Nitrogen, the Confer-N-s

Nitrogen, the Confer-N-s

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ISBN-13: 9780080984681
Publisher: Elsevier Science
Publication date: 12/02/2012
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
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About the Author

The late John Wisniewski was a technical consultant with DEC (now HP)beginning in 1987. Since 1988 he served as an OpenVMS Ambassador (VMS's Engineering Field liaison to customers). John worked directly for OpenVMS engineering, consulted with HP customers during corporate visits in Houston, and supported OpenVMS's largest VARs. An active member of the Dallas-Fort Worth Users Group, he helped establish the free OpenVMS hobbyist license program and OpenVMS educational license program, and supported Encompass Local User Groups throughout the world with technical advice, information, and lively technical talks on topics ranging from OpenVMS and DEC history to Security and Alpha Configuration. John lived in Mesquite, Texas, with his two aspiring webmaster daughters, Jessica and Jennifer, and their dog Dakota. His hobbies included managing his family's growing VMS, Linux, and Windows Home Internet network, lovingly restoring older DEC hardware, scanning in old DEC documentation, and cleaning his garage...

Table of Contents

Part headings and selected papers: Preface. Part 1: Summary Statement. Part 2: The Global Nitrogen Cycle. The global nitrogen cycle: changes and consequences (J.N. Galloway). Part 3: Effects. Impacts and fate of experimentally enhanced nitrogen deposition on a British lowland heath (S.A. Power et al.). Residual effects of N fertilization on soil-water chemistry and ground vegetation in a Swedish Scots pine forest (H.-Ö. Nohrstedt). Part 4: Emissions. Nitrous oxide flux from irrigated rice fields in West Java (W. Suratno et al.). Modelling the spatial distribution of agricultural ammonia emissions in the UK (U. Dragosits et al.). Part 5: Atmospheric Processes. Consequences of new scientific findings for future abatement of ammonia emissions (J.W. Erisman, G.J. Monteny). Wet deposition of ammonium and atmospheric distribution of ammonia and particulate ammonium in Japan (Kentaro Murano et al.). Part 6: Vegetation, Soil and Water. Experimental calibration of Ellenberg's indicator value for nitrogen (G.W.W. Wamelink et al.). Modelling the effects of nitrogen addition on soil nitrogen status and nitrogen uptake in a Norway spruce stand in Denmark (C. Beier, H. Eckersten). The influence of drought and natural rewetting on nitrogen dynamics in a coniferous ecosystem in Ireland (M.G. Ryan et al.). N-fluxes and efficiencies on farms in Styria, Austria (M. Kuderna, W.E.H. Blum). Part 7: Abatement. Setting international targets for controlling atmospheric emissions of pollutants – now and in the future (K.R. Bull, J.R. Hall). Spatial planning as a tool for decreasing nitrogen loads in nature areas (A. Bleeker, J.W. Erisman). Reduction of nitrogen oxides in flue gases (M. Radojevic). EU Policies for the reduction of nitrogen in water: the example of the Nitrates Directive (R.G. Goodchild). Author index. Keyword index. List of participants.

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