Nightmares, Daydreams, & Mysteries In-between: A collection of stories

Nightmares, Daydreams, & Mysteries In-between: A collection of stories

by Denim McDemus


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"Nightmares, Daydreams, & Mysteries In-between" is a collection of darkly-themed stories by author Denim McDemus.

"The Pit"
A man wakes up to find himself lost in a terrifying darkness, trapped in an unfamiliar and very uncomfortable pit. His circumstances seem dire even before he realizes he's not alone.

"Doc Martin"
High school is a drag, especially if you don't exactly fit in. Peer pressure, raging hormones, unrequited love, and oh yea, ravenous zombies.

We all wage wars beyond our conscious cognition, whether we realize it or not. The struggle between good and evil isn't just a myth, and you might just be the coveted prize.

The three stories combine for a thrilling assault on both mind and spirit, dragging the reader into psychological realms close enough to reality to terrify the sane.

Enter this book and the stories held within at your own risk, realizing these horrors could easily happen to you, both in the physical world you're familiar with, and in those metaphysical realms beyond our comprehension. Survival is a game, but sanity is an even more elusive goal.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781492270508
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 09/06/2013
Pages: 108
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.22(d)

About the Author

Denim McDemus grew up in rural Pennsylvania, the son of hardworking, loving parents. He loves spending time with his silly dog Toby.

Denim graduated from Blue Mountain High School in 1993, and Penn State University in 1997 with a degree in Telecommunications.

He worked in television production and scriptwriting in the Philadelphia Television Market for 8 years.

Denim is an ordained minister and Co-Pastor of Send Me Ministry and Bethlehem Baptist Church, and is involved in Yokefellowship Prison Ministry. Denim does advertising and promotions for several non-profit ministries.

Denim has a quirky, sarcastic sense of humor, which shines out in his writing, along with the limitless creativity of his vivid imagination. This enables him to create and describe strange new worlds and the unusual inhabitants found within them.

Denim is a writer, novelist, poet, blogger, and photographer. He writes the Blackout Risk sports blog and the Pop Culture Pariah pop culture blog. Denim writes poems and short stories. He has written two full-length novels, two film screenplays, a children's book, and various projects including:

"The Question" (novel)
"The Week Went Fast" (novel)
"An American Life" (screenplay)
"Loserville" (screenplay and story)
"Last Chance" (short story)
"The Root Problem" (short story)
"The Shiny Black Cadillac" (short story)
"Baby Steps" (short story)
"Mezmero" (short story)
"The Prince & The Peasant Girl" (short story)
"Doc Martin" (short story)
"Fate" (short story)
"The Pit" (short story)
"Sam, The Camel Who Lost His Hump" (children's book)

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