No Dukes Allowed

No Dukes Allowed

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BN ID: 2940158842368
Publisher: Grace Burrowes Publishing
Publication date: 05/15/2018
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
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No Dukes Allowed 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Jane_Pike 11 months ago
No dukes, just gentlemen Three friends share a residence in Brighton, each one of their own reason. All three are duchesses and had their issues with dukes, the ton and men, still have in fact. Avoiding unwanted attention, they fight for what is important to them. “Genie” is butting head with Adam, who happens to build a gentlemen’s club in her street, bothering her with the noise. Genie seeks refuge in Brighton only to be bothered by a man who blackmails her in order to get his hands on her money. Adam, not of title, is a pleasant company and he could help her as she could help him, couldn’t they? Diana is our second heroine, secretly pining for Oliver, who is now back, but not in reach, because he is already engaged to one of her friends, Hannah. Comical how he searches for her and she does everything to avoid him. Then we have a very annoying man pursuing Diana.Backwards and forwards it goes with these two. Belinda is, you could say, harassed by a duke who is convinced that she will become his duchess and so is the ton. He is quite mean in order to achieve his goal. Matthew, her old flame comes back and is ruining her dreams for the hospital. His plans for it collide with hersand we have a battle of wills and power. Thank you for hero’s who are no dukes and for most not of the ton’s cream. All three stories where nice reads. What I missed a bit had been an overall arch. While the three ladies share a house and claim to be friends, we have little action over their stories. For most the heroines deal with their own issues in their story and the others are just mentioned. I would have liked more interaction and support from friends, but besides that, nice reads.
Marichus-Real More than 1 year ago
This review is for The Double Duchess by Anna Harrington. Once I read the rest, I will update this review. Belinda had to marry a Duke to save her family from her father’s debts. Now she is a widow and a Duchess. She has devoted all her life and effort to attend and take care of the pensioners from the veterans’ hospital. Maxwell has been all his life in love with Belinda but he had to say no to her because he has no means to support her. Now things are different and he wants to grab the second chance at love that life grants him. I liked the book. Both characters are good people, honest and caring. I loved the end, the solution to the hospital versus academy problem. It was absolutely perfect.
PegC51 More than 1 year ago
In No Dukes Allowed, three couples, actually four, fall in love and two pompous dukes and an arrogant marquess get their deserved and quite amusing comeuppance. Architect of My Dreams by Grace Burrowes After an argument with a noisy architect across the street from her residence, Eugenia, Dower Duchess of Tindale, decamps to Brighton to escape her unwanted suitor, an arrogant marquess, and join her friends for a holiday. Geni and Adam Morcambe meet again in Brighton, become friends and fall in love. When Lord Dunstable threatens Geni (he wants to marry a fortune), the two of them work together to thwart his plans. If they succeed, they can have a very happy ever after. Pursuit of Honor by Kelly Bowen Diana Thompson wants desperately to avoid the Duke of Riddington, who has taken into his head that she will be his duchess (ew). The man is a pompous dolt who has authored rumors that he and Diana are already involved. When he friend, Hannah Hutton go into full panic at a ball, Diana discovers that the person causing this reaction is not the duke, but Hannah’s supposed betrothed and the man whom Diana has loved for as long as she can remember, Oliver Graham. Oliver wants Diana to help him find his sister. Even though the two of them acknowledge their love, they feel honor-bound by the betrothal. As it turns out, Hannah solves the situation, and you won’t believe how. Riddington creates his own comeuppance with his inexhaustible, and quite public boasting (even if not all of it is true). You will laugh out loud at this one. The Double Duchess by Anna Harrington Ten years ago, Belinda, now the Dowager Duchess of Winchester, and Maxwell Thorpe fell deeply in love. However, he seemingly abandoned her to further his military career. Now he is Brighton to set up a military academy. In order to do this he wants to move the Pensioners from the Royal Hospital so that the building can be used for the academy. As they spend time together attempting to bring some suitable solution to the opposing ideas, they become reacquainted and realize they are still in love. Belinda is still doesn’t quite trust him. In the meantime the Duke of Pomperly (who wants to marry Belinda for her duchess experience and money) works behind the scenes to keep them apart. It doesn’t look promising. Then while working to save the hospital from a fire, Belinda has an idea that just might be the solution they need. Will Maxwell agree, the hospital board, the Secretary of War? If it works, will it give Belinda and Maxwell a second chance? Last, but not least, will it cause the duke to throw up his hands in defeat? Three talent authors, three terrific stories, 5 stars x 3. I received an ARC of this set. My review is voluntary.
moonfox1234 More than 1 year ago
A wonderful and entertaining read that includes three great stories by three talented authors. Filled with humor, drama, tender emotions, and sweet passion, each of these stories was enjoyable. Genie and Adam had such a sweet and deep emotional connection in, Architect of My Dreams. I loved how they just got one another so easily. They were just like two pieces of a puzzle. Diana and Oliver have a sweet friends to lovers story. Filled with humor and all the poignancy of two friends struggling with the shocking realization that love has taken root. Finally, Belinda and Maxwell share a painful past. Now brought together once again, the embers of their love remain and are parking anew. But, hurt feelings, mistakes, misunderstandings, opposing opinions, and drama stand in their way. All together a excellent read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
“Architect of My Dreams” - Grace Burrowes Lady Alice is praising her hostess, Eugenia (Genie) the Dowager Duchess of Tindale, age 28, for being able to watch such gorgeous men as they work in constructing a new place across from her home. The newcomer is Adam Morecambe. Lady Alice’s husband has informed her that it will not be a residence but a gentleman’s club called the Blackball Club. It will be a club that is open only to commoners. The noise of the construction is so intense that Genie and Alice go out to berate Mr. Morecambe. She insists that his crew limit their work hours until she leaves town the following week. Genie is going to Brighton with some friends because she knows the irritating Marquess of Dunstable will not look for her there. Ah, but as she is walking with her friends, she comes upon the man. She manages to get away from him and then finds that Mr. Morecambe is in town. They discover a mutual interest in architecture so she offers to show him the architectural wonders of her home and other properties. They soon become friends and spend time together. Mr. Morecambe is searching for the home that his architect father had built in Brighton. It had been rumored that the building was built very poorly and Morecambe knows that cannot be true. With Genie’s influence, they get to the bottom of a cruel plot. This story started out a bit slow for me but I truly came to love the main characters and the ending. “Pursuit of Honor” - Kelly Bowen Brighton, England - 1823 Diana Thompson and Hannah Burton have been friends for a long time. When at a ball, Hannah drags Diana behind a potted plant, she is surprised to find that Hannah is hiding from someone. Diana is worried about Hannah because she seems truly frightened. Diana is a widow whose husband, Lawrence, was killed in Belgium fighting the French just shortly after they had been married. Oliver Graham, third son of Viscount Hambleton, is in Brighton searching for his sister, Madelene, whom he has not seen in years. She had run away and no one had been able to find her. When he sees Diana, they are so happy as it has been many years since they have been together. Diana is privately crushed because Oliver is to marry Hannah. It is a marriage that has been planned since they were children. It breaks Diana’s heart because she has loved Oliver for so very long. He asks her to help him find Madelene to which she agrees. But, the arrogant Duke of Reddington tries to make Diana go home because he plans to marry her. She rejects him and Oliver backs her up. The odious Duke is determined to marry Diana but she refuses to accept him. When Diana and Oliver are together again, they realize they truly love one another. But Diana knows he must honor his betrothal to Hannah. Will they both find happiness in their lives? I really liked this story and I know other readers will as well. The characters are real which makes such a difference in making a good story. Kelly Bowen is a favorite author of mine and I have always enjoyed her books. “The Double Duchess” - Anna Harrington Fort St. George, India - 1813 Lieutenant Maxwell Thorpe has received a letter from Belinda whom he loved saying that her father wants her to marry Lord George Collins and begging him to come home. But he pens her a note saying he cannot come home and she must forget about him. Brighton, England - 1823 Belinda, age 28, has taken her late husband’s place on the bo
Neesie315 More than 1 year ago
Who doesn't love a duke? Well, I would say the three ladies in these three novellas! Despite being dowager duchesses, each one chooses another type of man to pursue! The stories are all entertaining and do a great job in describing the Regency period, with all of its fashion, balls, décor and romance. I love the fact that these women decide what they want and then pursue it. The male love interests are well-developed and likeable and the Dukes that our ladies want to avoid are sufficiently odious and pompous to make the most gentle of ladies cringe! I enjoyed the descriptions of the architecture from the viewpoint of Adam Morecambe and found them to be unique in Regency books that I have read. And, Anna Harrington continues to be one of my favorite Regency authors! If you love the Regency period and are looking for some short and entertaining reads, grab this book! I agree with the three Duchesses: No Dukes Allowed!
lcdolphin More than 1 year ago
Thank goodness there are no Dukes allowed, as the men that finally get their Duchesses are much better by far. These three stories involve three friends, Duchesses by their first marriages, that find their happily ever afters. I don't think I can pick a favourite of these three stories, all are so well written. These stories are complete, and well timed, despite being novellas (not an easy thing to accomplish). Kelly Bowen is a new author for me, but I will be reading more of her work soon. Grace Burrowes and Anna Harrington, need no introduction - both incredible story tellers, and always on my TBR list.