Nipples to the Skye: Total Trust and Surrender in Love (Book 3)

Nipples to the Skye: Total Trust and Surrender in Love (Book 3)

by Talentino


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ISBN-13: 9781512134889
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 05/15/2015
Pages: 228
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.48(d)

About the Author

Jim Talentino was a brilliant mind and an inspired spirit who was way ahead of his time in a world that was not yet ready to receive what he had to offer. Self described as a hockey jock priest and a wholly coyote trickster teacher, he shared his experiences, strengths and hopes in his own unique way to ensure that his message would endure the limitless precepts of time. He left his writing for his son to discover and to eventually publish when the world was finally ready to receive it.

His son, Terry Talentino, started the ButterflyFree Project in 2014 and set out to share Jim's message with the world. Terry's efforts would result in the merger of Jim's writing, which was produced when Terry was a young adolescent, with the perspective and ideas that Terry himself had developed independently during the years subsequent to Jim's death. The ensuing magical and mystical results meant that the writing of father, and the ideas of son, fit in an empowering and prophetic symbiotic relationship of possibilities.

This father and son team listens to the wholly whisper from within, sharing what they hear on the subjects that they are called to share about. Their profound observations, penetrations and discernments provide much to consider and reflect upon in a world without ease.

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Nipples to the Skye: Total Trust and Surrender in Love 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
HeatherDawn More than 1 year ago
“Nipples to the Skye: Total Trust and Surrender in Love” is the 3rd book in the ButterflyFree project compiled by Terry Talentino. The words of his wise father, Jim Talentino, written on scraps of paper that followed Terry through many moves and even a hurricane, found themselves the source and crux of the inspiration for a series unlike anything else you may have read before. This one speaks to the soul about love and trust, two things we all say we want, but two things most of us have difficulty finding, or giving. This is about surrender, an acceptance of self, of faith, of love and of everything in-between.  Composed in a wholly unique way, each section or chapter speaks to something different, yet they all follow the same theme.   My favorite part may be ‘Monkey Business Rules of Conduct.’ Using the term, ‘Monkey on your back’ – which is generally used to convey an addiction, this instead speaks of other peoples burdens and problems, which I could be a form if addiction I suppose. The way some talk of other people’s baggage, the analogy here is monkeys – and it is wonderful. Your monkey is not my monkey… I love that.
BeccaHugh More than 1 year ago
What an odd name for a self-help book, but it all makes sense in the end. I followed this series from the beginning and loved the unique wisdom and presentation of each book. ‘Nipples to the Skye’ ties all of Jim Talentino’s advice and wisdom together and in my opinion delivers the most important message of all—be true to yourself. We’ve all heard that advice before but I personally (and I assume many others) never really ventured to wonder what that truly meant. By the end of ‘Nipples to the Skye,’ you will know what it means for sure, and realize what a tall order it really is. Just because the world pressures us to be this or do that doesn’t mean that’s what is ultimately best for us. Sometimes, you just need to hear that it’s OK to do something for yourself. Talentino delivers that, all through a series of short stories and poems.
SuperReaderTA More than 1 year ago
Trust and surrender… - I used to be a person who trusted no one and the word surrender was not in my vocabulary.  This did not serve me well in life and to say that I was unhappy would be a gross understatement.  Pain is a great motivator and this is where many people, myself included, finally throw up their hands and surrender.  As author Jim Talentino so artfully illustrates in "Nipple to the Skye", this is where the real healing, growth and living actually begins.  A wonderfully well-written book about trust and surrender, and the ultimate benefits that these ongoing acts can provide.  The ultimate lesson is contained right here and Talentino has clearly lived it.  What a wonderful series, written in a unique style that touches the heart and captivated this reader from the start.  This was certainly a fitting conclusion that inspired beyond measure.