No Accountability: (Reworked Updated Edition)

No Accountability: (Reworked Updated Edition)

by Mr Keith Lawton


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No Accountability: (Reworked Updated Edition) by Mr Keith Lawton

A sequence of family tragedies led to Keith Lawton spending his childhood with a series of foster parents and in a notorious care home. Unable to deal with the abuses and cruelty he suffered, Keith locked his memories away, but he is haunted by nightmares.
Years later, having built a successful career in the construction industry, Keith decides to find out about his past. As he discovers his case files, and the often heart-breaking notes written about him all those years ago, his memories emerge, and he begins to piece together a past where a little boy, vulnerable and alone, was failed by the system, over and over again.
This is Keith's story, honest, raw and heartfelt. It is a story of discovery, of hurt, and ultimately of healing, as Keith recounts his own past in the hope that it may help others to come to terms with their own.

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ISBN-13: 9781999850227
Publisher: Keith Lawton
Publication date: 10/18/2017
Pages: 282
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 1.25(h) x 9.00(d)

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No Accountability 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
'A Wonderful Story' Keith Lawton tells his True life story with humour and bravery Keith was take from his mothers arms at birth & alternated between being in council care & living with his parents. Keith lost his Father at the age of 5, His Mother who was a chronic schizophrenic got taken into an asylum, leaving him never to see his parents again. Incredibly Keith guides you through this hell with humour, at the same time you can tell that he has lived it. Amazingly with little to no education or roll model he became a successful man. Keith will inspire you beyond all belief & he will make you realise that the power of one is 'Mighty' Change only comes with weight of numbers - so put air beneath the wings of this story & send it aloft Help Keith to help others by encouraging others to tell 'their stories'
writermandy1984 More than 1 year ago
In his memoir No Accountability by Keith Lawton, we hear a story about the author as a young child who was put into foster care in the UK. Lawton had a schizophrenic mother and alcoholic dad who the system worked with up until the father’s death and the mother’s remittance to a mental health facility. At that time the three boys were split up and put into different child care facilities. Lawton loses his brothers at an early age when memories are still forming and he is able to piece together his memories with the help of his file he obtained in his adult life. This writing is meant to be a healing project for the author and to expose a broken system that he is pleading with the powers to be to change. The reader will follow him through the horrors of his life as a foster child and ward of the state and later as he searches for his family in his adult life. This book is clearly written with a lot of passion and brings to life the failed system the author endured which damaged him more than his family ever could. The author has chosen not to go into details of the events that happened and the reader can clearly read between the lines of some of the abuse he endured but without being able to tell us some basic things it is at times hard to follow the failures of the system which the author speaks about. At times the pleas for change in the current system are so long and passionate it is almost as if the author has gotten a soapbox out to plead with us for the change. I agree with the author’s assessment based on what he wrote and alluded to but at times it is difficult to understand exactly. I think this book is an important piece of work however. The author has really put his experience out for others to see and in turn I believe it’s a story we need to hear and that will help others. As far as time within a memoir goes, this book has done a brilliant job with how the information is compiled and in keeping most things in a chronological and easy to follow manner. There are some editing mistakes such as the term “fitted” but nothing that would affect the overall work. The action in the book keeps the reader involved and moves the story forward although the monologue about the changes needed to the system could have been more specific and succinct. In all this is a memoir we should all take the chance to read especially those working with foster children, in the care systems, or mental health professionals. The only way we can stop these things is by people like the author speaking up and bringing these things to our attention. This isn’t something that should still be happening. My hope for the author is that this book has brought him healing, although I still detect some depression from his final chapter, and will help him to move forward in his life. From learning the author really didn’t have a good school experience and worked very hard later in life to get some basic education to seeing this final work shows the resiliency of what those who have had a rough life can accomplish if they believe in themselves and push to move forward.
Blackcrayon More than 1 year ago
No Accountability is a perfect title for this book since accountability is the center of the author's childhood. The book is the life story of a man named Keith who lost his parents at a young age, one to death and one to mental illness, and ended up seperated from his brothers and family and placed into foster care.In Keith's life his mother's family had no accountability with with her mental illness, then Keith faced no accountability in the group and foster homes, where he faced lots of adversity. The author does a great job of staying on the line of giving the reader enough of the "gory" details of what he went through in his childhood to keep the readers attention, but not going overboard to the point that this things that happened to him become the whole story since this is not the point of the story. The story is also very well written, which made it a very easy and fast read. The book is about 280 pages, so not extremely short, but it does not feel like it is that long as you are read it, the only issue that I would say that I had with the story structure is the author does go back and forth in the story, with this I mean you are informed of things happening before it actually does. One example of this would be we are told that his dad died and that he was placed into foster care, but then he goes back to when his parents met and progress to the point of his life where the event of his dad dying happens. I would have liked it a bit better if he had primarily stuck to the timeline, so that some of the events would have been more dramatic. There was also a few times when he discussed the accountability of the workers in the care home and foster home as well as in the end when he discussed his current employment that it did get a little preachy feeling, but these are very minor. Overall I would definitely give this book a 5 out of 5, its a difficult subject, but a good book that is well written and is a fast read that will keep your attention. If it also one that will make you think about your actions and others, you will consider what you would do in that kind of situation. So I recommend everyone to read this book.
CrossroadReviews More than 1 year ago
No Accountability by Keith Lawton was an interesting almost 300 pages. It follows along with the main character Keith Lawton (the author) You can’t help but feel for the situations that this person was put though. I really enjoyed how he didn’t like setbacks and situations like family issues, living in foster care, and others stop him from being successful. Its one of those rare occasions that someone gets to really be who they want to be. It goes along with the saying hard work pays off. This book took me on an emotional roller coaster as you read what Keith went though. Its one that will stick with me for days to come its a memoir for those who want to know how one persons life change so much in the blink of an eye.
Sonalify More than 1 year ago
A healing story of triumph, survival & forgiveness; No Accountability is a memoir from author Keith Lawton! This is a sequel to his debut novel with the name of No Photographs. This memoir showcases the author’s childhood where he was moved through the care homes to foster homes, after tragic events happened with his family at a very young age. Being a fan of reading memoirs, I picked up this book with so much of expectations and interest and this didn’t disappoint me ! The book takes you during 1950s when Keith was separated from his family and he was placed in a foster home. Being born to an alcoholic father and a schizophrenic mother, the events that followed his father's death and his mother's illness left him in the care of and in middle of a national scandal, the British care system; this story leaves you totally speechless. Rather than staying quiet about the cruelty and abuse that he suffered at the hands of others he has put his sufferings in writing. It needs a lot of courage for what he has done for the improvement of system. I liked the fact that this is written directly by Mr. Lawton and not a different writer because he expresses the feelings in a raw way and nothing seems artificial. This thought provoking story written with full of passion and drive that develops the rider’s connection magically. If you like to read memoirs, then I take the accountability of recommending this book to you!
Paula_Stewart1 More than 1 year ago
He Will Make It! This autobiography No Accountability by Keith Lawton tells Keith's story of his victory over neglect, torment, and a painful past. He is not a professional writer so don't expect the polished work of one. What you will find instead is his heartfelt story of being born to an alcoholic father and a schizophrenic mother. The events that followed his father's death and his mother's illness left him in the care of and in middle of a national scandal, the British "Care" system. Rather than say quiet about the cruelty and abuse that he suffered at the hands of others he has put his sufferings in writing. He has done this in the hope of helping those in care, giving care, and naive to what happens to these children - past, present, and future. This brave man was born just one year before me and yet we have lived very different lives. As I read and the gravity of the fact that this could have been my life just as easily as it was his sunk in I had to take a few moments to appreciate all that I had been blessed with. The author has written a healing story of triumph, forgiveness, and understanding.
Ebienic More than 1 year ago
Keith was a little boy who was a victim of the system. He lost his dad in a tragic accident when he was 5, and his mum was deemed “unfit” to raise her boys due to her mental health condition. As a consequence, Keith bounced around from group home to foster home until he finally ran away and made something of himself. But of course, it should have never come to that. Abuses in the system were rampant and he was not the only victim. No Accountability is a memoir from author Keith Lawton, and a follow up to his debut book No Photographs. It records details of his life - some based on his memory, some based on others or records he found - as he grew up in council care (foster care) in England in the 1970’s. As I work in adoption, it breaks my heart to see all the abuses in the system that is supposed to be a safety net for kids. I read most of his book as a sad little boy still longing just to know and belong, while being failed at every turn by the adults who were supposed to be looking out for him. I don’t know that his solution of staying with his mom while the state supported her in her mental health care would have worked out exactly as he assumed it would, as being raised by a parent with a severe mental health condition is just as challenging as being married to one, which he also experienced. However I do think it sounds possibly preferable than what he got. But still there should have been a better way, and while most professionals are loathe to point out their own errors, perhaps those of us now working in child welfare can read this as a cautionary tale and examine our own actions to ensure no other child is abused by the system in this way.
Sandra-C More than 1 year ago
I really enjoy reading true life stories and that is what drew me to this novel initially, that it would be an interesting memoir into the author’s life and the troubles that he encountered. The story recounts memories about the author’s experiences in his youth and in the state care system, stories which are often heart-breaking, shocking and troubling. I really appreciate the author’s dedication to revealing/exposing some of the negative failures of the care system and of certain people he encountered growing up, and I commend his desire to give courage to others to do the same, whether they have experienced similar issues in the care system or even outside of the care system. The story is written and edited very well, and is given in a clear, natural voice which makes the novel compelling and easy-to-read despite the emotional and troubling subject matter. I read the novel over one weekend, as I found it to be very interesting and compelling and I was eager to find out what happened next. You really become immersed in the story, and I found it hard to put the book down, even when some of the content made me feel emotional. Even the cover of the novel speaks to the depth and honesty of the story, and I can truly say that it was one of the best true-life stories I have ever read. If you like true life literature novels then I highly recommend you read this one.