NJ ASK Grade 5 Language Arts Literacy

NJ ASK Grade 5 Language Arts Literacy

by Karen Magliacano


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NJ ASK Grade 5 Language Arts Literacy by Karen Magliacano

REA’s NJ ASK5 Language Arts Literacy test prep helps you sharpen your skills and pass the exam!

All fifth grade students in New Jersey are required to pass the NJ ASK (Assessment of Skills and Knowledge) Grade 5 Language Arts Literacy assessment test. Fully aligned with the core curriculum standards of the NJ Department of Education, our test prep provides the up-to-date instruction and practice that fifth grade students need to improve their Language Arts skills and pass this important high-stakes exam.

The comprehensive review features student-friendly, easy-to-follow lessons and examples that reinforce the key concepts tested on the NJ ASK5 Language Arts Literacy exam, including: working with and interpreting text, recognizing central ideas or themes, analyzing and critiquing text, making judgments/drawing conclusions, and addressing writing prompts

Our focused lessons appeal to students at all learning levels. Each lesson explains NJ ASK language arts literacy concepts in a language suitable for the fifth grade level, while numerous reading passages and examples strengthen abilities. Color icons throughout the book highlight important questions and study tips.

The book includes two full-length practice tests with detailed explanations of answers that allow you to test your knowledge and focus on areas in need of improvement. Our test-taking tips and strategies give you added confidence and ease anxiety before the exam.

Whether used in a classroom, at home for self-study, or as a textbook supplement, New Jersey teachers, parents, and students will consider this book a "must-have" prep for the NJ ASK5 Language Arts Literacy exam.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780738610207
Publisher: Research & Education Association
Publication date: 02/01/2012
Series: New Jersey ASK Test Preparation Series
Edition description: First
Pages: 192
Product dimensions: 8.40(w) x 10.80(h) x 0.70(d)
Age Range: 9 - 12 Years

About the Author

Dana Passananti is a fifth grade teacher in her hometown of Westfield, N.J. She attended Saint Joseph’s University, Philadelphia, PA, where she received her degree in Elementary Education and minored in English Studies. Dana has actively volunteered as an after-school tutor at a local Philadelphia city school. In her five years of teaching, she has taken her students on overnight camping trips, space flight simulations, and walking tours of New Jersey beaches.

Dana lives in Westfield, N.J., with her dog, Cody. She is extremely enthusiastic about having the opportunity to help students prepare for standardized testing through the use of this book.

Karen Magliacano teaches fourth grade at Demarest Elementary School in the Bloomfield, N.J., School District. Her previous teaching experience includes pre-school, kindergarten, and second grade. As a reading specialist, she has presented numerous workshops in her district pertaining to 6 Trait writing and reading strategies. Karen is the peer coach for her school, a position that gives her the opportunity to work with new teachers, observe lessons, model new instructional strategies, provide turnkey information from professional development training, and serve as the “go-to” person in her school.

Karen received her second master’s degree, in Educational Leadership, through the Fast Track Program at Montclair State University in August 2010. The degree led to a principal/supervisor certification.

Read an Excerpt

Chapter 1

Succeeding on the NJ ASK Grade 5 Language Arts Literacy Test

This book holds the keys to your success on the NJ ASK Grade 5 Language Arts Literacy Test. Here you’ll find everything you need to succeed, including:

• Focused subject review

• Many examples to reinforce your mastery in each content area

• Two full-length practice tests in the same format as the actual test

We encourage you to work through the book from front to back. Some areas may be newer to you than others. Still, by the end of each section, you will have a good idea about where you need to put in more time and what you are comfortable with for test day.

This book focuses on reading and writing instruction and practice. There are two lesson sections:

Chapter 2: You will find assorted reading skills and passages within this chapter. Each skill has two practice activities. One activity will focus on open-ended or paragraph responses. The other activity will focus on multiple-choice, matching, or fill-in-the-blank type answers.

Chapter 3: You will find various writing prompts and tips within the writing portion of this section. The chapter starts off by explaining the two types of writing you will need to respond to in a timely fashion. Next, a prewriting section is introduced with an opportunity to practice organizing your thoughts and ideas. Here we give you a brief outline about how you can set up your writing. This chapter concludes with a brief instruction on how to revise and edit your writing piece.

Finally, this book concludes with two full-length practice tests mirrored from NJ ASK Grade 5 Language Arts Literacy tests from previous years. Following each test, we provide you with answers and complete explanations.

The New Jersey Department of Education sets the following goals for the NJ ASK testing program:

• To measure and promote student achievement of challenging state curriculum standards

• To provide accurate and meaningful information about student performance

• To meet state and federal accountability requirements

The format of the test for Grade 5 includes two days of Language Arts Literacy assessment. There are three reading passages at grade level for fifth grade students to read, analyze, and answer questions based on the reading. Sometimes you will need to draw on personal experiences. The reading passages you will encounter are both fiction and nonfiction, ranging from literary and informational to everyday text. Expect a wide range of genres and sources for each selection.

The writing portion of the test will focus on two types of writing: expository and speculative. Writing tasks require students to respond in a variety of modes and forms for a variety of purposes. Some may present a brief scenario for an imaginative story, while others may ask students to reflect on a personal memory, time, and place. Students will be given 30 minutes to respond to the writing task. Further explanation of writing tasks can be found in Chapter 3.

All practice test questions are based on NJ ASK Grade 5 Language Arts Literacy Content Clusters and Skills.


Tips for Teachers
As with most standardized testing, students may feel an overwhelming sense of anxiety. As teachers, we must remind students that there is nothing to be nervous about. Using this book will guide you in working on and monitoring the progress of each child. Preparing students with time management skills and reviewing the work they’ve completed will give them the confidence they need to succeed on the NJ ASK.

Here are a few reminders for your students to help make the testing experience easier.

1. Get a full night’s sleep before testing.

2. Eat a good breakfast so he/she has plenty of energy.

3. Dress comfortably.

4. Get to school on time.

Tips for Parents
Students work hard all year long on being organized, using their time wisely and being responsible for their school work. Reminding them to use those skills on the test will reinforce the notion that hard work pays off. Prior to the test, stay in close contact with your child’s teacher so that you know what skills need more reinforcement. Provide a nurturing learning environment for homework and projects and commend your child on his/her hard work and dedication.

Here are a few important reminders to give your child for test day.

1. Pay close attention to the directions given by your teacher. If you don’t understand, it is important to ask for help.

2. Answer the questions that are easy first, then go back to work on the more difficult questions.

3. Work at a steady pace – don’t rush.

4. Write answers neatly.

5. If you have extra time, go back and check your work.

6. Only change an answer if you are sure it is wrong.

Thank you for helping to provide your child with a successful NJ ASK experience!

Table of Contents


About Our Authors
About Research & Education Association

Chapter 1: Succeeding on the NJ ASK Language Arts Literacy Grade 5 Test

Using This Book
What's on the Test
Preparing for the Test
Tips for Parents and Teachers

Chapter 2: Reading Comprehension
Open-Ended Responses
Literary Elements
Exercise 1: Literary Elements
Exercise 2: Literary Elements
Making Inferences
Exercise 3: Making Inferences
Exercise 4: Making Inferences
Main Idea and Supporting Details
Exercise 5: Main Idea and Supporting Details
Exercise 6: Main Idea and Supporting Details
Author’s Purpose
Exercise 7: Author’s Purpose
Context Clues
Exercise 8: Context Clues
Exercise 9: Context Clues
Analyzing Text
Exercise 10: Sequencing
Exercise 11: Compare / Contrast
Exercise 12: Cause / Effect

Chapter 3: Writing Prompts
Expository Writing
Expository Prompts 1
Expository Prompts 2
Speculative Prompts
Speculative Prompts 1
Speculative Prompts 2
Revising and Celebrating Your Written Work

Practice Test 1
Practice Test 2

Practice Test 1: Detailed Answers and Explanations
Practice Test 2: Detailed Answers and Explanations

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