No Daffodils, No Clouds

No Daffodils, No Clouds

by Tom Lyford


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No Daffodils, No Clouds, like Tom Lyford's earlier poetry books, is a compendium of baby boomer Americana. The table of contents listing, with everything from "Brat Packs" and "Idiots' Guide to Wormholes" to "A Terrible Thing to Waste" and "Poem Nazis," reads like the big board of Alex Trebeck's Jeopardy categories.

Allow Tom Lyford to personally introduce you to his unwitting mentors Janis Joplin, Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, Stephen King, J. D. Salinger, and Ray Bradbury. Accept the tokens he offers for passage back through the Twilight Zone turnstile to relive those sights and sounds and smells of your '50s and '60s drive-in movie theater and roller skating pavilion. Contemplate his long view as to where we've been, and where we're headed.

But you'll discover no "wandering lonely as a cloud" or "host of daffodils" here. Why? Because legions of Wordsworth wannabes have been doing that since 1802. What you will find, however, is a lot of humor and heart. You'll find accessible poems that you can understand. And you'll even find creative illustrations...

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ISBN-13: 9781478230021
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 07/14/2012
Pages: 98
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About the Author


"OK. Yes. I'm a pop culture fool. What else can I say? Me,
the original Tiny Town Kid, born and raised here back in the Fifties and two hundred miles north of the nearest city... I mean, what other kind of culture was there-"
-from "Culture Club Apologia."

Tom Lyford was born a hopeless romantic in the summer of 1946. Imprinting upon the be-bop tunes of a couple of older cousins living next door, he was quickly seduced by the brainless lyrics... lyrics that were to act as a gateway drug, of sorts, leading him to the rock'n roll movies playing the local cinema where, eventually, he would spend the bulk of his childhood. This was virtual reality at its 1950s finest.

All thumbs, and not a practical bone in his body, it soon became evident that he was born hopeless in many other ways as well. One of the 'those-who-can't-do-TEACH' set, he became a high school English teacher by default and remained employed as such for thirty-four years. A lifetime of introducing kids to the poetry and literature of others, however, sparked an interest in picking up his own Bic pen and giving the writing life a whirl.

Tom's poems and essays have been published in a number of regional journals as well as a few anthologies. He has published five chapbooks of poetry and now two full-length collections. In 2009, Lyford's first, full-length prose memoir, a humorous work titled Work Aversion Trauma: A Lifetime of Suffering, came out. This was followed very recently in 2011 by a childhood memoir, Playing With Fire.

Today Tom enjoys providing readings and writing workshops at schools, libraries, churches, civic organizations, and nursing homes. His hobbies have included directing, as well as acting in, plays; appearing in one independent film; practicing amateur radio; dabbling in photography; motorcycling; computer programming; playing the guitar; writing poetry; story-telling; creating You Tube videos; and performing a little stand-up comedy.

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