No Excuses Fitness: The 30-Day Plan to Tone Your Body and Supercharge Your Health

No Excuses Fitness: The 30-Day Plan to Tone Your Body and Supercharge Your Health

by Donovan Green

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"Donovan Green proves that motivation and inspiration improves his clients' lives inside and outside of the gym. Donovan's own life story is the greatest example of how being motivated and driven makes what once seemed impossible a reality."
--Joe Scarborough, NBC News Senior Political Analyst and host, Morning Joe

Dr. Oz's personal trainer, Donovan Green, delivers a 30-day fitness program focusing on exercise, diet, and attitude, forged from his experience training thousands of clients ranging from celebrities to regular folks.

Between his positive, can-do spirit and practical, brass tacks strategies for getting in shape, it's no wonder that Donovan Green has reached 3.7 million daily viewers via his unique No Excuses platform on With No Excuses Fitness, Green delivers a comprehensive month-long plan designed to help readers lose 10 pounds in 30 days. Filled with healthy recipes, workouts that can be done anywhere and with minimal equipment, and daily tips for staying focused (especially through plateaus), and featuring a foreword by Dr. Oz's wife Lisa, No Excuses Fitness will inspire and guide anyone interested in losing weight and gaining optimal health.

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ISBN-13: 9780316380942
Publisher: Hachette Books
Publication date: 04/14/2015
Sold by: Hachette Digital, Inc.
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 13 MB
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About the Author

Born in Jamaica and raised in the Bronx, Donovan Green is a national authority on fitness and self-defense, a motivational speaker, and frequent guest on The Dr. Oz Show.

Table of Contents

Preface Lisa Oz ix

Prologue: Training Shoshana xi

Chapter 1 No Excuses! 1

Can money buy fitness? 3

Change your ways 5

Step by step 5

Don't fear success 6

What you need to survive this program 8

Chapter 2 The Wellness Tripod 11

Why are Americans so heavy? 12

Is fitness genetic? 13

Re-create your circle 14

Choose health 15

Time is not on your side 16

Chapter 3 My Fitness Journey 19

Discovering fitness 20

Workouts and haircuts 22

Kickboxing with Grementhia 22

Committing to fitness 24

My brother Diamond 25

Chapter 4 Mind 29

Don't fear pain 29

How to build resilience 30

Emotional fitness 31

Stay on track 33

Spiritual fitness 34

Chapter 5 Food 39

Progress, not perfection 41

Forget willpower 42

How I learned to eat 43

The curse of abundance 45

How many calories? 45

Building a healthy diet 46

How to measure progress 53

Lose that scale 54

Stop making mistakes 54

Chapter 6 Exercise 57

Measuring fitness 58

Fitness anxiety 59

Short and sweet 60

Becoming an athlete 60

Five steps to physical fitness 62

Gym or home? 63

Seven steps to success 65

Know your body 67

Chapter 7 The No Excuses Program 69

Phase 1 Think 70

Phase 2 Reach 103

Phase 3 Move 130

Chapter 8 Recipes 157

Smoothies 157

Juices 162

Eggs 165

Grains 167

Sandwiches 168

Vegetables 171

Chicken 173

Seafood 176

Soups 179

Desserts 182

Snacks 184

Appendixes 185

Appendix A Donovan's 3-Day Juice Cleanse 187

Appendix B Pantry List 189

Appendix C Stretches 193

Appendix D Sneak-Attack Workouts 199

Appendix E Glossary 201

Appendix F Additional Resources 203

Appendix G The No Excuses Oath 205

Acknowledgments 207

Index 209

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