Nights Arose

Nights Arose

by Andrea Roche


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ISBN-13: 9781625264886
Publisher: Solstice Publishing
Publication date: 11/28/2016
Pages: 220
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.46(d)

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Nights Arose 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
carol223CS More than 1 year ago
Andrea Roche's Nights Aros Sugar plantations, a gypsy, a pirate, a vicious voodoo priestess, demons, dragons, astral planes, boars, a matriarchal heirloom, evil henchmen and special powers are mix together to provide an intriguing, interesting and fast paced read. The time is set in the late seventh century. The setting is the tropical island of a Jamaica. The description is vivid and colorful with sugar cane fields, the local town, tropical breezes and plenty of adventure on the water. The characters are very well created, well defined and well woven into the plot. The main characters are both strong and they have undeniable chemistry. Will the heroine, Arose Du Mouchell, be able to accept her fate and save the world from the dark demons who want to rule the world? Enjoyable read. I volunteered to read the book. Thanks to the author and publisher via The Cozy Mystery Review Crew for the book. My opinion is my own.
grandmareads102 More than 1 year ago
Arose Du Mouchelle is an extraordinary woman. She's no shy retiring miss. She's strong, powerful and fearless. She helps her father run his sugar plantation and is his heir. This is not normal for a female in 1692. When she's given an heirloom called the Gem of the Red Spirit by an old gypsy her life and her future are irrevocably changed. She becomes a sentry between our world and that of the creatures who mean us harm. Can Arose keep people safe? I love a feisty heroine and Arose is that and more. I enjoyed seeing her stand up for herself and for others, but what makes this story special is her battle with Morel, a voodoo Priestess, who wants the magical stone so she can become all powerful. I, also, liked the flirty and passionate romance between Arose and the handsome pirate, Captain St. James. They have a love hate relationship that made me want to know more about them. This is an exciting fantasy filled with romance, danger and a dragon. The exotic setting adds to the magic as do the characters with their spirited dialogue. I love when a woman can hold her own in a man's world. Arose can do that and more. If you love a fantasy, you'll enjoy Night Arose. Just be aware that the story ends with a cliff hanger.
Angela_PT More than 1 year ago
The book started off a bit disjointed (it definitely helps to read the back cover)! Once you get into the story, you find yourself in the middle of a historical/fantasy/good v. evil/love story book. It really helps to pay attention to the chapter titles, especially at the beginning of the book when there are flashbacks. I promise, by the middle of the book, you'll be rooting for Arose to defeat evil and find love. I received a copy of this book for my honest opinion & review.
Literary_Titan More than 1 year ago
Set in Jamaica in the 17th century, this is the story of Arose Du Mouchelle, a young woman who is the heir to a sugar plantation. When she receives an heirloom from an old gypsy, her life suddenly changes. The Gem of the Red Spirit has powers that others wish to possess, including the Voodoo Priestess, Morel. Chased down by Morel’s henchman, Arose must now protect the world from the dark creatures that Morel is threatening to unleash from the Astral Plane. Will Arose succeed by using her wits and courage along with the help of the dashing Captain St. James? Nights Arose by Andrea Roche is part historical romance, part fantasy, and packed to the brim with fascinating and unlikely characters and concepts. We are thrown full throttle into a world unlike our own, full of astral planes, pirates and dragons. It makes for a fast- paced, exciting read, and I loved escaping to this fantastical universe for a few hours. Because the story moves at a quick tempo, I felt immediately drawn into the narrative. Unfortunately, this pace also caused me to get lost occasionally, and I would have preferred a slightly slower introduction to Arose’s predicament. Despite this, Roche keeps the reader constantly intrigued and melds the genres of fantasy and romance together seamlessly, keeping both threads running through the narrative. Although the book has fantasy aspects, the dialogue is actually naturalistic and punchy. All of the characters have unique voices which add richness and emotion; the dialogue expertly moves the plot along and never feels redundant. The style of the prose is quite flowery, but I actually enjoy this style of writing and it suits the lavishness of the story. Roche writes place particularly well and the setting of the story is one of my favourite aspects of the book. Tropical Jamaica is vividly conjured. Although I have never visited, I could almost feel the warm breeze and see the sights and sounds of this exotic place with its sugar cane fields and blue water. We all know there aren’t enough strong female characters in fiction, so I fell head over heels for Arose! She is rebellious and brave and pushes boundaries, which makes her seem like a thoroughly modern woman. I loved the fact that she didn’t need a man to be a fully formed character and that the romance fell second to the action. The other characters in the book, such as the evil voodoo priestess, are really imaginative creations and the rest of the motley crew are excellently drawn. The relationships between the characters, especially Arose’s interactions with Captain St. James, feel truthful and authentic. If you are a fan of fantasy then you will certainly enjoy this book. It is an epic tale that transports you to a magical world and enables you to suspend your disbelief. It left me breathless for the next installment in Arose’s adventures.
bibliodiction More than 1 year ago
This book is a fantasy-lover’s dream. A Voodoo priestess, a dragon, astral projections, literal soul mates, clairvoyance, shape shifters – do I need to go on? Somehow, the author took all these traits and created an amazing amalgamation of mystical bliss set in 17th Century Jamaica. The flow of the story was natural and exciting to read. Arose is the perfectly imperfect heroin. She is relatable. She loves her family. She never gives up trying to warn them, even though they tend to ignore her. She has faith in herself, but unless her gift shows her otherwise, she has trouble trusting others. Just like in the real world, we are not always immune to low self-esteem. I was so frustrated by the conundrum Arose was forced into. A person should not have to make a choice between the lesser of the two evils. Arose’s soul mate… I can’t continue without spoilers. Needless to say, I swooned. Ultimate romantic. From beginning to end, I felt I was experiencing the story through Arose’s eyes. Every setting was described in minute detail. Sights, smells, sounds, feelings. It would have been difficult to not be immersed into her world. The common theme in this story was “be aware, people may not be who they seem.” For now, good has reigned supreme, but there was a warning. Evil is waiting for just the right moment to mount another attack. I received this book free from the author via Reader’s House in exchange for an honest review.
ReadersFavorite3 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Lisa McCombs for Readers' Favorite Nessarose Du Mouchelle really didn’t like her given name. Too much pretense assigned to such a name. She preferred her father’s signature Arose, or even Rosie to those familiar enough to lay claim to that title. As a clairvoyant, Arose is normally very accurate in sizing up people, but not without the opalescent Gem of the Red Spirit on her person. When her dearest friend Old Bess assures her she will always be protected by the stone, Arose is thoroughly concerned when the stone disappears not long after the abduction of Bess. In order to save her people from the darkness of the demons of hell, Arose needs her stone, Old Bess, and Captain St. James. As Arose struggles to maintain her hold on the Gem of Red Spirit, she learns more about the people in her life: who to trust and who to avoid. When her sister weds the sinister Ambrielle, Arose is forced to make many uncomfortable decisions. Nights Arose by Andrea Roche is a seductive adult fantasy that compels the reader to battle the demons with Nessarose as she strives to understand the actions of her childhood love, Blaze. The language is entertaining and often whimsical in its underlying sarcasm. There are two extremely vivid battle scenes that scream for big screen attention, complete with the inclusion of a fire breathing dragon and mystical nuances that would project well in technicolor. I feel that the story’s action balances metaphorically with Arose's emotions throughout, creating a unique plot element.
ReadersFavorite1 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Faridah Nassozi for Readers' Favorite In Nights Arose by Andrea Roche, Arose is a girl with the weight of the world on her shoulders. She has the most noble and most dangerous of roles. As a little girl, she was picked by an old gypsy to be the guardian of the Gem of the Red Spirit, putting the fate of the mortal world in her hands. Only she has power over the gem and hence she holds the key to the Netherworld where demons remain in captivity. Meanwhile, a voodoo priestess employs all the evil tricks in her book to get the gem - she needs its powers to unlock the gates of the Netherworld and unleash evil onto earth. After years in hiding, Arose returns home as a young adult, only to find her enemies still waiting. Arose still pines over a long lost love, but her feelings will have to wait, for the world as we know it will come to an end if the evil priestess is not stopped. Nights Arose by Andrea Roche is a captivating tale of a long and hard-fought battle between good and evil. Andrea Roche crafted an engrossing tale with a unique plot that combines time and space travel with magic to bring to life the ultimate showdown between darkness and light and give you a remarkable reading experience. The story is filled with mystery and intrigue that hold strong all the way to the end with plot twists that you will not see coming. Nights Arose by Andrea Roche is a truly memorable read and fans of the genre will have a thrill reading it.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Melinda Hills for Readers' Favorite Set in Jamaica in the late 17th century, Nights Arose follows an amazing heroine, Arose du Mouchelle, as she constantly combats the efforts of a strong Voodoo priestess to take a coveted jewel, the Gem of the Red Spirit, that has been in her family for generations. Andrea Roche gives Arose strength and intelligence, characteristics unusual in women of that time, so that she can protect not only her family, but also the island and the world at large. Confronting the evil incarnations Morel sends to hurt Arose and steal the Gem, the beautiful young woman is forced to use all the guile she possesses, even to dressing as a man and fitting in on the docks. With an almost Cinderella-like feel, Arose is passed over as the step-daughter when Harold Ambrielle, brother of the Priestess, marries into the family to force Arose to do his bidding. With swashbuckling action, astral travel, and plenty of exotic locales, Arose and the mysterious Captain St. James have their work cut out for them to save their beautiful island home. Entirely action-packed and with plenty of magic, Nights Arose by Andrea Roche is an exciting and deeply intriguing story. The beauty of the settings and the historical tidbits describing life in a different era add to the dynamic plot that plays out smoothly, although with plenty of twists and turns. Roche uses Arose’s astral travel to fill in the past so that the present makes sense and keeps the action crisp and purposeful. There is so much to this book that it is hard to encapsulate it, but if you are looking for paranormal adventure, romance, action and a strong, beautiful heroine who can take care of herself, this is the perfect book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Is time travel possible? In this novel it is! Nights Arose is a totally engrossing story about a young woman who has known she is 'different' from her sisters since she was a child. She is given an incredible gift of a magic gem for protection from unknown evil outsiders. Arose grows into a fantastically brave young woman, but to her surprise, she is not as impervious as she would like to believe because she has her precious gem stolen right from her chest. Now she as to go looking for it while dodging several obstacles along the way. Arose belongs on the big screen in movie theaters everywhere!!!! Until then, make it a priority to read and enjoy this book and it's intertwining characters and plot to an illustrious end!! I'm hoping for a series!!! Tell your friends!!!
Lynette381 More than 1 year ago
Nights Arose by Andrea Roche was a very unique read. I was sent this book in return for a fair and honest review. I must honestly say that it is not a book that I would have picked up on my own to read. While it was very different from my regular books, I found that I could not put the book down. I was very intrigued by the story line and I loved how Roche flashed back through the book so that we could see Arose’s past intertwined with her future. The story was very well written, though a little bit farfetched for my taste. I was a little put off by the whole astral projection, but I guess in order to make the story work, it had to be a part of it. However, as I said before, I was intrigued by the story and did not put it down once I stopped. I very much enjoyed the read, and if I happen to run across the author again in the future, may pick up another book and see what happens to Blaze and Arose. Thank you for this great opportunity to expand my reading genres.
DiiMI More than 1 year ago
Jamaica, the late seventeenth century, a tropical island surrounded by beautiful waters and tropical breezes. It is also the land of vast sugar plantations owned by wealthy outsiders and farmed by Jamaicans. Women are not equals and are like clay waiting to be molded to do a man’s bidding. Few are like the fiery and headstrong Arose, of mixed heritage and heir to a large sugar plantation. When an old gypsy gives Arose the Gem of the Red Spirit, she must spend years learning its secrets and powers to become the sentry between the Astral Plane and the human world. When an evil voodoo priestess attempts to take force Arose to give up the amulet she is sworn to protect, Arose must choose between family, community and the gift handed down to her to protect with her life. When it is stolen by a pirate, Arose discovers that he may have stolen her heart, as well. The fate of the world lies in her decision, retrieve and retain the opal or give it up to save those she loves. Can she allow the darkness of the demons from hell to rule the world? Will she stand alone in her quest? NIGHTS AROSE by Andrea Roche is filled with the mysteries of Voodoo, other planes of existence and the eternal struggle between good and evil! This is non-stop intrigue from start to finish, as one young woman matures and assumes the responsibilities handed down through generations. Mystical magic, powerful gypsy predictions and visions of events yet to unfold will show Arose only enough to help her see what she is up against. In the end, it will be Arose’s decision to do her duty as a sentry or follow her heart, plunging humanity into dark and dangerous times. With an atmosphere of an era long past, Arose will need the strength to stand against the laws of the times and to embrace the power of the Fire Opal into her very soul. If you are looking for a read with a veil of magic, both light and dark, the premise of other planes of existence and a heroine ahead of her time, diving headlong into the unknown, Andrea Roche has brought her own gem to the reading table that is sure to capture the imaginations of readers everywhere! I received this copy from Andrea Roche in exchange for an honest and voluntary review.