Nirvana FAQ: All That's Left to Know About the Most Important Band of the 1990s

Nirvana FAQ: All That's Left to Know About the Most Important Band of the 1990s

by John D. Luerssen


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(FAQ). Nirvana FAQ traces the band from its genesis to its end. Founded by friends Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic, Nirvana had a rocky start and a succession of drummers, but by the end of 1990, its debut album, Bleach , had garnered international attention and the group's sixth drummer, Dave Grohl, had joined the fold. Following its mentors Sonic Youth to Geffen Records, Nirvana had hoped for modest success. Instead came unexpected wealth and fame on the strength of 1991's Nevermind and its iconic, breakthrough single "Smells Like Teen Spirit." Success didn't sit well with Cobain, who began to numb the stresses of rock stardom with heroin. Despite 1993's hit album In Utero , Cobain's unhappiness became increasingly apparent. His suicide in April 1994 shocked the music world and put an end to a band at the height of its popularity. Nirvana FAQ answers such questions as, What guitar teacher did Cobain and Novoselic have in common? Where did Cobain record his first demo? What was the cause of his first arrest? How was second guitarist Jason Everman hired and fired? What was the name of Grohl's first band, and where did he meet Cobain and Novoselic? Who is "Teen Spirit" about? How did Nirvana's war with Guns N' Roses begin? And more.

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ISBN-13: 9781617134500
Publisher: Backbeat
Publication date: 03/01/2014
Series: FAQ Series
Pages: 448
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 1.10(d)

Table of Contents

Foreword: Another Curt ix

Acknowledgments xiii

Introduction: Bring Your Friends xv

1 Maybe Just Happy: Kurt Cobain's Childhood 1

2 Teenage Angst: Cobain's Teen Years 23

3 Memoria: Krist Novoselic's Childhood 41

4 Take a Look at Who You Are: Novoselic's Teen Years 44

5 I Can Bend It, I Can Shape It, I Can Mold It Fecal Matter and More 53

6 Smile on Your Brother: Kurt and Krist Align 67

7 She Eats Glue, How About You? March 1987-March 1988 71

8 Can You Feel My Love Buzz? Nirvana on 45 82

9 Fill Me In on Your New Vision: Bleach 96

10 Let Me Take a Ride: Nirvana's First National Tour 119

11 It's Something Else, It's Something New: Fall 1989 127

12 Bruises on the Fruit: From "Sappy" to "Sliver" 143

13 Spring Is Here Again: Getting with Grohl 155

14 Son of a Gun: Dave Grohl's Childhood 163

15 Six Color Pictures, All in a Row: From Freak Baby to Scream 179

16 I'm Lucky to Have Met You: Gettin' with Geffen 196

17 All Our Pretty Songs: Nevermind 212

18 Here We Are Now, Entertain Us! Building a Buzz 229

19 For This Gift I Feel Blessed: Blowing Up 253

20 Don't Expect Me to Lie: Controversies 269

21 Married, Buried: Far East and Too Far Gone 272

22 Appreciate Your Concern: Vanity Fair, Reading, and the VMAs 290

23 All the Kids Will Eat It Up If It's Packaged Properly: Incesticide 300

24 Here in My Place of Recovery: Death Threats, Demos, and Calamity 303

25 It Was All Here Yesterday: Influences 313

26 We Spoke of Was and When: True Stories 326

27 One More at the Door of My Heart: In Utero 330

28 All in All, the Clock Is Slow: Dysfunction at Home 348

29 I'm So Tired, I Can't Sleep: Back to the Push and the Pull 352

30 What Else Should I Be? Unplugged and Unraveling 363

31 End It Someday: Checking Out 371

32 Never Speak a Word Again: The Aftermath 387

33 Find Your Place: Life Beyond Nirvana 392

34 We Can Have Some More: Posthumous Releases 405

35 Steamed Hot Towel on My Face: Twenty-One Random Nirvana Facts 411

Selected Bibliography 413

Index 419

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