NIMBAL Therapy

NIMBAL Therapy

by David L. Suskind MD


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ISBN-13: 9780692430996
Publisher: NIMBAL Publishing
Publication date: 05/03/2016
Pages: 224
Sales rank: 473,073
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.60(d)

Table of Contents

Preface xii

Acknowledgments xiii

Disclaimer xiv

A Note to Our Readers xiv

Inflammatory Bowel Disease: An Introduction

Inflammatory Bowel Disease: An Introduction 2

What is inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)? 2

Why does this occur? 2

A couple of important facts about IBD 3

What are the types of inflammatory bowel disease? 3

Crohn's disease 3

Ulcerative colitis 5

Other IBD manifestations and factors 5

Handling the Diagnosis 6

What happens now? 6

It is impossible to become an expert overnight 6

Let me tell you my story 6

What can a parent do? 8

Knowing What the Doctors Know: Genetics and Environment 9

The role of gene abnormalities 9

The world of gut bacteria and fecal dysbiosis 9

The first year of our lives: What's growing in our intestines? 10

Do these bacteria play a role in developing IBD? 12

The role of modern antibiotics 13

What else affects what bacteria are in our intestines? 14

Nutritional Therapy 15

The exclusive enteral nutrition (EEN) formula-based diet 15

The specific carbohydrate diet (SCD) 15

Why did I become a strong advocate for the SCD? 16

The Specific Carbohydrate Diet: What It Is and If It's Right for You

The Specific Carbohydrate Diet: Definition and History 18

What is the SCD? 18

Early beginnings 18

The dedication of a determined mother 20

SCD Food Philosophy 21

Importance of food 21

Eat whole foods only 21

Eat organic 22

Experiment with ethnic cuisines 23

Is the SCD Right for You? 24

How to determine 24

SCD and Crohn's disease 24

When the SCD may not work 26

SCD and ulcerative colitis 26

It takes sustained commitment 27

The Nutritional Adequacy of the SCD 29

How to determine 29

Getting on the SCD and Sticking with It

Family Stress 32

It can be hard 32

It does get easier 33

Take a break 33

Join the IBD community 33

Divide the work 34

Involve-and empower-your child 35

Ending thoughts 35

Important Food for Thought Regarding the SCD 36

Our SCD Journey: Gil's and Tali's Story 38

Some tips 39

If you see the obstacles, you took your eyes off the target 39

Failing to plan is planning to fail 40

"No, thank you!" is a full sentence 40

It's not about restrictions-it's about empowerment 40

How to SCD Everyday

The SCD Stages 42

A step-by-step approach 42

Stage 1 Diet introduction and anti-inflammatory stage 43

Stage 1 foods 44

Stage 2 Foundation and maintenance stage 45

Stage 2 foods 46

Stage 3 Food reintroduction 47

The SCD Process: A Graphic 49

Meal Planning 50

It can be hard 50

Sample meal plans by SCD stage 51

Sample SCD Stage 1 meal plan for 3 days 51

Sample SCD Stage 2 meal plan for 1 day 54

Sample SCD Stage 3 meal plan for 1 day 55

Sample SCD Stage 3 meal plan by week 56

Table of SCD-Legal and Illegal Foods 61

Making SCD Work Outside the Home 69

SCD at school 69

504 Plan 69

SCD and athletics 70

Extra food and emergency snacks 70

Packing and container strategies 71

SCD and eating out 71

Travel 72

The basics 72

Air travel 72

Packing list for an SCD road trip 73

Sample Physician's SCD Exemption Letter 75

During Illness 76

Runny noses, coughs, and colds 76

Constipation 76

SCD and Family Gatherings and Holidays 77

Diet Problems 78

SCD and Cooking Resources 80

SCD websites 80

SCD online communities 80

SCD-specific cookbooks 81

SCD meal planning 82

Basic cooking techniques 83

Food safety and storage 83

Guidelines for freezing and storing food 84

Guidelines for microwaving 84

Buying SCD food online 84

Vitamins and probiotics 84

Preparing SCD Food

If You're New to Cooking 86

Making SCD Yogurt 87

The secrets to great SCD yogurt 87

Yogurt starters 88

Alternatives to cow's milk 89

Coconut milk yogurt recipe 89

Food Safety Tips 91

Preparing Foods in Advance and Other Kitchen Tips 94

Basic Cooking Techniques 98

Boiling 98

Steaming 98

Stir-frying 99

Sautéing 99

Stewing 99

Braising 100

Frying (also deep-frying) 100

Roasting 100

Baking 101

Microwaving 101

Freezing 101

Making Vegetables More Appealing to Children 102

Getting Children More Engaged in the Kitchen 105

Adding More Flavor 107

SCD Recipes

Index of Recipes 110

Recipe Notes 112

Breakfast 113

Snacks 120

Sauces 130

Salads 132

Soups 136

Side dishes 143

Main dishes 148

Desserts 175

How to Know If the SCD Is Working for You

Knowing Your Child's Disease: How to Know If Your Child's Treatment is Working 182

Which patients are the most successful at managing IBD? Which are more likely to stay in remission? 182

Why? 182

What were your child's first symptoms? 182

What do we mean by "tracking?" 183

PCDAI and PUCAI scores 185

What determines these scores? 185

Which PCDAI version should you be using? 185

The PUCAI 186

Laboratory testing 186

What laboratory tests are done? 186

Why should you know all this? 188

Alternatives to SCD

What If the SCD Doesn't Work? 190

Alternatives to SCD 190

Improving diets 190

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions 194

The Future of SCD

The Future of SCD 204

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