The Nightmare Of A Positivision

The Nightmare Of A Positivision

by Louise Uwacu


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She affirms that the recession is barely Economic. Ask her about loss before you give up. She believes that since there will be no money transfers into the next world; you should be more concerned with how to gain Free access to paradise even while you are still alive.

This is the True Story of Louise Uwacu. A Canadian Author and Talk Show Host, born in Rwanda. She became a refugee at age 17 after the widely infamous Rwandan Genocide in 1994. And yet she still dreamt of traveling the world. When she could not get a visa to escape the harsh realities of being a refugee in Africa, she obtained a fake passport and found her own way to North America through Europe.

Once she set foot in her “promised land” she wanted to live it all out and enjoy what she calls her after life on planet Earth ! But soon enough reality kicked in and as she recounts in this book, she came to find that surviving peace was so much harder than escaping war. Because at peace you have time to think, and even worse: you are free to chose who to be !

This book will uplift those going through challenging times. Louise Uwacu reminds the reader that chaos doesn't just happen to Africans. It happens to all those who do not truly appreciate how blessed they are. She writes that if she can land in North America with 30 $ in her pockets and make it through, you have no reasons for giving up. Even if your government now owes billions to foreign banks you know nothing about.

This book published 15 years after she left her home, is the real story of a fearless being who refuses to die just because the powerful have stopped caring. It is the actual tale of one woman determined to conquer all the nightmares of her previous life. She does so with a passion and conviction that will inspire a POSITIVISION* in all our lives


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ISBN-13: 9781438934433
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 03/23/2009
Pages: 240
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About the Author

Louise Uwacu is a Canadian Author and Talk Show Host born in Rwanda. After becoming a refugee, she landed in Montreal in 1998. She has lived there for 10 years. She now resides in Vancouver. At her graduation in International Relations at the University of Quebec in 2002, someone said: find out what you want to be before you take on the responsibilities of being that person. She set out to become Self made. She now hosts her own talk shows and writes for her own site. She is a gifted speaker and entertainer in at least 5 languages. She intends to sell books to build schools for Africa. She has produced and hosted a documentary titled "Positivision in Mali" it follows her journey to the villages of Mali in January 2008. You can catch some of her shows on:

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