to get through books, because of the lack of time. Let me tell you.. My house is a mess right now, and I still need to do the laundry... I just could not put this book down. Lisa Kessler's way of writing is very pleasant, it's easy to follow without having to strain yourself. I loved the charactes in this book. Never once did they annoy me in any way. And then the story itself. It was just absoluutly beautifull. It was so romanctic, and at times also so unbelievably sad, and at other times... steaming hot. It has all the right things in it to be a marvelous PNR book. It has been a while since I was this excited about a book. And I normaly do not mention this, but......have you seen the cover..... *sigh*
DavinciKittie More than 1 year ago
Calisto and Kate are old souls, separated in a past life and still searching for forever with one another. His entire reason for existing is the chance that he might get to see her again, even though she may not be the same woman he fell in love with. Hello, über romantic! Of course, Kate doesn't realize she isn't brand new so the intensity of her feelings for Calisto are frightening and are ultimately the defining factor for the pace of the story. It starts off as a leisurely stroll through character introductions and laying out the rules of the universe. Frequent flashbacks help keep the reader engaged until the plot starts to unfold. Initially, it's a little difficult to really become engrossed in, but the flow of the story is pleasantly unhurried and, as we learn more about the characters and the circumstances that bring them together, segues nicely into the juicy parts and action scenes. Oh, you know you want to hear more about the juicy! The intimate scenes in Night Walker are solidly in the "romance" category, without the vulgar language or extended physicality typical of erotica. Calisto's touch is knowing but oh-so-tender, and Kate is passionately generous, letting him sweep her away and protect her from her fears while still participating as an equal. Their spiritual bond with one another really amps up the intensity of these scenes and gives you that little clench in the chest that tells you you're experiencing something special. Calisto's spanish accent and the cadence of his speech are some of my favorite things about him. I'm a Southern girl. It is nigh impossible for me to talk without excessively using contractions and employing other rampant word mangling, so seeing a character speak with NO contractions really gets my attention, and it makes it easier to hear his voice. Now that I have Antonio Banderas on the brain, I would REALLY like to see (erm, hear?) Calisto say "Feed me. if you dare!" *grin* When it comes to protecting Kate, Calisto has no inhibitions and is not afraid to embrace what he is. It's refreshing to see a hero who accepts who and what he is while still keeping that awareness of humanity and respect for life that usually defines the "good guys". Ms. Kessler's musical background (she's a professional vocalist) really shines in her depiction of the piano scenes. The notes fairly dance and soar off the page and make me wish I could step into the moment to experience it for myself. If you like your romance with strong bonds and heartfelt emotion, with tenderness and a sedate pace, with a strong, determined hero and a heroine who isn't afraid to take chances, put Night Walker on your "to read" list. I'm looking forward to watching this series develop, especially as the characters learn more about their abilities and we (hopefully) get to meet more Night Walkers. and maybe a few vampires too? *wink* The great thing about Night Walker being the start of a continuing series is that no matter if the upcoming stories focus on Calisto and Kate or on other characters, we'll still get a peek into their continuing journey as a couple and as immortals, and that's a happy thought! =) Readers who enjoy Night Walker may also enjoy The Dark Series (starting with Dark Prince) by Christine Feehan, and A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness.
Mebuffy More than 1 year ago
Whew! This book had me crying at times. Calisto is that ultimate hero that will wait forever for his lover and protect her at all costs. I love how he’s also very much about justice, especially in the form of revenge. Kate is a sweet and strong woman, especially to be able to put up with her nightmares. She survives some heartbreaking experiences and I really admired her bravery. The world created is very plausible. The vampire lore itself reminds me of Charlaine Harris and makes a lot of sense. The characters’ actions, emotions, and circumstances were all just realistic in such a way as to get invested in the story and put you on the edge of your seat. *MINOR SPOILER ALERT* The only real issue I had is a very personal one. Some people, while they recognize the severity and brutality of it, don’t really mind reading about a rape scene, but I’m not one of them. There are two scenes in the book, one of which is fairly detailed and from the villain’s point of view and it left me reeling a bit. Again, that’s from a completely subjective point of view. It really isn’t that bad, I’m just a little sensitive to it and was unprepared for it. Other than that, I thoroughly enjoyed the book. It’s a very satisfying ending and leaves us with an ominous promise of what’s to come. I look forward to the next installment!
iheartyabooks More than 1 year ago
Okay, I'm going to start with this beautiful book cover. When I saw it, the song "I'm too sexy for my shirt" came into my mind ;) And believe me; Calisto's character in Night Walker is sexy. I fell in love with this dark, charming, gorgeous, and beautiful Spaniard. Calisto's love for Kate sent me on a first class trip to swoon heaven. And swoon Kate, he did. Calisto has been waiting for Kate for over two centuries. Becoming a Night Walker was the price Calisto paid to be with Tala (Kate) again after the Fraternidid priest had her killed. Calisto would gladly pay any price to be with Tala-to give her the life they should have had. And to get rid of the guilt he carries in his heart for her murder, for loving her. Calisto takes that second chance and becomes a Night Walker after he's told by the Old One Tala will live again. When Calisto meets Kate, he knows it's his density to be with his soul mate, and this time, he's not going to make any mistakes in loving and protected her. Kate's an independent women who's had fearful nightmares her whole life. After she meets Calisto, a love she never thought she'd find, her nightmares turns into dreams of love for a man she feels she's known before, but just can't put a face to him. I love the way Lisa Kessler had Calisto and Kate committing their self to become one with each other. It sent my heart racing, a million beats per second. I always love it when the author lets the creatures of the night be who they are-dark and sensual-and Lisa Kessler didn't fail me. She did it beautifully. I recommended Night Walker, Calisto and Kate's beautiful story of history repeating itself, as a definite must read!
Kiki_Howell More than 1 year ago
Lisa Kessler is a definite wordsmith. I enjoyed the language and descriptions in this story which added a strong, dark tone to the building of the suspense and the romance. The storyline captured the elements of romance right away, melding them perfectly with the dark paranormal elements to make the story crescendo at the end of each chapter while still leaving you wanting more. The use of flashbacks was handled with skill, the transitions easy to follow making it like reading two books in one. And, I enjoyed both stories! There was a lot of elements within these two stories, but again, it was presented in a way, revealed to the reader bit by bit, so that it was engaging. Religious undertones, betrayal, revenge and suspense along with a love that stands up to more than the tests of time made this dual-plotted story one hell of a read. Not to mention that the old story of love reconciled with a whole new mythology surrounding it, written by a fantastic new writer, makes Night Walker a must read in my book :) Let me just say that this was one of those novels that I knew anything I wrote in a review would mot live up to how I feel about the story. So, since I don't do stars on my blog to rate reviews, let me make an exception and give Night Walker by Lisa Kessler 6 out of 5 stars :)
RBtWBC More than 1 year ago
Two hundred years ago Father Gregorio Salvador fell in love with one of the local tribeswomen, Tala. Secretly meeting under the veil of darkness they found each other's soul mates in one another. When Tala discovers that she is with child, Gregorio decides to leave the church and start a new life with his love. Confessing his sins and asking for absolution, Gregorio rushes to join Tala - only to find her brutally murdered. Now, betrayed by the ones he trusted most and grieving his lost love Gregorio is taken in by Tala's tribe and brought before the Old One who grants him the gift of immortality so that he can one day meet up with his love once again. Now going by the name of Calisto Terana, a wealthy philanthropist, he lives among mortals using his Night Walker abilities to hunt down corrupt humans and to search for his lost love. When a chance meeting introduces him to Kate Bradley, Calisto knows that it is fate and he has found his Tala once again. However, after catching her fiancé in the arms of another woman the last thing Kate wants to do is to jump into another relationship; though she can't deny that there is something about Calisto that calls to her, like she has known him her whole life... Knowing without a doubt that Kate is Tala reincarnated, he woes her into his arms. But just when it seems like Calisto is finally going to have the second chance he has dreamed centuries of his old brotherhood, the Del Fuego Santo, show up with dark plans to destroy them all. Can their new love overcome the many secrets that Calisto keeps and the danger that the Del Fuego Santo bring? Or will they not only destroy their second chance of love, but their lives as well? Night Walker is an intensely emotional and riveting paranormal romance that I could not put down! Calisto's depth and devotion captured my attention from the start; he was a true romance hero in every way! A well written, dimensional character with an elaborate background masterfully entwined in the plot. Kate was a good, strong heroine that dealt with the obstacles thrown in her way superbly. Though her quickness to run whenever she got uncomfortable or confused was a little annoying, she has a big heart though and a strong will which more than made up for that little quirk. Together Calisto and Kate made a fantastic couple. Their relationship progressed quickly but because of their background it felt believable. This led to several erotic love scenes that were well written without being vulgar, which is a fresh breath every now and then. The plot moves at a moderate pace- not too fast, not too slow, with the story switching from past to present at different intervals; these transitions were written fluidly and prefaced with a handy date. The world building was exceptional and just in case you think this is your same old same old vampire romance; a Night Walker is not the same as a vampire. Calisto makes that abundantly clear! LoL The end was the most perfect and sensual ending I have read in a while and the epilogue has me so curious and ready for more! I cannot wait for Night Demon to come out in December so that I can find out what that eagle is up too, he raised several intriguing questions for me!
LindaTownsend More than 1 year ago
I discovered Lisa Kessler when I read her excellent novella, Across the Veil, and could hardly wait to read Night Walker. I love paranormal romances and Lisa does not disappoint with Night Walker. She masterfully weaves Indian mythology and vampiric lore into a romantic thriller spanning multiple lifetimes. Calisto is a Spanish priest who falls in love with Tala, a native at the mission where he was working. The lovers are tragically torn apart by the betrayal of a trusted Church confidante. Inconsolate, Calisto gives up his mortality to become a Night Walker serving humanity while fervently hoping to find his beloved Tala again. Alas, the Church misguidedly continues to pursue Calisto believing him to be a follower of Satan even as the couple falls in love again. Are they doomed to have their past repeat itself? Don't miss this tale of star-crossed lovers... This will be a keeper on my bookshelf and it's an excellent start to a new series.
SmittenWithReading More than 1 year ago
My Review: This book has been on my reading list ever since I saw that gorgeous cover. (You all know I am a complete cover whore right??) So I definitely jumped all over the chance to be part of this tour for Bewitching Book Tours. This book is a love story between Calisto and Kate, but 250 years ago they were Gregorio and Tala. He's lived since that time as an immortal Night Walker. She's been reincarnated as Kate, although she still relives Tala's memories in her dreams. Theirs was an interesting and heartbreaking story. They fell in love in California...she was part of an Indian tribe, he was part of the local priesthood...completely forbidden, but their passion was true. He planned to leave the priesthood for her, but before he could, she was murdered. So instead, he joined her tribe and through a series of events became a Night Walker, just waiting for the day when she would reappear in his life. Now he runs a huge philanthropical organization to help the arts in San Diego. She is a music teacher in Reno. When she is settling her parents estate, that's when she meets Calisto. He knows immediately that she is Tala although she has no idea about their past. She is reluctant to become involved since she just ended a relationship with her fiance. In the background of all this is a danger which continues to shadow them coming from the religious order who were responsible for her death in her first life. There were certain things that I really liked about this book. It's extremely well written and the story line and characters are fully developed. I loved the musical aspect of it. Music affects both Calisto and Kate deeply and they definitely connected through their love of it. I loved that Calisto has dedicated his life to was a neat detail to his long-lived life. This book had a different feel and I have to admit that I wasn't a huge fan. There's a reserved and formal feeling to Calisto which makes this read much more like a historical novel. I don't enjoy reading historical novels any longer, but if you are a historical fan, then I could definitely see this book as being a great cross-over book for you into the paranormal genre. I wasn't a huge fan of this book (and specifically Calisto's character) because of that formality, but the book absolutely managed to keep me engaged and entertained throughout regardless, and that says a great deal about the quality of the writing. There was mention in the book of a trader who Gregorio accidentally changed early in his life as a Night Walker....Lukas. I was intrigued by his story and am thrilled that he's going to be the hero of Book #2 in this series. And, oooh, can you see that gorgeous cover below for Lukas' book??? Another gorgeous one! OMG, I cannot wait!
Zori_Simone More than 1 year ago
Well-written, page turner! If you loved Edward, you'll love Calisto. Can't wait to see more from Lisa Kessler.
MrsBbrook More than 1 year ago
This is a really good read and page-turner. I love the characters and the story. I'm not a regular reader of paranormals, but this one works for me. I can't wait for the next Lisa Kessler book!
Angelfirewithwings More than 1 year ago
Night Walker by Lisa Kessler Night Walker was a pleasant roller coaster of emotions and anticipations for me. I found from the very first page I could not put the book down. Lisa as an author showed her talent as a writer keeping the reader in suspense, not knowing which direction her characters were going in. I felt she portrayed her character well, and they felt very real to me. I felt the tension, passion, and terror they experienced throughout the book. I was pleased to find my favorite type of character 'the vampire' portrayed in a different light with Night Walker. Calisto didn't consider himself the a vampire the way society view them today. I really couldn't see a lot of difference but it was nice seeing Calisto reference himself in a different category and put a different light on it. I felt when he had to tell his eternal love Kate what he was, she took the news easier the way he described it because she felt also that he was the 'A typical' vampire. Take a ride on an emotional roller coaster with Kate and Calisto, a love that has expanded over the centuries, for Calisto who by not wanting to let his eternal love of his beloved Tala go so easily with her death. He sought out the 'Old One' for answers to his broken heart. Was Calisto, then Gregorio, prepared for what the Old One was about to do in order for him to be with Tala once again even if it were centuries away? Find out how Gregorio became Calisto and why. How he found Tala once again in his beloved Kate. What terror out there threatens the very existence of his beloved Kate/Tala once again? Will fate repeat itself? I give Night Walker by Lisa Kessler five stars ***** Reviewed by Nora Barteau Reviewers Helping Authors
Mich_Mc More than 1 year ago
I loved this, it's such a fresh approach to the whole "vampire" mythology. Lisa has spun a tale that kept me captivated from the Prologue right through to the last word in the epilogue. The heroine, Kate was likeable she does have a tendency to run from her problems until she gets her head round what's going on, then she's there fighting with everything she has. Calisto had the mysterious yet gorgeous stranger thing down, the more we get to know him the more I fell in love with him. He's endured so much in his life and death in the hope that he will one day be reunited with his love. The last paragraph has me eagerly anticipating the next book in the series, I knew there was going to be a lot more to this series and I'm looking forward to seeing what comes next.
Lovetiggi More than 1 year ago
OMGosh I love Calisto!! He can be so gentle if he loves you, and your worst nightmare if you're the scum of the earth, especially if you piss him off. My kinda Otherwordly Outlaw, or in this case, Hero! What I like about Kate is even though she keeps second guessing herself, running from the past, she has heart, Can fate be changed this time? Lisa has created a refreshingly tender and twisted world of tragedy, deep love, mysteriously twisting and turning, and characters that run deep with raw emotions, putting you on the sidelines watching as the story unfolds. Night Walker is one tenderly twisted storyline filled with emotionally intense characters and a world that as much modern-day as it is historical. A truely heartfelt read! I recommend this book for those 18 and over due to language and provocative scenes. Lovetiggi's Book Reviews
Anonymous 3 months ago
Anonymous 4 months ago
I be always liked the idea of reincarnation with each life you become more perfect you grow and learn and parted hearts and souls find each other again. The icing in this book is one has waited years for your return and love never dies no matter how much time passes. Take a look at this book and the three left in the serie and enjoy the mystery that is life
kph21 More than 1 year ago
Lisa Kessler has created a wonderful world of romance, mystery and deception and as you read you find yourself caught up in the characters lives. You want them to make it. You root for the guy to get the girl, you root for the girl to realize how their lives intertwine through the ages.  The vividness of this story is amazing. It plays out right before your eyes as you read it. Spell binding, sizzling, compassionate, there are so many ways you could describe the brilliant writing style that you're presented in Night Walker.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book!
angiebabe92 More than 1 year ago
I received this book from the author for an honest review. OK I have said it a million times but incase you forgot, I love paranormal. Vampries, Shifters, Ghosts, Demons, etc are my favorite books to read. When we were approached about the tour , I jumped at the chance. I mean a new Paranormal series to read, yea please. This story is as old as time. Lovers who are forbidden to be together and face a tragic ending. When Calisto was faced with the chance he could see his love again, he took it not knowing what all it entailed. He becomes a Night Walker. He scoffs at being called a vampire because they kill for sport. He kills those humans who are worthless members of the human society in order to live. He has stayed a recluse and a bit eccentric in the eyes of the humans he works with ever day. He never gets close to anyone because he is waiting and waiting and waiting for his love to come back because the "old one" predicted her return to him. Kate walks in on her soon to be husband getting some "extra attention" from one of his students. So Kate tells him "ba-bye" and leave to sort through her family possessions. They died over 2 years ago and so she needs to settle their estate. One night she bumps into a very handsome stranger and seems drawn to him. she hopes and prays she will see this hottie again. Guess what kids? Calisto is who she bumps into...WHAT you say!!! Yup and he recognizes her immediately. His goal is to have Kate for the rest of her immortal life with him because he will not turn her into a Night Walker like him. He is happy to spend this life with her. So you know there must be conflict right? HELLO of course there is conflict. Well, Calisto is being hunted by some cray cray religious fanatics who feel he must be killed as well as Kate. They are the reason the two were separated over 200 years ago.......Calisto will stop at nothing to keep her safe while trying to keep his secret life a SECRET. I completely enjoyed this book. I am going to dive right into the next book. You do meet the main character from book 2 in book 1. He is accidentally created by Calisto!!! Wonder is he is a happy camper or not??? HRMMMMM!!!!! Better read so I can let you know :)
shirley_frances More than 1 year ago
3.75 stars Kate returns to her home town in San Diego after discovering her fiance with another woman. She has always been haunted by nightmares she can't decipher and by a feeling of loss and loneliness she can't pinpoint, but she has managed to make a life for herself regardless. Her nightmares come to her more frequently and change in nature too since she returns to San Diego and meets Calisto. Calisto is a Night Walker. An immortal being who gave up the sun for a chance at reuniting with his woman, Calisto lives amongst the humans but leads a lonely existence. He has been waiting for his lover's return for years and just when he thinks that maybe it was all for nothing, he finds her. He recognizes her on sight and he can't stay away. However, his secret is known by an organization that wants to perish him and amongst them a dangerous man wants what Calisto has and he won't stop until he gets it. Night Walker is the first book of The Night series. Lisa Kessler did a wonderful job of bringing to the page a great story of romance between soul mates. Filled with interesting paranormal elements that clearly depict the world and creation of Calisto as a Night Walker along with an engaging conflict that fully drew me into the story, Lisa Kessler's writing flowed throughout the page seamlessly. From Calisto's yearning at wanting to be reunited with his lover to Kate's desolation at knowing an integral part of her life was missing, the range in emotions and the connection between the characters was presented in a way that truly let me understand how each was feeling, helping me connect to them fully with every detailed revealed. I enjoyed the paranormal aspects that the author included and the concept of the Night Walkers as a whole. I appreciated how Kessler presented all the details in a way that they were easy to understand. There were a lot of facts, names and events but not once did I feel overwhelmed by it all. I particularly enjoyed how she brought the concept of Kate's reincarnation to the page, especially the glimpses into the past. These were an integral part of the story and if they were to have been presented in any other way than how she did it, I think it would have made for a confusing read. The romance part of the story felt a bit rushed for me in regards to Kate's actions, but taking into consideration the concept of them being soul mates I came to overlook it. The chemistry between Calisto and Kate was explosive and as I mentioned before their connection was strong and palpable from the beginning. This is the first book by Lisa Kessler that I have read and it certainly won't be the last. I enjoyed her writing style and how she brought the story together. I am certainly looking forward to reading more of the series too. I received this titled from Entangled Publishing in exchange of my honest opinion.
Laurie-J More than 1 year ago
Calisto has waited and yearned for his beloved Tala to return to him, as prophesized more than 250 years ago. Accepting the burden of a horrific curse in a deal that promised him another chance with his one true love, finally Calisto may get the redemption he so desires. However, other forces intend to ensure that Calisto is thwarted fearing he may attempt to create another unnatural creature like himself. When Kate Bradley arrives in San Diego she is hardly looking for romance. She recently broke her engagement after discovering her fiancé with another woman. Plagued by recurring nightmares, Kate wants some solitude and peace to try to soothe her troubled soul. However, when Kate meets Calisto one evening while meditating an old shrine she is inexplicably drawn to his earnest, old-fashioned manner and almost courtly charm. Unfortunately, her nightmares seem worse than ever. I had a difficult time connecting with or liking Kate during much of the story. I would start to like her but then she would behave in a completely erratic manner. It also bothered me that Calisto's home so blatantly seemed to cry out that it was not the abode of a normal person, yet Kate barely questioned the oddities. It seemed all the more bizarre to me because Calisto seems intelligent and worldly but he feels it is unnecessary to keep even a few food items in his kitchen, clothes in his closet, or personal items in his drawers - the rooms may be unused by him but surely he should comprehend the importance of maintaining a better façade for appearances sake. I just could not accept that, and so my suspension of disbelief became lost. Calisto knew that Kate could very likely be in serious danger, yet he continued to keep secrets from her in the guise of trying to protect her. I got very frustrated with this behavior and several times I just wanted to throttle him. Yet again, the dichotomy between his perceived intelligence and his actions just caused me to shake my head in disbelief. I wanted to like this novel more than I did. The idea of a man waiting 250 years for the return of his true love really appeals to me. I was put-off though by some of the religious aspects, by Kate's personality, and by Calisto's control issues combined with his sometimes singular naivety. I was, however, quite pleasantly surprised by the ending which I really loved.
KawaiiDelights More than 1 year ago
This book is the first in the new series, The Night Series, by Lisa Kessler. Calisto believes that Kate is the reincarnation of his dead lover who was murdered over two hundred years ago. Although Calisto sees it, Kate does not. This book was good, but I did have one problem with it. Kate moves in with Calisto after only a few days without even really questioning why his house does not have any food or clothes, or normal items that a normal guy would own. To me, her character was just a little too naive. What I did like about this book was the flashbacks. I enjoyed reading about their past in the small segments that were given piece by piece. I also enjoyed the pace of this book. It wasn't too fast, or too slow. Although there is a lot of focus on the past and the events, the biggest focus was on the relationship between Calisto and Kate. Aside from her naiveness, I enjoyed their instant connection. Overall, this was a good read.
Anonymous 27 days ago
Love this story and would love some more! This well written book is worth staying up all night to finish the book. Worth reading!
MaryinHB on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
MY THOUGHTSLOVED IT***slight spoilers***Kate Bradley has strange dreams that seem to occur at the same time each year, but after her parents passed, she finds them recurring constantly. The strange thing about the dreams is that they seem so real and are about the same thing,her own death and a man that seems to possess her love and she returns the affection. After she catches her fiance with another women, she runs away from her teaching job as a choir director in Reno and returns home to San Diego to sell her parents' house. She goes to church where she meets a handsome man that she feels an immediate connection to and they keep meeting in different places. The man is Calisto Terana and she has been dreaming about him for years, but she just doesn't realize it yet.Calisto is a Night Walker, a shape shifting vampire that has a heart and he has waited for centuries for his one true love to come back to him. Kate is that love and she is physically marked for Calisto to find. Calisto is a former Catholic priest and the Church knows of his existence and wants to exterminate his kind as an abomination. This in turn puts Kate in danger and Calisto must protect her from harm. There is a lot of mixed metaphors and bits of Native American lore woven through. Rather than rely on a typical vampire romance, Kessler brings in a new twist through the use of reincarnation of Calisto's true love, Tala.The story is told via flashbacks to the 1770's and I really enjoyed the historical California aspect of this. Those chapters that showed Tala and Gregorio (Calisto) as lovers were my favorite in the whole book. Calisto really reminded me of Ricardo Montablan who had a lot of girls my age crushing in our tween years. Kate was likable, but at times I wanted to shake her and have her move on with her life. I was glad she finally got it together by the end of the book. Overall, this is a promising start to a series by a new to me writer and I look forward to another one in the series.