Nine Days in Heaven, A True Story: In the Summer of 1848, Marietta Davis Experienced an Amazing Vision of Heaven and Hell that Changed Her Life. Her Vivid Portrayal Touched All who Heard It. This Is Her Story.

Nine Days in Heaven, A True Story: In the Summer of 1848, Marietta Davis Experienced an Amazing Vision of Heaven and Hell that Changed Her Life. Her Vivid Portrayal Touched All who Heard It. This Is Her Story.

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Nine Days in Heaven, a True Story: In the Summer of 1848, Marietta Davis Experienced an Amazing Vision of Heaven and Hell That Changed Her Life. Her V 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
ChristysBookBlog More than 1 year ago
Nine Days in Heaven by Dennis & Nolene Prince is the classic story of Marietta Davis' vision of Heaven updated with contemporary language for today's readers. In 1848 a twenty-five-year old woman named Marietta Davis lapsed into a coma or trance. Her family worried and prayed over her body for nine days, while doctors tried to determine the cause of her illness. When she awoke, Marietta spoke of a vision she had been given by God of Heaven and Hell for those here on earth, as well as for the woman herself. Her family had recently come to faith in the Lord, but she had had questions and doubts. Her journey erased those doubts for her, and she died seven months later in exactly the time and manner she had predicted after her trance. Her story was written down by John Loughran Scott and became well-known, but in time it lost its popularity because it was written in the flowery language of the day which by the twentieth century has become quite impenetrable. When the Princes lost two infants in less than seventeen months, a friend gave them a copy of the original book and it gave them great comfort. Dennis determined to update this powerful testimony for modern readers. This book is his labor of love. Marietta is whisked away first to the lower realms of Heaven, then down to Hell, then back up to Heaven where she witnesses how infants are raised in the Holy City. She is moved to tears several times by the depth of her own sinful nature, and she comes to understand the wisdom of God's decision to separate his children from those who refuse to follow him. Prince supports each chapter with several verses from Scripture giving added depth and meaning to Marietta's vision. The school for infants will offer comfort for anyone who has lost a child too soon. There is a great deal of wisdom here for readers who are familiar with the Bible and those not so familiar. Her description of Hell isn't that of pop culture with flames and demons with pitchforks; it is frighteningly believable and real. Pop culture's hell is easily parodied and ignored. Marietta's refuses to be denied and will create an indelible image in readers' minds. I would have liked to have read more about Heaven itself and less of the trial between Justine and Mercy, but I was still very moved by Marietta's vision. The Princes have given Christian readers a great gift in updating this classic for today's readers.
MJosie More than 1 year ago
I would highly recommend purchasing and reading this book. I know it is one person's view of what she saw in heaven. But I have found in all the books I have been reading that they have a lot of common truths in common. One of the chapters is focusing on babies that die and go to heaven. The angels teach them what they need to know etc. This chapter was so interesting and so comforting. I have purchased this book 3 x's one for me. One for a family that lost their stillborn baby boy and another family who lost their 6 month old to SIDS. I know these families were going through a lot of pain, but the book gives them hope and comforting thoughts of their baby in heaven being cared for. I have reread this book several times and it gives me confidence and great hope for the eternal future.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is life changing, insightful, amazing, there just isn't enough English words to describe this wonderful book! Although this is not a long book, 177 pages, I took my time reading it to enable my spirit and brain to absorb and digest the content. I will be reading this again, as I am sure I was unable to digest everything this book contains. I thank God for this being rewritten in todays language. I also thank All of the authors for writing this amazing experience! Please, do not pass up the opportunity of reading this book! It strengthened my wounded spirit ten fold!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I actually bought this book a while ago in regular book form. I finished it within 3 days... i couldn't put it down. I LOVE books about Heaven & the Lord. This is one of my favorites.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
rtwins More than 1 year ago
It was the summer of 1848. Marietta Davis was a twenty-four year old, young woman, living in Berlin, New York with her mother and sisters. She attended church with her family, who was active in the congregation. But Marietta had doubts. At times, she even wondered if it was possible to know God was real. There had been revival services at her church and Marietta was still unchanged. Seven months after the revival, Marietta fell into a trance that lasted nine days. This is a true story. Marietta David, while in a trace, had visions or glimpses of Heaven and Hell. Her account was first published in the Mountain Cove Journal. and then in a book titled Scenes Beyond The Grave. When she awoke, Marietta was a changed woman, and spent the seven remaining months of her life sharing what she had seen. When the authors received this book, after the death of their four-month old first-born, and the stillbirth of their second child, they read it several times, with a dictionary close by. The difficult language in which it was written made it complex. This book captures the original story in the language of today without compromising the integrity of the original. Nine Days In Heaven by Dennis and Nolene Prince is detailed, but wholly supported by Scripture at the close of each chapter. The original testimonies of her family, publishers, physicians, and ministers add to the accuracy of this book. This book was a blessing to me, as one who believes that God in the Old and New Testaments is the God of today. This book is a glimpse into eternity and will comfort you if you have loved ones in Heaven, and encourage you to share its message with those who have not accepted Jesus' redeeming love.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Pure fiction. Doesn't line up with the word of God in many places. Dont bother to spend your money on it. The only thing worth looking at were the quotes from scripture.
Philip Herendeen More than 1 year ago
This book is life changing and if you like this book, I highly recomend reading Heaven is Real and 90 Minutes in Heaven read it!!! ages12+