Nightwalker (Dark Days Series #1)

Nightwalker (Dark Days Series #1)

by Jocelynn Drake

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For centuries Mira has been a nightwalker—an unstoppable enforcer for a mysterious organization that manipulates earth-shaking events from the darkest shadows. But elemental mastery over fire sets her apart from others of her night-prowling breed . . . and may be all that prevents her doom.

The foe she now faces is human: the vampire hunter called Danaus, who has already destroyed so many undead. For Mira, the time has come to hunt . . . or be hunted.

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ISBN-13: 9780061983016
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 10/06/2009
Series: Dark Days Series , #1
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 111,640
File size: 800 KB

About the Author

Jocelynn Drake is the New York Times bestselling author of the Dark Days series and lives in Florida. When not at her desk, she is most likely to be found playing video games, watching movies, or hanging with her family.

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His name was Danaus. And what I remember most were his eyes. I saw them first by lamplight; a flicker of dark cobalt as he paused a distance from me. His eyes were the color sapphires were meant to be, a grim sparkle of pigment. I stared at those eyes, willing time to slow down as I slipped into those still, stygian depths. But it wasn't the waters of the Styx I swam in, but a cool lagoon of Lethe where I bathed in a moment of oblivion.

He stopped on the deserted street outside the edge of a pale pool of light thrown down by a wrought-iron lamp, his eyes darting up and down the empty expanse. He drew in a deep breath. I think he could sense me watching from some perch but could not peg my exact location. His right hand flexed once at his side, and to my surprise he stepped forward into the light, his night vision momentarily destroyed; taunting me with the bait he dangled before my eyes.

I slowly ran my tongue over my teeth. Not only was he impressive to look at, but there was a confidence about him that begged my attention. I was half tempted to step away from the shadow of the chimney and allow the moon to outline my slim form. But I hadn't survived for more than six centuries by making careless mistakes. Balanced on the ridgepole of the three-story house across from him, I watched as he continued down the street. His black leather duster flared as he walked, snapping at his heels like a chained wolf forced to follow its master.

The truth was, I had watched him for more than a month. He'd blown into my territory like a cold wind and wasted no time destroying my kind. In the past weeks he had killed nearly half adozen of my brethren. Almost all had been fledglings, with less than a century to cut their teeth upon, but it was still more than any other had dared.

And these killings had not been spineless daylight stakings. He hunted each nightwalker under the caress of moonlight. I had even watched some of these battles from a hidden perch and barely kept from applauding when he knelt, bloody, over each of his prey, cutting out the heart. He was speed and cunning. And the nightwalkers were bloated on their own inflated sense of power. I was the Keeper of this domain, entrusted with protecting our secret; not protecting those who could not protect themselves.

After weeks of watching my would-be prey, I thought it was time for formal introductions. I knew who he was. More than just another Nosferatu hunter. Something wonderfully more, with a vibrant power all his own. I wanted a taste of that power before he died.

And he knew of me. In their final seconds some of the weak ones had mewled my name, hoping my identity would buy them a last second reprieve. It hadn't. I sped silently along the rooftops, leaping over the gaps and landing with the sure-footed grace of a cat. Slipping past him and down two more blocks to the outer edge of the historic district, I stopped at an abandoned home with a widow's walk and worn red brick that would serve as a nice meeting place. Its single turret and dark windows gazed out toward the river like a silent soldier.

The night air was warm and thick despite the fact that we hadn't had any rain for more than two weeks, leaving the brown lawns struggling from yet another rough summer. Even the crickets seemed to put forth only a halfhearted effort with their chirping, burdened by the oppressive heat. The light breeze that blew in from the sea carried with it more moisture, thickening the air until it carried a weight all its own. I had come to Savannah more than a century ago, seeking anonymity, an escape from the world that had consumed me for nearly five hundred years. I loved Savannah's grace and history, the ghosts that seemed to haunt every shadowy corner and rambling house. Yet I could do without her oppressive summers. I'd spent too many years in cooler climes.

The abandoned house was half hidden behind enormous oak trees dripping with Spanish moss, as if guarded by a pair of grand dames swathed in antique lace. The front of the property was lined with a tall, spike iron fence ending in a pair of stone pillars that flanked the path up to the house. I sat on the top of the left pillar with my legs crossed, waiting for him. The subtle throb of my powers tumbled from my body. I wanted him to follow the trail until he came to me, like the pied piper trilling his merry tune for the children of Hamelin.

Danaus stopped when he reached the edge of the property to my left and stared at me. Yes, it was brazen, and maybe even a little overconfident on my part, but I didn't want him to grow too sure of himself. He would have to work for his blood tonight.

With a slow smile, I rolled off the pillar, disappearing behind the spike fence and into the deeper shadows of the overgrown yard. I cut through the air as if I were made of the night, disappearing through an open window on the second floor at the back of the house.

Waiting in a former bedroom, I listened. Anticipation coiled in my stomach, my body tingling with the thrill of the hunt, so rarely had I the chance to pit myself against something that could actually destroy me. I'd killed my share of human hunters, but they hadn't been a real challenge, waving their silver crosses about and praying to a god they had abandoned until that moment of final judgment. After so many long centuries, there were too few ways in which to feel that rush, to dance along the razor's edge and remember, even if only for a breath, what it had meant to be alive. Danaus would help me remember.

Nightwalker. Copyright © by Jocelynn Drake. Reprinted by permission of HarperCollins Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved. Available now wherever books are sold.

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Jeaniene Frost

“NIGHTWALKER is an action-packed, stellar debut. Jocelynn Drake will have you coming back for more.”

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Nightwalker (Dark Days Series #1) 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 237 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Not sure why I procrastinated in reading this book but boy was I sorry. I was totally missing out because this book is outstanding! Mira is a six-century nightwalker (vampire) who has the gift of conjuring and controlling fire with her mind. She is being hunted by creatures of a parallel world, called the Naturi. They believe she is an important element in opening the gate between the worlds. Incidentally, she is also being tracked by the vampire-hunter Danaus. Danaus and Mira are mortal enemies and begrudgingly team-up to try and defeat the Naturi before it¿s too late. This book doesn¿t have a moment to waste and has one exciting adventure after another. I am biting my nails in anticipation for the next installment Dayhunter. My favorite authors and books are Kim Harrison-Rachel Morgan series, Jenna Black-Morgan Kingsley series what an innovative concept, Ilona Andrews- Kate Daniels series this character is tough tough tough, Caitlin Kittredge- love her Noctune City series, Rachel Caine- Weather Warden series, Larissa Ione- Demonica series, Richelle Mead- Georgina Kinkaid series and Dark Swan Series, Audra and Stella Price- Eververse series, Yasmine Galenorn- Sisters of the Moon series, Vicki Pettersson- Zodiac series Jackie Keller- Hell on Earth series, T.A. Pratt- Marla Mason series Mark Henry- Happy Hour of the Damned
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I bought this book because of its cover. I work in a bookstore, and I am into a lot of different types. This book is good for lovers of the paranormal and for the new comers who only want to read them because of "Twilight" by Stephanie Meyer. The main character is a chick who can kick butt and takes names but isn't overly powerful. I am too lazy to follow links to recommend books. Some other authors you may enjoy are Kim Harrison (strongly recommended), Charlaine Harris (funny and light) The author of "Witchling" and "Changling" (can't remember her name.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I picked this book up because Kim Harrison, who I love, recommended this book as a new author. I am always looking for good books, especialy vampire. I probably have over 200 books that are vampire series either I own, have read, lent out (you get my point). I know a good story when I read it and this isn't it. It starts out ok, but really, the main characture's name Danuas? I get that these evil creatures want to take over and I get that the main female lead is the only person that can save us, and I wanted to really like it, I tried super hard to like it and I just could NOT. It is just all over the place. Do the two main charactures in the story hate each other?? I thought she was revolting to him? Didn't he kill 4 vampire because...well I am not sure why. If the really old vampires are so smart and strong, how did they not know these naturi had a get out of jail card? And that is just the start to some of the major plot flaws I saw. If you are going to write about vampires, you better make sure they are either strong and beautiful or flawed and yearning for their soul. The author might have wanted to read a Laurel K Hamilton book and see how you can write vampire, or even old Anne Rice. The Vampire Lestat still holds true even after all this time. You might not agree with my review or you might agree with it, but save your $9.00 and buy another book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I picked this and the second book up in the bookstore based on the blurb on the back. I regret it! All I could keep thinking was that the entire race of Drake's vampires was horrible and should be destroyed. It was hard to root for the heroine when her race wasn't worth saving. The book numerous times showed and talked about the torture and cruelty of vampires. That they would create more, those they called "chum", just for the fun of torturing them in every way possible before killing them. Why would anyone think this race was worth saving? I love vampire books, but hated both of these. I kept hoping I would like them, but they are going into the trash. They aren't even worth donating or giving away. Don't waste your time on these unless you enjoy rooting for sadists with no redeeming qualities.
Eneri009 More than 1 year ago
Loved reading this B&N Paranormal book club pick. There is so much more to discover about Mira & Danaus. I for one can't wait to continue. I Recommend it to all who love the Paranormal.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I couldn't put this book down and read it in one sitting. Mira is a Nightwalker (Vampire) and Danaus is a Vampire Hunter. Mira is also a Firestarter, she can rule fire. Danaus is hunting Mira and Mira is hunting Danaus, Danaus has already killed many vampires. However Mira and Danaus must join together to stop the Naturi (Fae) from returning to our world, some of them are still here, but want to bring back the entire race of Naturi and the naturi want nothing more than to rid the enitre earth of humans and vampires. In her past Mira had been kidnapped by the naturi, but she was rescued and she doesn't remember what happened to her. Then there is Rowe, an evil naturi, he is hunting Mira and he will stop at nothing to get Mira for his own evil intent. Lots of action and world building in this book. I am looking forward to the sequel.
Guest More than 1 year ago
With a heroine that could give Buffy a run for her money, Nightwalker is non-stop action from beginning to end. Mira is unique among vampires since she can kill by fire. She's tried to live a fairly quiet existence while maintaining order in her realm, but she's soon drawn in to a war when an enemy she thought dead comes back. While fighting to rid the world of the Naturi, Mira comes across a vampire hunter who's vowed to destroy her. However, Danaus has secrets of his own. And until the Naturi are destroyed, these two enemies will have to work together. This is an exciting urban fantasy with just a bit of sexual tension thrown in to the mix. All the characters are strong and the chaos they find themselves in keeps you on the edge of your seat. The ending leaves you panting for more. I can't wait for a sequel.
MyUrbanFantasies More than 1 year ago
Originally published on my blog, My Urban Fantasies. (myurbanfantasies.blogspot) I love the mythology behind the Dark Days series. After humans were created, two guardian races were created to maintain the balance. The naturi are guardians of the earth, while the bori are the guardians of souls. The bori existed as a single clan with their own dark side. From the bori came the legends of angels and demons. The naturi existed in five clans; earth, water, wind, light and animal. From the naturi grew the stories of elves, fairies and other magical creatures. There was a constant power struggle between the bori and the naturi. The power and strength of the two races were dependent upon what they protected. As humanity grew the earth became weaker. A war started between the bori and the naturi. Tired of fighting each other, each side created foot soldiers using humans. The bori created nightwalkers, also known as vampires, using blood magic. This also left the nightwalkers dependent on blood magic, the reason they need to feed on blood to survive. The naturi created lycanthropes using earth magic. Lycanthropes can take on the gifts of the animals that they shift into. The naturi wanted nothing more than to rid the earth of all humans and nightwalkers. The naturi think the only way to protect the earth is by removing it's greatest threat; mankind. The nightwalkers exiled most of the naturi and their queen into another world. One that was similar and connected to this world, but different. The nightwalkers sealed the door between the two worlds. I have no idea how the bori were exiled, it was never mentioned. Now the few naturi the were left behind are trying to unseal and open the door between the two worlds and release their queen. Mira, a kick ass 600 year old nightwalker, is now forced to work with Danaus, a vampire hunter who is not exactly human, to stop the naturi and save mankind. And worse yet, the return of the naturi means the bori might return as well. For nightwalkers the naturi represent extinction, but the bori represent an eternity of slavery. While I loved the mythology of the series, my feelings for Nightwalker are not as strong. There was this monotone feel throughout most of the book and some sections were a little slow. The characters also seemed a little flat. There were moments when everything seemed to have a little depth to it. These moments were usually between Mira and Danaus. They have this special flirtatious bickering, love-hate, cat and mouse, I want to rip your heart out kind of relationship. You're wondering why I gave Nightwalker 3 stars, right? Because it gets better! I don't know what changed, it was very subtle, but the last third of the book seemed to be more... animated. You notice the action scenes and the characters seem more real. This is a series that you have to read in order, which means you're going to end up with annoying cliffhanger endings. On a high note the series is finished so you will not have to wait a year for the next book. Yay! Based on the last few chapters of Nightwalker I think the rest of Dark Days will be worth checking out.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is a fast pace story, fill with actions. After I started reading, I couldn't put it down. I was within only a couple hours that I finished reading the book and now I want more! It feels like the the real war has just about to begin!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book series honestly reeks of overused similies in the sample read and rather bland cliche characters. I would not recommend it to others. The books do NOT get more developed or cohesive as the series unravels. I found them hard to finish but trudged through because I hate leaving things unfinished. That is why this kind if thing gets published, because people feel obligated to finish the series. Ugh. Pro's: - The descriptions get better as you read - Mira has rare moments of humor - Some of the supporting characters are like-able - I like the basic idea of hunter vs. hunted - The Naturi vs. Bori should've taken the place of Vampire vs. Shifters - Rowe should have been a more Jeckyl/Hyde character and played more upon Mira's obvious weaknesses from their past Con's: - Mira is hardly unique in a world full of vampire novels - The descriptions get very redundant - Denaus has no personality at all and I could not connect with him which is a huge problem since he's the second main character - This book sets the extent of the tension between Mira and Denaus. I prefer it to be more dark and tenuous, constantly ramped up then frozen over. The books fail to provide that kind of tension - The author does tons of telling but very little showing. She even recaps every chapter so it feels as if she believes her readers have is FRUSTRATINGLY repetitive - Reads as if there was little editing or revision at all. This series had potential that was wasted when not enough time and effort went into revising to strengthen it. Each book (of the 6 total) is the same in that regard. It makes me mad because I wanted to enjoy these books - The author often reiterates either Mira's or the hunter's character traits while having already proved (with actions) that what the character just stated about the other is untrue... For example, Denaus constantly mentions how Mira is a coldhearted killer even after she just saved a kitten from a burning building (sarcasm here, not a real example). TONS of this in the books - A BIG problem is how jouvenile both Mira and Denaus' thought processes are when they are collectively about 2 millnia old. That's just bad writing so the author can forge ahead with a paper-thin plot line... honestly, if you write about crazy old people letnthem at least act mature I wish I hadn't started these books. Even after reading the best and worst reviews I felt compelled to try them out. If any of the cons above are peeves of yours as well then pass this series to protect your sanity!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Sadly this book is not good. Cliche story line with mediocre quality writing. It reads like a first novel with a brand new editor.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I was really hoping to enjoy this series....I have fallen asleep each time I try to read this book. The author spends most of the book describing scenery and explaining geography....I am not sure I can even finish the first book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Read this book. Totaly different. It's a mystery, action packed, romance. All in all,
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved the story. I just bought the rest in the series. Shorter books but they have very good interweaving plots. Very enjoyable!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A great beginning to a series!
Blondeness032 More than 1 year ago
The author has spun an interesting, if sometimes confusing tale of the paranormal. There is plenty of action and plot twists as the story progresses. I enjoyed it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Hay yal!!This was the best book EVER!!!!!!!! I love the way the athor made the charecters seam alive and like peopel you might see on the street ;-)
GinRobi More than 1 year ago
Mira is a Nightwalker, a 700 year-old vampire to be precise. But she isn't like any other vampire, for she can manipulate fire. She doesn't kill needlessly, taking only what she needs to survive. As Keeper of her Domain, she resides in Savannah, and "takes care" of her out-of-control brethren who kill for sport and turn humans into vampires at an alarming rate. She refuses to be a "baby-sitter", dealing with them only when absolutely necessary. For the most part, she just wants to be left alone in her domain, and is happy that way. But events don't allow for that wish. A hunter is in her domain, killing off younger vamps that aren't strong enough to defend themselves. And he's looking for Mira. Something is going on in the Nightwalker world, and Danaus is looking for answers; answers that Mira should be able to provide, if only she could remember. The Naturi, men and women of the elements (earth, light, wind, and so on) are looking to break the seal placed on the doorway between two worlds, looking to bring back the rest of their brethren and their queen. The Naturi want to regain the earth that the humans are destroying, and vampires are nothing more than parasites that need to be squashed. But vampires were the Nightwalkers that forced the Naturi behind that doorway, and placed the seal on the door. Mira was part of that, even though she doesn't remember. What she does remember, however, was that she'd been kidnapped by the Naturi five centuries before, tortured by them; they wanted her to betray the Nightwalkers, wanted her to protect the Naturi in a war against the Nightwalkers and break the seal on that door. And now, according to Danaus, it's happening again. Naturi are killing Nightwalkers, and Mira is looking for answers, not just for Danaus. But it seems that even trusting your own brethren can get you killed. **Interesting twist to the paranormal/fantasy world. I liked the main character, Mira, very much. Strong, independent, determined, she sets out to find answers that she needs. The answers, however, are far from what she wanted. She wanted to lay the problem on the Elders and return to her domain. That is far from what happens. Danaus... a guy I'd like to have in my corner, if he didn't see everything in such a black & white fashion. Over two centuries old, Danaus had spent time with monks, which is where his frame of mind was instilled: good was good, evil was evil, and that was that. Mira was a vampire and therefor evil. Vampires kill, they have no souls, that makes then evil. However, spending time with and around Mira, Danaus is learning that vampires aren't what he was meant to believe, and is struggling with it. (my entire review doesn't fit. Please visit my blog at for the rest. Thank you!)
C3_1991 More than 1 year ago
I still haven't figured out if I liked this book or not. I thought the side characters established in the first 50 pages were interesting but then we never went back to them. Why establish relationships and then barely mention them again? I understand this is the first book in a series, but still it seemed disjointed. Although I liked that you were not completely sure who to trust throughout the book, I also felt a lot of choices the main character made were poorly explained and therefore confused plot lines more than they had to. I'll wait for book two before I decide if I can recommend this or not.
gkleinman on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Vampire Fiction is a fairly well explored genre. With such heavyweights as Ann Rice, Laurell K. Hamilton, Kim Harrison and Charlene Harris each 'staking' their space in the genre it's difficult to imagine a lot of room for another author to get a significant piece of the Vampire pie. Jocelynn Drake's Nightwalker tries to squeeze in to this packed genre with a book that falls somewhere between Laurel K. Hamilton's Anita Blake Vampire Hunter and Meredith Gentry Faerie series. Drake has a nice flair for language and Nightwalker is extremely readable. I enjoyed the two main characters and their interplay, the epic battle and race against the clock made the book move along quite quickly. But what's really missing is anything new. Nightwalker lives in a world all to familiar and it doesn't seem to have anything to add to the genre that wasn't already there. In many ways Nightwalker is the answer to all the Laurel K. Hamilton fans who wished there was less sex in Hamilton's books and more action. That's what they get here, and it's good, but it falls short of where I think the book could go. The book is the start of a series and I really hope that on her sophomore effort Drake opens up her world and gives us something new and surprising adding to the genre, not just recirculating it.
LiteraryFeline on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
It has been too long since last read a fantasy novel about vampires. I was thrilled when I learned that I was selected to receive a copy of Jocelynn Drake¿s Nightwalker through Harper Collins First Look Program. It sounded like a promising start to a new series. A series reader can never have enough series to read, right? And what could be more fun than a tale of magic, vampires, lycanthropes, great battles, and a little flicker of romance?Nightwalker introduces readers to Mira, a vampire with a special talent of being able to start fires. She is greatly feared and admired by those in the magic realm. Mira is content with her life in Savannah, Georgia, watching over her domain and protecting the secret of her people, keeping the knowledge of the dark forces hidden from the humans. When a powerful vampire hunter comes to town bearing an unexpected gift, Mira finds herself face to face with an enemy she long believed to be dead. Danaus, the mysterious hunter, is not out to kill her just yet. He needs her help. The naturi were one of biggest threats to both nightwalkers and humanity centuries ago, and there are signs that they are returning to the world. Mira still has nightmares of her time in captivity when she was kidnapped and held prisoner by the naturi. She must decide whether to join forces with the hunter in fighting their common foe. One thing she knows for sure, however. She must seek out the triad that created the seal that had blocked the naturi from returning. Only they will be able to stop the naturi from growing in strength and ushering their queen across the barrier. If that were to happen, humans and nightwalkers would face certain death and destruction. Although the book got off to a slow start, it wasn¿t long before I was drawn into the story. I especially found myself curious about Danaus. He is human and yet holds his own special powers. He has a strong sense of justice and is not sure what to think of Mira and her kind. He was taught all his life that vampires were evil and that they killed out of blood lust. Mira has her own code. She does not kill indiscriminately and cares about the humans as well as her own people. She will do what she must to protect the secrets that she keeps just the same, and if that means spilling blood, then so be it.It took me a little while to warm up to Mira. She seemed cold and calculating at first, using her wiles to get what she wanted. She was not above using force to prove her point and could just as quickly use her sensuality to get what she wanted. Jocelynn Drake did a good job, however, of bringing out the more human side of Mira as the story unfolded. And as her character often reminded the vampire hunter, humans are themselves a violent race¿even more so in some ways than the nightwalkers.The novel takes readers from the beautiful city of Savannah, Georgia to Africa and on to England where the isle is rich in magic. I felt like I was wandering the streets right alongside Mira and Danaus as they went about their business. I wouldn¿t have minded lingering a bit longer. The biggest disadvantage to reading this book is that it ends with a bit of a cliffhanger. It is obvious there is much more to Mira¿s story, and, of course, now I have to wait before I will be able to see where Jocelynn Drake will take me next. Jocelynn Drake has created an intriguing and magical world that I cannot wait to visit again.
lbriggs on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I just read this book on a flight and I was disappointed with it. It didn't live up to Kim Harrison's "must read addition to urban fantasy" quotation on the front cover. I agree with other reviewers' comments that it doesn't cover new ground and that the writing at times feels overdone or somehow immature (especially in the first chapter). If you want a fresh take on the urban fantasy genre then read Kelley Armstrong's excellent first novel "Bitten" or Ilona Andrews' interesting "Magic Bites".
BookWhisperer on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I believe this book to be an excellent start for a new series. There were so many bumps and twists in this book I never found myself unable predictting anything in this book. Mira and Danaus relationship is addicting, I will be reading the next book to see where their future will lead them.
jjmachshev on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
An intricate work that's stunningly complex and compelling. Once I picked "Nightwalker" up, I couldn't put down Jocelynn Drake's tale that (hopefully) is just the start of a series about an alternate reality existing in today's world. This is a dark urban fantasy. It's not a romance even though it has some romantic elements. Even though I finished reading "Nightwalker" a few hours ago, I'm still having difficulty extracting myself from Ms Drake's world.Mira has been a vampire for over 600 years. She's also known as Fire Starter which is echoed in her wild red hair. She has survived cruelty and acts of torture so horrific, her mind refuses to remember and they only occasionally resurface as nightmares. She left her maker and her rescuer/healer to create a home and existence for herself in the New World and she's content with her existence. She doesn't kill when she feeds. She does, however, kill any humans or supernatural creatures who threaten to expose or disturb the comfortable life she's carved out in Savannah. So when a slayer appears in her territory, she decides to extract all the information she can before she kills him. She doesn't know that this slayer is more than he seems, and that his appearance in her life will herald a quest that will change everything she thought she knew about her life.Mira fascinates me. She's certainly no angel but she's also not quite a demon. She's one of the most human supernatural creatures I've read about in a long time. She really just wants to safeguard the haven she's created for herself. 'Live and let live' would be her motto if she bothered to have one. Her relationship with the slayer who intrudes into her territory is so complex. I still haven't figured out exactly what he is...and neither has Mira. He's sometimes a friend, almost a love, could kill her with a thought, has saved her life several times, thinks she's damned, and is apparently willing to go against the organization he works for to protect her! Fabulous!If you like your urban fantasies a bit dark, with strong sexual elements but no real 'romance', at least not yet...I can't recommend "Nightwalker" highly enough. There are shadowy mysterious organizations that are only mentioned or hinted at and I can hardly wait until May 2009 for the next release in this series, "Dayhunter".
MisfitRhi on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Nightwalker, the first Dark Days series novel, is the debut of author Jocelynn Drake. With acknowledgements to Kim Harrison and Rachel Vincent it should be no surprise that this book falls into the vein of such juicy paranormal fantasy fare of Harrison's Hollows series and Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake. The dark days are coming and Mira is the kick-butt heroine taking on the world. A vampire enforcer, the guardian of her U.S. domain, she is the one the nightwalkers call the Fire Starter. Blessed with the gift of controlling fire before she was turned she retains this ability and won't hesitate to use it to protect the secret that is the world of the nightwalkers. When a hunter called Danaus comes into her territory seeking her she's quick to seek him out for a confrontation. Danaus brings with him news of the naturi, an elfin race that wish to wipe both nightwalkers and humans from the face of the earth. Five centuries ago the naturi were locked away on another plane of existence by the vampires and those left behind are trying to break the seal that binds them. Mira and Danaus must join forces if they are going to save the world from destruction at the hands of the naturi. Their adventure takes them to Egypt and Britain, meeting up with members of Themis (the group Danaus is part of) and the Coven (the vampire heirarchy). With lots of action and suspense expect to be sucked into the world of the nightwalkers and dragged along for a bumpy ride! While Drake makes some annoying first time author mistakes (ie. repetitive comments) she has done a great job of reviving the tough-as-nails heroine. Mira is no wilting flower or gushing romance-stricken maiden. She can dish out a butt-kicking and take one in return. While she has obvious attractions and sensuality she puts her duties first. If you're looking for a paranormal romance this isn't it. I felt the story dragged a little at times and far too many side characters were introduced and then never mentioned again. But overall I loved Mira because she is what Anita Blake once was and Rachel Morgan might have been. If you're a fan of either series you will most likely enjoy this one enough to be interested in further installments--I sure am!