by T. M. Frazier

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Can be read as a stand alone​.
From the author of the USA Today bestselling King Series, T.M. Frazier.

Nine lives.
Nine inches.
One chance to make her his.

This is the story of Nine, the tale of Kevin Clearwater.

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BN ID: 2940161292334
Publisher: T.M. Frazier
Publication date: 06/18/2019
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 18,765
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About the Author

T.M. Frazier never imagined that a single person would ever read a word she wrote when she published her first book in 2013. Now, she is a USA Today bestselling author. Her books have been translated into numerous languages and published all around the world.

T.M. enjoys writing what she calls 'wrong side of the tracks romance' with morally corrupt antiheroes and ballsy heroines.

Her books have been described as raw, dark and gritty. Basically, what that means, is while some authors are great at describing a flower as it blooms, T.M. is better at describing it in the final stages of decay.

She loves meeting her readers, but if you see her at an event please don't pinch her because she's not ready to wake up from this amazing dream.

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Nine 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 18 reviews.
Lynn6969 3 months ago
Since other retailer guidelines wouldn't allow me to post my original review, I had to downsize it. My full review is on Goodreads with a better explanation of why this book is not a five star read for me. Firstly, I couldn't connect to the characters as a couple. The emotions are empty, and so is their love. It is so many conversations between the main characters and back characters that it bored me. The deed comes late into the book, 75%. And felt unbelievable how he admits his past to her. Again, no emotions behind the words. The epilogues - we read more conversations and they do nothing to wrap the story up. There is no HEA, babies, marriage, growth. Still talking, etc. For the situations that were tackled, it lacked emotions. I really wanted to feel Kevin's pain because of his past, but the feelings weren't there for me to connect to. I wanted to love Kevin and Lenny as a couple, but couldn't since there was no love there. I got bored, skimmed! I wasted my money.
Sandy-thereadingcafe 3 months ago
4.5 stars--NINE: The Tale of Kevin Clearwater is the ninth instalment in T. M. Frazier’s contemporary, adult KING erotic, MC, romance story line. This is twenty-one year old, Kevin ‘Nine’ Clearwater, and former real estate agent Lenore ‘Lenny’ ‘Poe’ Leary’s story line. NINE: The Tale of Kevin Clearwater can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Any important information from the previous story lines is revealed where necessary but I recommend reading the series in order for backstory, history and cohesion. Kevin ‘Nine’ Clearwater is Samuel ‘Preppy’ Clearwater’s brother. Told from dual first person perspectives (Lenny and Nine) using present day and memories from the past NINE: The Tale of Kevin Clearwater follows the building relationship between Kevin ‘Nine’ Clearwater, and former real estate agent Lenore ‘Lenny’ ‘Poe’ Leary. Four years earlier Kevin Clearwater met a stranger, a young woman he called Poe, but a woman whose life was spiralling out of control. Fast forward to present day wherein Nine will come face to face with his past, the woman he long thought gone from this world, but a woman caught up in a scam she knew nothing about. What ensues is the building relationship between Nine and Lenny, and the potential fall-out as Lenny’s past comes looking for revenge. NINE: The Tale of Kevin Clearwater is a story of betrayal, vengeance, secrets and lies; a story of love, loss, and second chances; a story of abuse and neglect; of seduction, romance and hope. NINE reveals the brutal past of Kevin Clearwater and the life he left behind but will never forget. Lenny is a woman who has lost everything and more; defenceless in the face of accusations and threats against her life, our heroine’s only hope is the man everyone knows as Nine. The relationship between Lenny and Nine is a second chance, of sorts: a rekindling friendship between two troubled and lost souls who met under questionable circumstances but have never stopped thinking about the who, how and why. The $ex scenes are intimate and intense without the use of over the top, sexually graphic language and text. There is a large ensemble cast of colorful and familiar secondary and supporting characters, familiar if you are a fan of the author’s KING series. The friendship and camaraderie forged between Preppy, King, Bear and Ray is revealing, including their unquestionable need to protect and defend. NINE: The Tale of Kevin Clearwater is an edgy, dark, and gritty story line; a raw and emotional look at betrayal and revenge. The premise is dramatic and intense; the romance is sensual and seductive; the characters are familiar, energetic and tragic.
Anonymous 25 days ago
Anonymous 3 months ago
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queenzany 3 months ago
NINE is by far one of the best T.M. Fraizer I have read! The Storyline is a transfixing, silhouette of utter fate and pure raw desire, that can only be described as genius writing! Nine and Poe’s love story brilliant, compelling mark my word still my heart read of a lifetime! I never put it down! No! Not because of all my mean like Preppy, King, and Bear were included no! That only added to the whole mystique. Which I may add had me left me with only two hours of sleep because I was hypnotized and could not put it down!
I LOVE STORY TIME Book Blog 3 months ago
I DEVOURED this book! Man, it felt so good to go back to Logan's Beach. Once I was back, I fell in love once again. This time it was with Kevin. What can I say, they ALL have my heart! I liked how Kevin stood on his own and not in the shadows of King, Bear, and Preppy. He was his own broken, SINFULLY SEXY man with a heart of gold. I gravitated to his vulnerability and swooned over his alpha possessiveness. Lenny is a lucky girl! Lenny was not perfect, she had her own issues, but she was perfect for Kevin. I LOVED their story! I loved the way they met and how fate brought them back together. If you have read any of the King Series, you will go crazy over Kevin and Lenny just like I did! T.M. Frazier is a BRILLIANT author. She continues to dominate her trope with her alpha, anti-heroes and strong, resilient heroines. I cannot get enough of her stories! Once you pick up one of her novels, it's hard to put it down. Adulting goes right out the window! Her writing is so effortless that I forget I am even reading a book. I see it all play out as if I was there, feeling every emotion. They are raw and gritty, intense and suspenseful, but completely full of family and heart. Simply perfection! That being said... I am LOSING MY MIND over that bonus epilogue. Gah! I am officially dead. KING! KING! KING! Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... I can't freakin' wait! All I am going to say is... BRING. IT. ON! ♥ Review by Lys
JoWebb 3 months ago
ANOTHER SMASH HIT!! The angst, the heartache, the banter, the camaraderie, the violence, the laughter, THE TWIST, the love, the Preppyness, the everything. This book has it all. We see our favourites, we meet new ones. I can’t express how wonderful it is being back in Logan’s Beach on the wrong side of the Causeway!! Kevin AKA Nine, does not disappoint in the alpha male role, and he just works so well with his brother and his brothers! Lenore AKA Lenny is awesome. So real. Such a real character and so self-deprecating that she’s just lovable. I wanted to pick her up and take her home with me and look after her. The two of them together means fireworks, chemistry beyond belief and a deep connection that just shows that Nine and Lenny are each others’ light in the dark; calm in the storm of life and shelter on a rainy day. Absolutely brilliant story with one heck of a twist that I did NOT see coming. Holy moly!!
WendyLeGrand 3 months ago
Nine is the perfect addition to the King series! Kevin Clearwater, a.k.a. Nine has been an anticipated read ever since we first got a glimpse of him in Preppy's books. Where has this guy been, and how come Preppy never knew about him? I admit I had all kinds of scenarios running through my head on what I thought his background was going to be, but he totally surprised me! The way that Lenny and Nine are connected was not anything that I was expecting at all. T.M. does an amazing job of interconnecting these two, and the anticipation of them discovering that connection was intense and kept me turning the pages until all is revealed! As with all the books in the King series, Nine's story is gritty and real and shows us what life is like on the "other side" of the causeway. Lenny grew up on the rich side, but she's always felt like the life she was living was not the one she was destined for. We get to see the whole gang which I can never get enough of. And with seeing the whole gang, it reminded me of what a tight knit family this group is. And Preppy....ah Preppy! He is the most hilarious dude ever. But he has his brother's back at all times. There's suspense going on in this story, and the typical shenanigans of Preppy and the gang. Amongst it all we learn about Kevin's childhood, and the burgeoning relationship between him and Lenny. Loyal fans of the King series are going to eat this story up! I just can't get enough of this world and Logan's Beach! And the epilogue? Perfect!
Kayreader 3 months ago
The cover, the teasers, the blurb...they all drew me in, I was ready for wicked, hot, and suspenseful, which Nine all delivered on. I was not prepared for the sensitive soul that was part of Kevin Clearwater, nor the humor that was sprinkled throughout the entire book. Nine gave me so much more than I was expecting and it was a fantastic read! Although Nine is #9 in the King series (the number 9 is significant throughout the entire book-I adore T.M. and her brilliance in this maneuver) it can be read as a standalone. This was a first read for me, I jumped right in, had never read T.M. Frazier, nor any of the preceding books. I had absolutely no trouble following the story, nor the additional characters that popped up, but I am also insanely intrigued to catch up on what I've missed from meeting people and plan to read more about them in the future. I do want to add a disclaimer--Ninecontains sensitive subject matter that may either trigger readers, or just be hard for some people to read. My suggestion if this is the case for you, skip over or read past it, because the ending will have you in tears and will certainly justify the means of how the story got there. I implore you to not give up on it, I applaud authors who have the courage to write about sensitive material it can't be easy. Nine is a story about two lost souls, Nine/Kevin and Lenore/Lenny, who take a very broken path to find one another. For Kevin; he was a broken teen and had given up on life. Starving, beaten, a boy basically tossed away with no one who cared about whether he lived or died, the night he met Lenny, she saved his life without her ever knowing she had such a huge impact. Lenny was a girl who had everything; a family who loved her, a good home, and friends. Her life came crashing to a halt in an instant when she lost everything, the very same day when she met Kevin. With nothing left to live for she met someone who changed her mind all on the count of nine. Both would change that night. They wouldn't see each other for years. It would take life altering circumstances to place Nine and Lenny back into each others paths, but once Nine has Lenny by his side again, he is determined not to lose her again.
Manzaroo 3 months ago
Wickedly funny, heart wrenching, and completely engaging all wrapped into one fantastic book. I’ve been missing Logan’s Beach, in all its warped glory. This book does not disappoint. I made the “mistake” (insert finger quotations) of starting this at 10:30 at night. Needless to say, I didn’t get a lot of sleep, and I woke up my husband with my laughter. Feeling like you’re missing out? N9ne is a stand alone, but is tied into the rest of the King and Preppy series. So it can be read independently, but why would you want to miss out on all the back stories? "Sometimes you gotta burn sh*t to the ground to appreciate the beauty in the ashes." And boy does he. Don’t miss this engaging, page turner, trust me!
KMariReads 3 months ago
She freaking does it again!!! I love this series and the characters. It’s like visiting family every time I break open one of T.M. Frazier’s books. Her characters speak to me, they warm by body, my heart and my soul. I have come to love each and every one of them. I was introduced to Tracey's writing back before King was released, I thought I have found a writer that gets my weird, that gets my feelings, that understand that we all have a bit of darkness to us. She brings a brilliant world to her readers and characters that are complex and full of flaws, but yet relatable. I know relatable right? Yeah to me they are. I hope to God, she never leaves this little piece of heaven I call Logan's beach and continues to write these characters. As I said, its like visiting family every time I get a glimpse of them. Lenny and Nine's chemistry was felt right from the first meeting. I loved getting the internal struggle and then seeing how everything was coming together for them. Both characters seem to be drawn to one another both physically and emotionally. They came from two complete backgrounds like a few other characters we know and love, but all each of them wanted was to belong and feel love. Not be alone. Before Lenny, all Nine wanted was acceptance from Prep, Bear and King. He didn't know that he would again meet the girl who awakened things in him that he had never felt before. He found her and this time he wasn't letting go. She calmed his storm. While this isn't jump into bed right off the bat, it was a nice build to their romance. It was a bit of a slow burn, but once we hit the ground it was off and running...Explosive! Nine is so much more than a book about Kevin Clearwater. Its a book about family and the lengths you go to become one, to protect one and to earn the trust of those who are your family. We see so much in this book, that is hard to go on with out giving away spoilers. I loved seeing my the whole gang. I loved the emotional side to this story. I loved the twists and turns that set off a ride that wasn't go to stop until the end. I think that this was a perfect addition to the King series and I hope that we continue on with the series because there are so many more ways that she can. Please don't ever let these characters fade! I will say Welcome to the family Nine and Lenny. Welcome!
Chloe Trivelpiece 3 months ago
Oh how I have waited for this story! This tale is a total standalone.  But I will tell you, if like me, you have read everything that Ms. Frazier has written, you get to see glimpses of Nine throughout the Preppy series... I admire how Ms. Frazier writes characters with flaws, they are not perfect and shiny.  They are honest and brutal and oh so amazing! Nine and Lenny are the definition of destiny! (or at least I think so) They are magic. Their broken pieces fit together beautifully. I admired how Lenny came into her own, with Nine supporting her the whole way. I swooned over Nine's possessiveness of Lenny, of making her his. From the their hidden love of Edgar Allen Poe to the true meaning of "Nine" they are everything poetic. The glimpses of past characters just made me so happy! I love being submerged in the world of Logan's Beach, the world's that Ms. Frazier creates. This tale of Kevin Clearwater is everything I have come to love, admire and appreciate from T.M. Frazier.  She creates worlds that brutal, scary and swoony...all at the same time!
BookAddictSusan 3 months ago
Just when you thought there couldn't be a character to rival Preppy, we meet his brother Kevin. The family resemblance can not be denied. Kevin is just as passionate and blood thirsty when it comes to those he cares about with an eye for an eye mentality. We've already met Kevin in previous books from this series ( I recommend reading those first, for a richer reading experience ) but we never really got to know the Man behind the No 9. I feel so comfortable as I read these books, they're effortless easy reading. I can sit back and immerse myself in the chaos of Logans Beach and feel like I'm home. I just adore all the fantastic characters that make this series so special.They're an unconventional fuxked up crazy bunch but they're family. Absolutely loved Kevin and Lenny their story was full of nostalgia, second chances, love, laughs and friendship.There's also plenty of twisted mind fuxkery. Let's face it, nothing is ever simple and it wouldn't be Logans Beach without the madness and mayhem. Get ready to fall more in love with every single chapter of Nine...Kevin Clearwater will own your heart and get under your skin Inch by delicious Inch. Non stop action from beginning to end. Intense and gripping reading. Never a dull moment. Everything you could wish for and more. I'm so excited for what's instore from T.m Frazier....No way, seriously WTF?? But bring it on, It's about to go down and I can't bloody wait.