Nightmares Book II: From the twisted mind of F.D. Land

Nightmares Book II: From the twisted mind of F.D. Land

by F.D. Land

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With thrilling short stories F.D.Land a new and up coming author, has created NIGHTMARES, the ultimate series of short story fiction.
A quote from a old friend sums up the tantalizing stories of F. D. Land.
Nothing gets done until Judy has finished reading your stories.
You will also find yourself intrigued by his unique stories and twisted endings.
So if you have something important to do, don´t start reading until you have it done.


They come between the dreams of fun and love, to keep you in suspense. In these thrilling stories you will find yourself drawn into the twisted mind of F. D Land. By the end of them, you will ask yourself, what you would have done if you were in their place.

In“Through the Eyes of the Beast” Tommy learns that trust comes from knowing the people around you. Even a pretty face, and a loving and caring heart, can bring death and pain.

In“Andy´s Tree” You will find there is justice after all, and sometimes justice can be crueler than anyone’s imagination.

In“Second Coming” Marcus learns that it is not who he is, but the blood that runs through his veins that will change the world.

In“Past” Life seems simple when you live one life at a time. What would happen if you started seeing parts of other lives that you had lived, and to you, you were there? To everyone else, you had gone nowhere.

The excerpts below of this book are on the front dustflap of the hardback book and the excerpts of book two are on the back dustflap and only on the back dustflap.


“Through the Eyes of the Beast”
I heard someone coming down the stairs. I heard her call my name. “Don´t worry Tommy; I´ll get you out of there.” I could see her, as she walked up to the bars to open the door. But it wasn´t me; it was the beast in there waiting for her. She opened the door, and walked into the cage. “Come on Tommy let´s go;” she said as she held out her hand. The beast reached out, and grabbed her hand. I could feel the fear; I could taste the fear; it was tremendous, it was greater than any fear of any animal that I had ever felt, and the beast liked it too, I could tell.

“Andy’s tree”
It was one year to the day that he died. I was there, putting flowers by the tree. When the ground started to move. The tree lifted itself out of the ground, and started walking. I followed it through the woods into town. It was going to Mr. Johnson’s store. It stopped in back and waited.

“Second Coming”
“Help!” Help! Stop him, he’s stealing blood.” a man, yelled as he came running down the hall. Running after the man that we had seen leaving, I tried to catch him. He looked back at me and smiled, poof he was gone. He ran so fast that I couldn’t see him. How could he run that fast? Returning to the funeral home I discovered that the blood was my father’s. Why would someone want blood? What are they vampires?

I drove up to a four way stop that led to Northfield. I applied my brakes and came to a stop and then something weird happened. I found myself not in my car; I was setting on a horse with four other men sitting beside me, also on horses. We were sitting at the crossroads of a dirt road. I was stunned and overwhelmed, it seemed so real. We were wearing long gray coats. We sat there staring down the road, and then they started to ride off. I just sat there, I had never been on a horse, I didn’t think I knew how to ride one. “Come on Frank get your head out of your ass, we got to go,” one of the men yelled at me. Beep! Beep! The sound of a horn brought me back to reality. I found myself still sitting in my car. I hadn’t gone anywhere.

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