Nightfall (Vampire Diaries: The Return Series #1)

Nightfall (Vampire Diaries: The Return Series #1)

by L. J. Smith


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Nightfall (Vampire Diaries: The Return Series #1) by L. J. Smith

Elena Gilbert is alive—again.

When Elena sacrificed herself to save the two vampire brothers who love her—the handsome, brooding Stefan and the sleek and dangerous Damon—she was consigned to a fate beyond death. Until a powerful supernatural force pulled her back.

Now Elena is not just human. She has powers and gifts that were bestowed on her in the afterlife. What's more, her blood pulses with an overwhelming and unique force that makes her irresistible to any vampire.

Stefan wants to find a way to keep Elena safe so that they can make a life together. Damon, however, is driven by an insatiable desire for power, and wants Elena to rule as his princess. When Stefan is lured away from Fell's Church, Damon seizes his chance to convince her that he is the brother she is meant to be with. . . .

But a darkness is infiltrating the town, and Damon, always the hunter, is now the hunted; he becomes the prey of a malevolent creature that can possess him at will, and who desires not just Elena's blood but her death.

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ISBN-13: 9780061720772
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 02/10/2009
Series: Vampire Diaries: The Return Series , #1
Pages: 592
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.30(h) x 1.90(d)
Lexile: HL780L (what's this?)
Age Range: 14 - 17 Years

About the Author

L. J. Smith has written over two dozen books for young adults, including The Vampire Diaries, now a hit TV show. She has also written the bestselling Night World series and The Forbidden Game, as well as the #1 New York Times bestselling Dark Visions. She loves to walk the trails and beaches in Point Reyes, California, daydreaming about her latest book.

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The Vampire Diaries: The Return: Nightfall

Chapter One

Damon Salvatore was lounging in midair, nominally supported by one branch of a. .. who knew the names of trees anyway? Who gave a damn? It was tall, it allowed him to peep into Caroline Forbes's third-story bedroom, and it made a comfy backrest. He lay back in the convenient tree fork, hands clasped together behind his head, one neatly booted leg dangling over thirty feet of empty space. He was comfortable as a cat, eyes half-closed as he watched.

He was waiting for the magic moment of 4:44 A.M. to arrive, when Caroline would perform her bizarre ritual. He'd already seen it twice and he was enthralled.

Then he got a mosquito bite.

Which was ridiculous because mosquitoes didn't prey on vampires. Their blood wasn't nutritious like human blood. But it certainly felt like a tiny mosquito bite on the back of his neck.

He swiveled to see behind him, feeling the balmy summer night all around him—and saw nothing.

The needles of some conifer. Nothing flying about.Nothing crawling on them.

All right then. It must have been a conifer needle. But it certainly did hurt. And the pain got worse with time, not better.

A suicidal bee? Damon felt the back of his neck carefully. No venom sack, no stinger. Just a tiny squishy lump that hurt.

A moment later his attention was called back to the window.

He wasn't sure exactly what was going on but he could feel the sudden buzzing of Power around the sleeping Caroline, like a high-tension wire. Several days ago, it had drawn him to this place, but once he'd arrived he couldn'tseem to find the source.

The clock ticked 4:40 and beeped an alarm. Caroline woke and swatted it across the room.

Lucky girl, Damon thought, with wicked appreciation. If I were a rogue human instead of a vampire, then your virtue—presuming you've any left—might be in danger. Fortunately for you, I had to give up all that sort of thing nearly half a millennium ago.

Damon flashed a smile at nothing in particular, held it for a twentieth of a second, and then turned it off, his black eyes going cold. He looked back into the open window.

Yes. .. he'd always felt that his idiot younger brother Stefan didn't appreciate Caroline Forbes enough. There was no doubt that the girl was worth looking at: long, golden-brown limbs, a shapely body, and bronze-colored hair that fell around her face in waves. And then there was her mind. Naturally skewed, vengeful, spiteful. Delicious. For instance, if he wasn't mistaken, she was working with little voodoo dolls on her desk in there.


Damon liked to see the creative arts at work.

The alien Power still buzzed, and still he couldn't get a fix on it. Was it inside—in the girl? Surely not.

Caroline was hastily grabbing for what looked like a handful of silken green cobwebs. She stripped her T-shirt offand—almost too fast for the vampire eye to see—had herself dressed in lingerie that made her look like a jungle princess. She stared intently at her own reflection in a stand-alone full-length mirror.

Now, what can you be waiting for, little girl? Damon wondered.

Well—he might as well keep a low profile. There was a dark flutter, one ebony feather fell to the ground, and then there was nothing but an exceptionally large crow sitting in the tree.

Damon watched intently from one bright bird-eye as Caroline moved forward suddenly as if she'd gotten an electric jolt, lips parted, her gaze on what seemed to be her own reflection.

Then she smiled at it in greeting.

Damon could pinpoint the source of Power now. It was inside the mirror. Not in the same dimension as the mirror, certainly, but contained inside it.

Caroline was behaving—oddly. She tossed back her long bronze hair so that it fell in magnificent disarray down her back; she wet her lips and smiled as if at a lover. When she spoke, Damon could hear her quite clearly.

"Thank you. But you're late today."

There was still no one but her in the bedroom, and Damon could hear no answer. But the lips of the Caroline in the mirror were not moving in synch with the real girl's lips.

Bravo! he thought, always willing to appreciate a new trick on humans. Well done, whoever you are!

Lip-reading the mirror girl's words, he caught something about sorry. And lovely.

Damon cocked his head.

Caroline's reflection was saying, ".. . you don't have to. .. after today."

The real Caroline answered huskily. "But what if I can't fool them?"

And the reflection: ".. . have help. Don't worry, rest easy. . ."

"Okay. And nobody will get, like, fatally hurt, right? I mean, we're not talking about death—for humans."

The reflection: "Why should we. .. ?"

Damon smiled inwardly. How many times had he heard exchanges like that before? As a spider himself, he knew: First you got your fly into the parlor; then you reassured her; and before she knew it, you could have anything from her, until you didn't need her any longer.

And then—his black eyes glittered—it was time for a new fly.

Now Caroline's hands were writhing in her lap. "Just as long as you really—you know. What you promised. You really mean it about loving me?"

".. . trust me. I'll take care of you—and your enemies, too. I've already begun. . ."

Suddenly Caroline stretched, and it was a stretch that boys at Robert E. Lee High School would have paid to watch. "That's what I want to see," she said. "I'm just so sick of hearing about Elena this, Stefan that. .. and now it's going to start all over."

Caroline broke off abruptly, as if someone had hung up on her on the phone and she'd only just realized it. For a moment her eyes narrowed and her lips thinned. Then, slowly, she relaxed. Her eyes remained on the mirror, and one hand lifted until it was resting lightly on her stomach. She stared at it and slowly her features seemed to soften, to melt into an expression of apprehension and anxiety.

The Vampire Diaries: The Return: Nightfall. Copyright © by L. J. Smith. Reprinted by permission of HarperCollins Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved. Available now wherever books are sold.

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Nightfall (Vampire Diaries: The Return Series #1) 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1029 reviews.
Persey More than 1 year ago
I was in the 8th grade when this series came out and I have been waiting nearly 20 decades for this latest installment. I wish that I had loved it...nay...I wish that I had even liked it. Elena Gilbert was a hard character to like or relate to in the first four books, now she's insufferable in this new book. It was not enough that she was the most beautiful, the most popular, and so loved that when she died, the town nearly shut down in its grief. She was indeed so special that the powers-that-be rewarded her with returning from the dead. Fair enough, Dark Reunion ended happily with her hugging her friends including the fabulously vicious Caroline. All was well. It was not enough to simply return to being the Elena Gilbert who ruled Fell's Church High with her gaggle of admirers. She had to return super special with wings, and the ability to purify all things rotten. The only continuity that remained true was that anyone not on the Elena-train was immediately dismissed as crazy or just plain evil. Damon, the hands-down favorite of the Salvatore brothers was reduced to a lecherous skeeze who stalked through Fells Church sucking on it's many female denizens. He was also the one to announce the new breakage of canon regarding vampire sex. Suddenly the amorous Damon can't have sex? What? He doesn't normally desire to kiss anyone? Did we forget the kisses he planted on both Elena and Bonnie in the past books? Was he possessed then as well? Now vampires can only achieve satisfaction through the bite. How quaint and Anne Riceish of LJ Smith. I have read reviews that mentioned the "fanfiction" qualities of this book and I couldn't agree more. One of the biggest offenses in alot of fanfiction is this need to insert random Japanese stuff everywhere. Hogwarts is continously invaded by Kawaii fangurls and it appears that Fell's Church is no exception. Except, that the writer of this story is not a 15-year old girl who loves Sailor Moon and Bleach, it's a middle-aged woman who's already established an original canon universe. But here we are with butterfly "Wings of Purity!", random Japanese characters simply added to make sense of the anime superpowers and lore, and Kitsunes. Werewolves, apparently, are not longer in vogue. This was a disappointment. A more plausible nemesis for this latest book would have been a vengeful Tyler Smallwood or another one of Katherine's minions. Instead the established universe was sacrificed to appease a trendy fanbase. I can't imagine this sits well with people who truly love anime and are sick of seeing it inserted everywhere on everything because some people thinks it cute or cool to do so. There were some redeemable qualities such as the violence and action. Twilight fans were let down when Stephenie Meyers didn't have guts to write an all-out throw down between the good guys and the bad guys. The creepiness factor was amped this time as well, LJ Smith got it right when she morphed a possessed Caroline into a lizardy siren ripped straight from The Exorcist and The Grudge. However, it was too little too late and surrounded by absurd dialogue, weird floating Elena, and a cipherish Stefan the book simply fell flat. I don't think LJ Smith put alot of heart into this novel. She took what was popular right now, bits and pieces of canon from other authors and tried to squash it into the Vampire Diaries universe where it didn't fit. Sad indeed.
Britty08 More than 1 year ago
Ok so I've read the reviews thus far and can see that most people seem to have some pretty big issues with this book. I think everyone needs to remember this when reading the book: It's not Twilight. It's not Breaking Dawn. Try not to let your disappointment with how that sage ended influence your views on The Vampire Dairies. With that being said I'll continue with my review. This book picked up where the fourth original installment left off, however you can tell that this book is based on present time. I see nothing wrong with this because we must remember it's been almost eighteen years since the last one was written. I think this book goes more in depth with the characters. I absolutely love that Stefan calls Elena his "little lovely love" even though most seem to hate that. I think that Stefan show more of his feelings and his love for Elena in this one then we've ever seen before. Now for the whole "sex talk" issue: It's 2009 people not 1991. Talking about sex is just a part of life. I personally seen nothing wrong with it in the story. It gave it more of an edge, I think. My thought on Damon being possessed? Well it certainly kept you on the edge of your seat. I have to admit even in the first four Vampire Diaries books I always seen something more to the Damon character. I think that LJS done such an incredible job developing his character. I loved when Damon was cured by the "Wings of Purification" and when he was trying to save Bonnie after the trees had almost killed her. We see a side of him that really shows that he is like Stefan in more ways then we thought possible. I loved seeing the gentle side of Damon and hope to see more in future books. The whole Caroline story line was pretty disturbing but I knew from early on in the book that something was going on. I think the (spoiler alert) pregnancy plot gives the book a totally unexpected twist. I mean did you ever really think that would happen? I also liked how LJS wrote from several different perspectives other then just Elena, Stefan, and Bonnie. I just love that style of writing. The whole Japanese twins thing was kind of weird but I see the appeal to a wider verity of people. This book was definitely creepy to the extreme but I enjoy that type of writing as well so of course i loved it. Overall I think you have to keep a very open mind to this book and try not to compare it to the original saga. This book is not for everyone and it is very different from the original but you have to account for the time in between the books. I loved it but some people may not be into the type of things in it. I recommend you at least read it once and then decide for yourself. It's a good read and it will keep you on the edge of your seat.
KAYKAY4405 More than 1 year ago
First im going to say that i think it is awesome that L. J. Smith has started writing after a 10 year hiatus. I also think that Nightfall was a good beginning to the new series. In my opinion i think it was more of a mistake on the editors part it seemed to me like lines were shoved in to make it seem more today in a way. It isn't they same as the old books because hello it has been a decade. Hello life and the world is different.
SO here goes i liked the book quite a bit. There were a few things that either didn't make sense or didn't seem to fit. the whole pet names thing was annoying. I will say that it was finally nice to see the couple be a couple even though it was for two minutes. (ugh)
Damon, well i have always thought there was more to him and a kinder side that was ACTUALLY SHOWN IN THIS BOOK some may not like it but i did. all of the evil things that took place were while he was under possession which i think you can tell because he isn't damon.
Elena and her new powers are cool but the wing on wing off thing was kinda off and were not playing with the clapper. I can see that she lost her self after coming back from THE DEAD. She was disoriented i dont see the huge deal.
So all in all somethings were a little of but a lot of this book was really great. It is thrilling and has parts that really get to you. So much is happening that is keeping you on your toes. Also this book will actually freak you out.
P.S. i hope this is helpful
Eloise23 More than 1 year ago
I don't think people should be giving 5 stars to books they haven't read yet, just so they can squeal about how excited they are. But hey, that's just me.

Anyway, there were some things I liked about the book - some utterly creepy scenes that sent a delicious thrill up my spine. Unfortunately, these were few and far between. On the whole it was pretty bad.

And it makes me sad to have to write that, because I've been such a fan of LJ Smith's. But there is no way for me to defend Nightfall. Damon has regressed back into his pre-VD3 characterization, but without the sexiness and mystery. He's like a rude, drunk fratboy you want to punch in the face. And now he hates Stefan and wants to steal Elena away, which doesn't make any sense at all after EVERYTHING THEY'VE BEEN THROUGH! No consistency whatsoever. (Some point out the fact that he's been possessed, but that argument just doesn't fly. Those thoughts are still his own.)

Elena fared worse. Honestly, there were some disgusting scenes of Elena regressing into a childlike state of mind, becoming a helpless, innocent, pure little snowflake (with wings! I'm not kidding). In the beginning of the book Stefan has been keeping her holed up in the house. Then, later, she zips around the room and engages in prairie dog-like behavior towards her friends (not kidding about the prairie dogs, either). Nevermind the fact that this supposedly takes place A WEEK AFTER VD4, where Elena - if you recall - had just been given a new lease on life as a perfectly healthy, normal, 100% sane young woman.

Also, Caroline is now a major antagonist in the series. I think this bothers me more than anything.

I wish I could have liked the book more. I tried, I really did. I've read other reviews where people have argued the book should be taken on its own merits, and not compared to VD 1-4. I tried to do that too. But, um, no. Doesn't work. And besides, that's not fair to readers who have been devoted fans of the series, and expect the author to do her research, and re-read her own books to make sure everything flows properly. Is that so much to ask? That the author keep her characters in character?

Anyway, the author should have just left VD alone, and gone on to write a new book with original characters. Then I could have read it without comparing it to earlier books in the series. One thing's for sure, her writing style HAS changed. But I disagree with people who say it's just different, or it's just more adult, or it's just edgier. No. It's just bad. And jumping back into the series after a 10-year hiatus was a horrible, horrible mistake.

One last thing. Smith has recently blamed Nightfall's flaws on her two editors, and has admitted that it's, "to put it mildly," not her best work. Okay, I'll give her the benefit of the doubt. I can see how she may have been pressured to make her book more like Twilight. I can even see how the kooky plot and the Japanese 'kitsune twins' (which I suspect were intended to appeal to today's anime fans) were the result of intense pressure from her publishers.

But I have to judge the book objectively, no matter how bad I feel for the author. The book was odd, confusing, out of character, and a mess. If you absolutely NeedToHaveItOMG, I'd still recommend that you wait until it comes out in paperback.

Pray that the next book is better, and that Smith doesn't make Damon walk around with the girls in slave collars like she's been threatening.
kandikilla More than 1 year ago
I don't care what anyone says about this book. I LOVED IT! I read it within 24 hours, that's how good it was. I'm franticly trying to find the next one. I CAN'T ESCAPE THE SERIES. I first started watching the show after reading Twilight, thinking that it was just another imitation. I have found that I love this series more than I love the Twilight Series, including this book, & I'm sure the ones that follow. I say KUDOS to L.J Smith. She has a very creative mind that one day I would love to pick at. I can't wait until the next one! I'm READY!!!
mrbf More than 1 year ago
I really like the first segment of this series but the Return seemed to bring this series up to date for 2010 and appealed to me even more. Lots of romance and adventure and scary thrown in for good measure! Definitely highlights Damon more which I really liked but never fear, Stephan and Elena get plenty of air time/true love moments. Can't wait to download the last book now!
Steph_luvs_books More than 1 year ago
Although this was an easy read...I simply loved it! This book picked up right where the first series ends. For anyone interested in this book I would recommend that they have first read The Awankening, The Struggle, The Fury, and The Dark Reunion, that make up the first books of this series. L. J. Smith has a nack for making you fall in love with all of her characters. Even those you want to hate. As in all of her books there is just the right amount of good verses evil, love and hate, jealousy, supsence, mystery and seduction. I anxiously await the next book in this Triology of The Vampire Diaries: The Return
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book was ok. However, I don't think that it was as good as the others in the series. It was a very slow read and was all over the place with so many new characters. The perspectives of characters changed multiple times making it less of a mystery (you/the reader knew everything that was happening). There were random parts that were not necessary (the story could've been better without it). I really tried my best to love this book as I did the others... but I couldn't. Although, I do not hate this book, it is not in my top favorites. I look forward to reading the next 2 books in this trilogy (Shadow Souls & Midnight). I believe that LJ Smith will do her best to satisfy her readers next time. Just read it yourself and see the differences.
ShellyAnderson More than 1 year ago
I've always been a big L.J. Smith fan and while I can see where some editorial work could have been done I think the problems are a very tiny part of the book, easy to overlook unless you are intentionally looking for reasons to dislike it. *Spoliers* The book takes off a week after Dark Reunion ends. Elena is struggling to learn what it is like to live again as she is stuck in a spirit-child state, Stefan is doing his best to help her, but he can't help (much to her irritation) but see her as a child. As Elena regains her senses Stefan is tricked into leaving Fell's Church by Damon and his alliance with the Kitsune. Damon, our main character in this trilogy is possessed from chapter 1 as he lounges outside Caroline's bedroom window he feels an "insect bite" sensation on the back of his neck. Throughout the book we watch as Damon struggles with his possession and fights to be himself. Being forced to do horrible damage to "his humans" leaves Damon furious and ready to kill. When he realizes he has been double-crossed by the Kitsune all hell is ready to break loose in Fell's church. An edge of your seat, OMG!, "I can't believe it", page turning, damn good read.
athena_gal More than 1 year ago
This book is a mess, whether you compare it to the older books or not. And I agree with another reviewer: folks should not be able to post reviews before the book is released, as they have not read it. Someone should monitor that, as it has falsely inflated the number of stars listed below the book on the main page. You should not give a book 5 stars because you're happy to see it published.

I think it's valid to acknowledge that 18 years have passed since the fourth book, and that times have changed, etc. (The complaints about cell phones and computers did not bother me- I was too shocked by the plot!) But the passage of time is no excuse for the fact that the main characters in this book are terrible--little of what made Elena, Damon and Stefan so intriguing remains. They aren't ALL possessed, so that's also a poor excuse. Characters do change and mature, but that doesn't account for their bizarre actions and bad dialogue.

Many of the plot elements are just cheesy: wings, prairie dog habits, the massage (what was the point of THAT?) The "action" sequences are repetitive (how many times must the characters alsmost be killed by trees?)and it seems like every existing bit of folklore was crammed into the story (kitsunes, angels, magic mirrors.) The ending is also bad. I wasn't convinced that Elena and the gang were powerful enough to bring about that outcome.

One reviewer objected to folks projecting "Breaking Dawn" backlash onto this latest VD installment, but they are both bad books that diminish their series. Readers have said that VD5 reads like fanfiction, but I would say it's like BAD fanfiction. (I have read actual VD fanfiction that is better than this book.)

I hear LJ Smith says that editorial pressure resulted in her being less than satisfied with the final results. As someone who first read the series back in 1992, I REALLY hope Smith and/or the editors can get the last two books back on track. The first four books were fantastic, and I wanted to like this book--but I can't, and thus the negative review. VD5 is worth reading, but borrow it at the library before you add it to your collection. I wish I had!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This series is absolutley awsome and i cant get it out of my mind u might as well kill me now if i cant have more Im a book freak like i live in books This series of the of books is the best ive any ive ever read and probally ever will read Its addicting I love all the emotion , drama , the way it seems to purposley make you think soometthings going to happen then it surprises you But mostly my favorite part of the series is the imagination smith just wrote wrote what was on her mind then turned it into magic on paper The way it makes it seems like any thinng imaginablle could appear right in front of elena makes it so good i honestly cant put it into words I guess i coulss say that smith makes itcome to life I have litterally cried at the sad parts I personally think anyone who doesnt think this seres is amazing behond words is an idiotic , brainless , heartless , and imagineless little freak And to all my book lovers out there once we can get our minds off tke V diaries to read the beautiful creatures series Peace
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book wasn't as good as the others. After reading the books, I prefer the tv series. But this book was not well written and had some descriptions that were just too ridiculous to envision. Some of the facts in the plot became mixed up and confusing. I only read it so that i could find out what happened next in the series. It seems as if the author was just adding nonsense to meet a page quota. I don't recommend this book.
Jwood816 More than 1 year ago
I read the original 4 books awhile back and really enjoyed them. Then I realized that L.J. Smith had continued them and was so excited and couldn't wait to read the next one!! Now some people have written some pretty awful reviews on the new books and it made me hesitant to read the new installments because I had enjoyed the originals so much. I will say that Smith was definitely not in the same frame of mind when she wrote these new installments. I can look past the fact that she jumps from 1992 to 2010 but the characters definitely do change, and some of them change A LOT. While I read both of the new installments and did enjoy them, I was disappointed in the fact that there were so many changes from the original books to the new installments. I realize that Smith needed to attract a new audience but some of the characters changed so much and with no explanation it just kind of bummed me out. I won't say for anyone to not read these new installments, but I will warn you that they are not like the original ones!! I do think that a fan of Smith should read them, just for the sake of continuing on a great story that was started oh about 20 years ago, lol. And for the younger generation, this is a great series and I highly suggest you read all of Smith's books, and not just this series!!
Millennia More than 1 year ago
I have been a fan of L.J. Smith since I was a teenager. The Vampire Diaries were my favorite set of books growing up. Even as an adult I would find myself rereading the series every year or so. It was like returning to an old friend. When I heard about this book coming out, I was excited. I'm a little old for Young Adult novels and being that I teach Literature at the University level, this isn't my usual reading. Smith is a great writer and the problem has less to do with the quality of the writing than it does with the story. The first four books established a universe with a certain reality. This book, though only taking place days or weeks after the first completely changes that. Smith changes the mythology of the story in a way that simply doesn't make sense. I think she must have waited too long to write this, or perhaps just wanted her share of the profit from the current vampire craze.
Dee76 More than 1 year ago
This book is jumbled, ridiculous, incomprehensible, and just plain disappointing. This book is disappointing mainly due to bad character and plot execution. These characters are not the same characters from the previous books even though it is set only a week later. The last book of the series left off with Elena naked and human. In this book L.J. Smith decided that didn't work with her plot so she made Elena not able to speak with a child-like mind that is "pure". To "know a person" new Elena must kiss a person so she can "recognize them". Elena is no longer the girl we knew, she is now SAINT Elena, with Sailor Moon powers and wings of redemption and purity. The only characters that are even similar to what they used to be are Matt and Bonnie. Caroline regresses to an evil caracuture of herself. Damon is just a sleazy, disgusting, moral less jerk. (I believe someone previously put frat boy in their reviews and that was pretty accurate). The villains are a pair of incestuous, sadistic, and devious dimesion controlling Japanese twins. And how does Japanese mythology and Fell's Church, Virginia go together? How does anyone think this plot is not absolutely insane? The previous Vampire Diary books at least had character and plot development. These characters have devolved into flat one dimensional and unbelievable characters. If I wanted gratuitous violence and disgusting behavior I could watch a SAW movie... Does it really need to contain the sexual pervesions and violence that it contains? Do I really need to know what characters have done sexually (or not)? (ADULTS PLEASE DO NOT LET YOUR CHILDREN READ THIS BOOK, I was cringing while reading it (and I am 27). Darker does not mean necessarily more violent and disgusting. Let me state that I am an L.J. Smith fan who has been reading her for years, but this book was so bad I wanted to throw it out. If I wanted a SCI-FI book I would have bought one. I loved the previous Vampire Diaries books. And so this book just gets more unbelievable and ridiculous with each page. It was pure torture reading it (and yes I read the whole terrible book). I too wished I had never read it because I feel it tarnishes the other books. My favorite series is the Night World and this was my second favorite. These were the books that got me to read L.J. Smith's books. So please, Ms. Smith re-read your books and use the same writing style. Your writing style and characterization is what made me want to read (and re-read) your books. I am sure others were drawn to this as well, please do not disappoint your loyal fan base with poorly executed and written books.
PoisonedFlower More than 1 year ago
Obviously, I was thrilled to get this book and read it, 'cause I am obsessed with the series and LJ Smith's writing! And I was excited for a look into Damon's mind, since I've been in love with him forever. The story was good, LJ Smith is amazing, but it just wasn't as good as the original four. Some parts were just messed up! I mean, I would exect Smith to know her characters better. Like, really? Damon giving Elena a massage? Would Elena really let him do that? And that scene after Damon saves Elena, when they're in the car again and all of a sudden they stop and Elena is drinking that vampire drink? None of that would actually happen. Elena loves Stefan way too much, and if she really was awakened and remembered herself after being reborn, then she would feel so comfortable about being naked in front of a guy like Damon (though he didn't really see anything). I'm not saying I'm disappointed with it--I love the Vampire Diaries too much--but it could have been way better, and I think continuing like this after such a long time just isn't a good idea.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I like many of the other reviewers grew up reading LJ Smith books and was terribly disappointed with this last installment. I am a HUGE fan of all of her character, mostly because of how you can follow the character's development throughout the story (s). In Nightfall all the characters seemed to have regressed and nothing was resolved. I hope she redeems herself with whatever she releases next.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I grew up reading L.J. Smith's books and fell in love with the characters. I was eagerly looking forward to Damon's story. However, this book literally caused me to be sick to my stomach. It was nothing like her previous books and there were too much sexuality, gore, randomness - very different from her previous books. I was (and still am) very disappointed. I hope that Strange Fate (Night World) doesn't follow this thread.
mattia77 More than 1 year ago
I absolutely LOVED the original trilogy and remember devouring the books when they came out 15 years ago. I was so happy to see them back in print with new awesome covers! I always thought this series was much better than Twilight. I found the 4th book to be decent, but this new book is awful! I am so disappointed. With 15 years to think, I expected so much more out of Smith. This book destroys the characters. the plot is beyond rediculous. I will not read the other books in the series, as they continue on with the pathetic storyline that is already in place. Also, I feel the writing was sub-par and at times, just confusing. I am so sad that I have lost the characters of the first books I truly loved. I feel I have opened Pandora's box, and by reading Nightfall, can no longer enjoy the first books, without thinking of this awful mess. SPOILERS..... I found the characters completely clue-less in the story, Damon not knowing he was possessed and Caroline's role was just plain stupid. There were too many unimportant people introduced as well. I hated the science-fiction lore behind the book...with the moving trees and especially the twins. I hated most of all when they were in the alternate world. THis book stretches my suspention of disbelief beyond the breaking point. I always wanted them to go to Italy, to battle evil there, or give damon or stefan some kind huge issue, like dying and needing to find a cure....something--anything---but the plot with other dimentions and the twins. Never have I been so disappointed in a book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved the first 4 books and was very excited for this one to come out. I was also excited to know that she was writing about Damon, he is such a great character and I was glad to see that she did show more of a soft side to him. The thing that bothered me the most is that the book was really "out there"! There was to much strange stuff going on that repeated itself, to many killing trees, a weird set of twins that annoyed me and nothing more and to much possesion. I only hope that the next book will get back to the characters of old and have a better story line.
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The hit tv series is awesomer than awesome
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
First off i like twilight and vampire diaries. Bella in twilight is not an emo, so i dont know y u would think she is. And thereis not "fairies and mutant dogs" so if u dont like the stuff ignore it. Duh. Anyways vampire diaries is an amazing series an show. I love it! And to the haters... shutup nobody cares alright? Ur not cool just cuz ur hating on other books and movies everyones got a different interest.... ***** for the book * for whoever im talking to thats got problems..... PEACE OUT
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Okay... so let's get one thing straight. THIS BOOK IS NOT TWILIGHT!!!!! Its not gonna be some creepy emo chick falling in love with a sparkling fairy princess and a human/dog hybrid that is a MAJOR pediphile (don't know if I spelled that right). This is an amazing story about a beautiful girl and her vampire and human companions. I personally think that L.J. Smith did a FANTASTIC job with this book and I don't see why people are giving it only one star. I think that Damon being possessed is completely obsurd and I think that he is who he is. A bipolar vampire that wants to steal his brother's girlfriend. I say that, but Damon is still my favorite Salvatore brother. I see where people are coming from saying that he has a TOTAL mood change. But isn't it also a bit more likely that he just had achange of heart. I mean seriously, look at Caroline and Bonnie. Caroline being the mean and jerk face brat that she was and then being INSANELY happy when Elena comes back. And Bonnie was just the shy girl that everybody thought should stay out of the way before she starts sobbing and then she ends up facing Klaus head on at the end of Dark Reunion. So look at the facts people. Also... I thinkthe fact that Damon can not get pleasure from kissing people like Elena is a bit dissapointing because I think we all know that he is the favorite Salvatore brother. I don't see why some people are saying that this series should be more like twilight... Elena is not an emo and she's not human and neither of the Salvatore brothers are werwolves so SUCK IT UP AND DEAL WITH IT!!!! Bye!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I think i' m on team damon because he is dangerous stunning and much stronger than stefan. Stefan always gets hurt, badly injured, or close to death. Even though stefan is kind and cares for elena he is not for her. And in this book it is so annoying when stefan would call elena " lovely little love". And sure damon does bad things he still offers more and is much stronger. Damon and elwna are perfect for each other. Who would you pick stefan or damon?