Nixon's Darkest Secrets: The Inside Story of America's Most Troubled President

Nixon's Darkest Secrets: The Inside Story of America's Most Troubled President

by Don Fulsom
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Nixon's Darkest Secrets: The Inside Story of America's Most Troubled President by Don Fulsom

A veteran White House reporter reveals our 37th president was even more sinister and haunted than we knew.

  While Richard Nixon left the White House as our most disgraced president, the American people never knew the full extent of his demons, paranoia, prejudices, hatreds, and chicanery. Calling on his work in covering Nixon in the White House, as well as scores of interviews with TK and invaluable, newly declassified documents and recordings, author Don Fulsom sheds new light on “Tricky Dick” by revealing: 

     *Nixon was in bed with the mob

     *Proof that the future president sabotaged the 1968 peace talks—and thus committed treason—for political gain. 

     *The presidnet was physically abusive towards Pat Nixon and also a White House Reporter

     *Nixon had a drinking problem that led top aides to refer to him as "Our Drunk"

     *The homosexual nature of his friendship with Bebe Rebozo

     *Testimony that Nixon might have ordered the killing of a White House Reporter Jack Anderson

Fulsom provocatively evokes our most unscrupulous and devious president, whose darkest maneuvers are only now coming to light.

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ISBN-13: 9780312662967
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Publication date: 01/31/2012
Pages: 304
Product dimensions: 5.76(w) x 8.58(h) x 1.05(d)

About the Author

DON FULSOM is a longtime White House reporter and former United Press International Washington bureau chief who has covered Presidents Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Reagan and Clinton. He is an adjunct professor at American University in Washington D.C. where he teaches “Watergate:  A Constitutional Crisis.” 

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Nixon's Darkest Secrets: The Inside Story of America's Most Troubled President 2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 14 reviews.
DChristensen More than 1 year ago
I have been studying Nixon for many years, reading every book about the man that I can find and there is no shortage of information out there about the man. Nixons life couldn't be less private than a political version of Jim Carreys character in the movie Truman. Nixon was so involved in "being president" when he was before the cameras that he seemed oblivious of anything else. In all of my readings regarding Nixon, the only thing that I have concluded about Nixon that has not been explored by the media is that he may have had ASPERGERS syndrome that well explains his reserve and social difficulties. Nothing that I have read about Nixon or heard on the tapes has led me to believe what is touted in the Don Fulsom book. In fact, Nixon's own voice from tapes and interviews show considerable tenderness and love for his wife. People close to Nixon, including Haig, have attested to how close the Nixon family was. Nixon is arguably the most investigated man in America during the last century. He was investigated by scores of political enemies who would've loved to destroy him, including Jack Anderson, if there was anything to EITHER of Fulsoms fevered speculations it would surely have come out. Bear in mind, at that time, homosexuality was regarded as an illness by the APA and a considerable liability for anyone seeking public office. Yet not one of Nixon's enemies who sought his destruction for past grievances made this accusation against Nixon, not one. Plus, Rebozo was investigated both before AND after Watergate, the only red flag was Mafia connections.  Don Fulsom touts his experience as "worked closely with Nixon" WHO does he think he's kidding here? Reporters report ON politicians, they don't work WITH them!  See, having read the books outlined by Fulsom as his sources, I know how he has skewed and cherry picked quotes. He also seems unable to plumb the facts about Rebozo, he states that Rebozo had only "brief" marriages, when in fact Rebozo was still married to his wife, whom he married during middle age, at the time he died at the age of 85. That doesn't sound like a brief marriage. Don Fulsom leaves out ANYTHING that doesn't help paint the picture that he's selling. As to "hand holding" what does that mean anyway? Google Nixon holding hands and you can find a picture of Nixon absent-mindedly holding Roy Acuffs hand after Roy showed him how to throw a Yoyo. What? Is Roy Acuff yet another Gay lover?  See YOUTUBE President Nixon Bowling and holding a young female bowlers hand.  Are we to think there was anything going on between them? All Politicians are adept at taking people by the hand. Let's look at the tapes. They cooked Nixon's goose in Watergate, Look for conversations available at the Nixon library, or the Miller Center. I will tell you that I have listened to many of Nixon's private conversations with Rebozo (CGR). Not bragging here, you can too. Not only are they brief (2 minutes or so) and unremarkable, with Nixon practically hanging up on his friend at times, but they often reveal a preconception on Nixon's part that his friend Rebozo was "a player" with the ladies.  Why did Fulsom ignore dozens of private conversations between the two? Because they DISAGREE with his innuendo. Fulsom EVEN insanely suggests that Nixon hated HIS OWN DAUGHTERS! I guess Don Fulsom can read minds! Fulsom's personal loathing is flagrantly revealed stun
JohnHuntington More than 1 year ago
A vicious attack on a dead man by a professed Nixon hater. The book speaks for itself, how anyone can take this shabby author seriously as he postulates wild fabrications based on nothing at all owes to the fact that there are lots of people out there who want to believe the worst about this guy. They join the author in his embrace of slander. I didn't particularly like Nixon but I can tell a cheap shot when I hear one. This book is riddled with inaccurate quotes and willful misinformation. A sad commentary on the state of publishing in the 21st century.
Sufferfoolsnotgladly More than 1 year ago
I had to force myself to finish this book. The author has a very warped view of friendship, I suppose any of us guys who go hunting or fishing annually would come under his suspicion as well. He accuses Nixon and Rebozo of having mob relations and engaging in criminal activity. How many people think that they needed an extra excuse to get together after reading that?? I mean, the men on the Sopranos spent a great deal of time together, perhaps in this authors vivid imagination Tony and Sal had a "thing" going on? This book is clearly an example of the depth that publishing houses are willing to go these days to sell books to people who want to fling manure at public figures. Why would this author go after a dead man whose reputation has already been thoroughly trampled, answer, One, he's dead and can't defend himself, and Two Nixon has a hefty following of haters who will gobble it up like flies on manure. Let me just warn anyone thinking of buying this book, it DOESN'T deliver new information, it's a clip job, and bad one at that. This author ignores information that doesn't line up with his premise. You see, the author apparently forgets that people who read books on Nixon, Have READ books on Nixon. We see the omissions of fact, even if some readers who are ignorant of Nixon do not.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I can't believe a reputable press like St. Martin's published this book. It is a hack job if ever I have seen one. It would appear that the author has a personal vendetta against Nixon. If you want salacious gossip, Kitty Kelley can, at least, write a better book. Mr. Fulsom is obviously no historian because he gets all of his information from other questionable books about Nixon. I saw no footnotes from serious Nixon historians like Stephen Ambrose and others. Not only are his sources questionable, the author has done a poor job of writing this book and it is in serious need of further editing. He is repetitive and fails to pull ideas together and draw conclusions. Just skip this book. It is a waster of your time.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I purchased this book today and finished reading it today. It's an explosive book and when I read of the clandestine set-up involving Richard Nixon to get South Vietnam's President, Thieu, to boycott the peace talks because Nixon promised him that South Vietnam and the USA would win the war when he became President, angered me. Even Sen. Dirksen, when he was given a heads-up about this clandestine action from LBJ, agreed that it was treason on Nixon's part. You will be appalled with Nixon's Mafia ties. Nixon publicly made homophobic statements, yet, there were witnesses who testified that Nixon and Bebe Rebozo were holding hands underneath the dinner table. The President also beat his wife and one time she had to go to an emergency clinic. He even slapped Air Force Sgt., Edward Kleizo, in the face and admonished him by saying, "I am not a crook!" He stood by while Gen. Lavelle was blamed for the escalated bombing in North Vietnam when it was the President's orders. "Nixon's Darkest Secrets" is a powerful book and one that you will be the star of the show when conversation breaks out at a social gathering.
Gobbledybooks More than 1 year ago
This book was very revealing in many ways, but probably not for the reasons that the author would hope. Instead this book reveals the pettiness of the press in dealing with a president. Their unseemly gossip mongering based on nothing more than the fact that they didn't understand or care for the focal figure of their attention (Nixon). The kinds of things related here seem as though they would fit in with the halls of high school gossip cliques more so than professional men and women reporting the news in the halls of government. Overall in my opinion I found the author's sensational rumors, which seem to stem solely from his own pen, to be hyped for commercial gain and to gain attention for just another book vilifying a much maligned President. With so-called biographers like Fulsom who fail to credibly substantiate the information they disseminate and who fail to make a credible case for character assassination I have nothing but contempt and a warning for like minded authors, keep writing garbage like this, and no one will believe anything said of Nixon anymore. The pile on mentality and indiscriminate publishing of suspect information common in the unmoderated cyber news blogs has seemingly arrived in print and this doesn't bode well for credible and factual historical accounts on which the reader can rely. And heralds a juvenile and sensationalistic tabloid approach to relating matters of serious historical concerns. Epic fail Mr. Fulsom.
Fulsomstinks More than 1 year ago
This book is not credible, particularly with respect to the irresponsible and unsubstantiated rumors that the author has tried to promulgate to help foster sales. If you care to delve into the facts, and had the author himself taken the time to do so (like any decent investigator would), he/you would find that Nixon's private recorded conversations with Bebe Rebozo reveals that Nixon believed his friend to be a 'ladie's Man" he even kidded him about it on tape. These tapes are available for anyone to review. Their relationship might have been venal, but it was decidedly not sexual. Because the author here abused the propensity for bloggers and web driven media to help sensationalize both these claims and his book (to help foster sales), for this reason alone Don Fulsom has impugned both his ability to investigate and verify, and he has shown himself to be a careless purveyor of tabloid journalism. Pathetic.
ChrisBakerBooks More than 1 year ago
This book is a rambling thread of speculation, gossip and conspiracies. The author makes no bones about his opinion of Richard Nixon. I'd read books on a few of our presidents, some are more interesting than others. Richard Nixon gets a lot of attention probably cause of his crash and burn administration. But one thing that stands out about Nixon is his absolute diamond hard focus on his career. I doubt he had much energy left for any other venture. I distrust the views of the author of this book, there is a distinct seediness to the endless parade of carelessly formed speculations and it seems that many in the press core at that time was particularly hostile to everything Nixon did. In an atmosphere like that, I'd expect gossip and rumor to run rampant. Thats what happens to unpopular people, and Nixon was very very unpopular especially after Watergate.The allegations that Nixon beat his wife seems very unlikely, cause I would think that someone would have come forward, a nurse an orderly, someone who had either witnessed her treatment or her injuries. The press staked out Nixon home and something like that would not have gone unnoticed. Because of mean and petty people poor Pat rarely went out after the resignation, because one woman even spit on her in a store. If there was mistreatment of Pat Nixon by anyone it was from people who cruelly enjoy brutalizing fallen public figures. Richard Nixon was not the only president who had a very close friend during his presidency, far from it. I'd read about Woodrow Wilson and he had a very close intimate friendship with a man named "Colonel "House. This man, House, even had living quarters provided for him inside the White house. Perhaps this book's author would like to Pursue or create a rumor based on that? Maybe this could be Fulsom's next literary project? Questioning each of our presidents sexuality could become his thing. I'm not serious that he should but think you get my point. I think that America today is obsessed with sexuality, one of the most talked about subjects in the net is who among celebrities might or might not be gay. It's stupid and besides the point. We are all just people gay or straight it makes no difference. And I wouldn't expect a real historian to write a chapter about a presidents sexuality based on the fact he had a good friend. That the author indulged in vague speculations on Nixon personal life doesn't help one to believe the more serious conspiracies covered in this book. To take his information here at face value is difficult when one looks at the other ridiculous views that the author has entertained without proof. I agree with others here that he probably used the silly claims on Nixon personal life to draw attention to his book, I think he really wanted people to look at his conspiracy theories. But now he has linked one silly discreditable story to another, and it hurts his believability. In the end this book just made me feel sorry for Richard Nixon. Reading it I feel like I was a spectator watching as a bully ceaselessly pounds his defenseless victim. I won't be keeping this book.
robertlockwoodmills More than 1 year ago
I'm surprised at the nearly unanimous condemnation of "Nixon's Darkest Secrets." It's clear that author Don Fulsom disliked Nixon's intensely, but his revelations are backed with documentation that should have convinced skeptical reviewers of their truthfulness. Nixon was an alcoholic, and while drinking doesn't justify his actions as president, Fulsom makes Nixon's erratic behavior more understandable to anyone who has dealt with alcoholism in a spouse or family member. I found the book to be convincing, with one exception...Nixon is portrayed as in need of financial help from Howard Hughes, Bebe Rebozo, and Robert Abplanalp, yet Fulsom closes the book by claiming that Nixon's conduct reflected his innated greed.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Not recommended, repetitive and resentful account of a fallen historical figure. Scant facts, plenty of speculation fueled by authors obvious bias.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
misleading book, poorly written, not recommended for students or scholars.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago