No Excuses!

No Excuses!

by Rick Bobzien


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ISBN-13: 9781449078973
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 03/01/2010
Pages: 164
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No Excuses!

The "War On Obesity"
By Rick Bobzien


Copyright © 2010 Rick Bobzien
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4490-7897-3

Chapter One

Definition Of An Overly Fat Person

So, you have decided to read further. Maybe this is due to your curiosity. Maybe you are already disgusted with the author and you want to read further to build up your animosity and also gain ammunition to further critique the outlandish (obviously your opinion not mine) claims that people can actually control their bodies through some form of accountability. Or, maybe you are a fat person who needs some form of self-help, some prodding which would enable you to lose weight and thus lead a more normal life. If so, congratulations! But, for whatever reason you are continuing to read further, to fully understand the book you must have a definition of an Overly Fat Person.

Having a definition is also important because many individuals, who are indeed fat, don't consider themselves fat. It totally amazes me about what is occurring in our society these days. In our society today many, many people who are overly fat actual think they are just fine with respect to their body weight. Much of these feelings of contentment by overweight and obese individuals stems from denial. And unfortunately this comes with full support and empathy from large portions of our society. Some of this denial by fat people also comes from the fact that they feel somewhat normal because so many in our society are overweight. An overweight person is conditioned to feel normal and feels totally comfortable with themselves because they "fit in." There will be more on these thoughts in later chapters.

So what classifies a person as an OFP? Are we talking about what the medical community classifies as "Morbidly Obese?" Are we considering people who are "Obese" as being an Overly Fat Person? Or are we labeling individuals who fall under the medical communities classification of "Overweight" as being OFP's?

I have actually given this much thought, this need to easily determine a method to classify an individual as an OFP. At first, I thought of defining the OFP condition by considering anyone more than 1015 pounds heavier then the normal healthy individuals body weight as an OFP. But this posed obvious problems. First, what is the definition of a "Normal" person and whose definition would be the most accurate. And the second problem posed by using "normal" body weight as the standard, is that what was normal in the 1960's for example, is not what would be considered normal in today's society.

Another issue with using "Normal" as a base to determine if someone is an OFP is that "Normal" is often considered as what is "Average" amongst the population. So, if that is the case, then we have even more problems. We then have problems such as which population should be considered, the United States population? Boy, wouldn't that make it easy for all the fat people, seeing as to how the average person in the United States now is probably medically considered "Overweight." Gee, let's add 10 to 15 pounds to an individual's weight who is already overweight to determine an Overly Fat Person's weight. Or maybe the world's population should be used to determine a standard? Or how about the population of Japan? No, "Normal" or "Average" is not a great method to determine if an individual is an OFP.

I also considered the various medical communities height and weight charts with all the different scales/variables for men, women, children, and various ages, bone structures, etc. Yikes!!!!!!! No, that would not be a great method of determination. Besides, some in the medical community actually think just because we reach middle age or older that we should naturally become heavier. Some in the medical community must feel that an individual is not capable of adjusting their caloric intake as their metabolisms or daily activity levels change. That way of thought is part of our cultures philosophy that contributes to Overly Fat People and our nations fat epidemic; so why on earth would I deem these medical charts and scales a great yardstick?

And yes, I even thought of the BMI (Body Mass Index) garbage that is out there for all of us to ponder. Take it from someone who works out, the BMI index is a piece of garbage. It is amazing, and actually alarming (we sometimes trust them, don't we?) that the scientific community could come up with something with so many obvious shortcomings. You take any male or female athlete or even an everyday individual who lifts any weights what so ever and it throws the BMI completely off. Forget the BMI! Forget the height and weight charts!

Years ago, like in the 70's or 80's, if I had been asked the question of what is overweight and how I would classify someone as an Overly Fat Person I would have given definite consideration to a persons waistline when graduating from High School. But like all segments of our nations population the increase in obesity amongst high school students/graduates has increased significantly. Drive by any high school when the students are walking about and take a look at their bodies. It is a sad observation indeed! What you will see is a large percentage of the students being overweight. And large percentages, even though only high school aged, are OFP's at 18 years of age or younger. This is so sad and begs you to ask what these kids parents are thinking (the parents are probably fat too!) and how much do these kids actually consume on a daily basis. Considering a teenager's metabolism, it is not easy to be a fat teenager; they have to work at it. And of course the sad and scarier thought is what are these individuals going to look like at 30 or 40 years of age if they don't change their lifestyles? What are these fat individuals' chances of leading a healthy life if they continue down the destructive path of obesity? Well, if they continue down the obesity path their future is pretty bleak and extremely sad, that's all I can say!

So how in the world do I define being an Overly Fat Person? What measuring device, what standard do I use and justify? There are a few methods but all relate to one methodology, Visual. Yes, I know, how subjective can you be? But not really! If an individual is brutally honest with themselves then a good look in the mirror or a critical look at some photographs will do the trick and determine for a person if indeed they are entering or have entered the realm of the OFP's. And this look/analysis needs to be done with as little clothes on as possible, preferably a view of an individual's naked body. Many fashions these days are very clever about concealing a person's shortcomings, especially with respect to body weight. And yes, if you are too embarrassed about your body to look in the mirror or have a photo taken of you then you are more then likely an OFP; or so shy that maybe you need some psychiatric help.

So what does a person analyze when looking at oneself in the mirror or a photograph? How can someone be objective with respect to whether or not they are an Overly Fat Person? It's pretty simple, if you see rolls of fat on your body then duh, you're a fat person. If you turn sideways and look in a mirror and your gut is sticking out then you are a fat person. If you face a mirror and if you suck in your gut and tighten your muscles and you don't look like a model that is relaxed then you are probably an OFP or getting extremely close.

If you have more than just a little fat hanging over your pants then you are an Overly Fat Person. If when you are sitting down on the toilet and you look down at your belly ... if it is large then guess what? Yes, you are an OFP. And we won't even go there with respect to if you can see your genitals when sitting on the toilet.

Another visual method to determine if you are an "Overly Fat Person" is the "book" method. This method has been around for years and I feel it is fairly accurate. The "book" method entails lying flat on your back on the floor and placing a large book on your stomach. If the book face tilts back toward your face you are overweight! However, this method has some obvious shortcomings. For instance, you can have monster thighs and huge love handles but if your abdomen is not very protruding the "book" method comes up short.

So what it basically boils down to is this; if an individual is more than about 15 to 20 pounds overweight then you will more than likely not look good in the mirror. This poor appearance, with a large protruding belly or rolls of fat makes you are an Overly Fat Person. Looking "good" in the mirror or in a photo is "NORMAL." This, "looking good is normal," is an extremely important concept for all of our society to understand and it will be reiterated throughout this book; that looking good in a photo or in the mirror ... looking "hot" looking "sexy" is NORMAL. If a person is just 10-15 lbs from looking "Good" then they are NOT quite an OFP yet but without some caution they too will fall into the repulsive category and join our societies growing community of OFP.

But the point to remember is:

Looking "Good" is "Normal."


There is one last item I would like to mention before moving on to other chapters. Many people don't realize how extremely easy it is to put on some extra pounds and how over the years those few extra pounds accumulate to the extent that a person can go from just a few pounds overweight to obese. If one considers what happens over a period of just one year if a person were to gain just one pound per month it is actually a very frightening thought. 12 pounds a year can quickly make a person obese, and that is pretty obvious. But what is less obvious is that 12 pounds a year is only a quarter pound of weight gain per week (I know, there are 52 weeks in a year which changes calculations slightly ... give me a break!)! Even if an individual only puts on a couple of pounds a year this extra weight over the years can easily cause obesity. Think of a person 20 years old that gains 2 extra pounds a year. What will this person look and feel like when they are 40? And worse yet, it is more difficult to lose the weight as a person ages! So think about that the next time you have that extra piece of birthday cake or drink those 6 beers after dinner.


You are lazy and inactive

You lack any discipline or self-control with respect to food and drink

You are apathetic with respect to your physical condition.... You don't give a damn.

Chapter Two

Character And Personality

The major premise of this book is that being obese, or an "Overly Fat Person" is a significant indicator of one's personality and character and that obese people should be treated as such. A fat persons disgusting condition of obesity is indeed part of their make-up/personality and they should be held accountable for their actions. If an individual has accountability for their actions it changes significantly how we should treat and perceive them. This accountability changes how we view fat people as individuals and whether or not and to what degree to respect them. And, on a more positive note, when "Overly Obese Individuals" begin to realize that they are being held accountable for their actions by the rest of society then their behaviors may change for the better.

This premise of an individual being overweight and that this individuals being overweight is basically their decision is of vital importance. It is vitally important because all the people who believe it is being too harsh to criticize individuals for being overweight typically believe that the obesity of an individual is to a very large degree, uncontrollable by the overweight person. These "Fat Sympathizers;" these people who think everything is a disease or some uncontrollable mental or physical condition, think that someone who is obese has as much control over their weight as they do over their facial features! This is BULL!

Remember, as I indicated in the Forward, if you are fat it is because you are either:

Lazy, which leads to inactivity

Lacking in self-discipline and or self-control with respect to food and drink

Apathetic- Just not caring ... lacking dignity and self-respect in regard to your body's appearance, health, etc.


Let's take a look at these traits one at a time. First, let's look at laziness. Laziness is defined as "Disposed to be idle." That says a lot with respect to fat people, doesn't it?

Laziness is evil in two respects. First, if a person is lazy, they are lying around doing little to nothing. If a person is doing little to nothing they obviously are not burning much in the way of calories. So a lazy person is not jogging, going for walks, weightlifting, doing yard work, chores around the house, or other activities that not only burn calories when a person is active but also can actually raise an individuals metabolism for extended periods of time. Thus, this raising of metabolism is burning calories faster then normal even after the activity ceases. If an individual is extremely lazy none of these beneficial weight reducers are occurring.

If you disagree with this notion that many fat individuals are indeed fat because they are inactive, think about how often you see fat people jogging, playing soccer or tennis or engaged in physical activities. And I might mention that some of this lack of participation in physical activities is related to the embarrassment factor in which a fat person feels very embarrassed or too self-conscious to participate in many physically activities. This becomes a catch-22 for many Overly Fat People. Fat people are sometimes too self-conscious to be active and yet not being active contributes to their condition of obesity.

Now, here is an item of extreme importance regarding my attitude toward Overly Fat People. This item is not related to personality but interjecting this thought now before I am totally disrespected seems appropriate. Throughout this book I basically ridicule, condemn and insult overweight people for their condition of obesity because it is within their control to not be obese. But there is one scenario with respect to obese people of which I will not criticize or ridicule. And that scenario is when Overly Fat People are engaged in a physical activity and are thus DOING SOMETHING about their condition. In fact, I respect and applaud any overweight person who is working out and of course cutting down on their caloric intake. When I see an Overly Fat Person jogging down the street I think to myself "that takes guts." No, seriously, I realize how difficult it is for fat people to not only overcome the worry of what others are thinking about their bodies when jogging or swimming or whatever; but I realize that depending on a persons state of obesity, their degree of effort is substantially more than a fit individuals degree of effort for the same activity. So I tremendously respect these individuals who are attempting to remedy their obesity condition!!!

The second reason being lazy is evil, and this reason is probably just as sinister as the first reason, is that while you are lying around being lazy, you are very likely to be consuming calories. And, if this is in addition to an individuals normal 3 meals a day, well then there is an extreme likelihood that these extra calories will result in the accumulation of additional fat stores. Now I am not talking about someone owning retail stores and having the luxury of making additional income merchandizing and selling fat (Sorry, a futile attempt at humor). I am talking about the sickening, repulsive, addition of fat to one's body.

"So," you say. Well, I think most of us would agree that laziness is part of an individual's personality, part of their character. So one of the reasons people are grotesquely overweight is their personality and the character trait of laziness. Like stated previously, a lazy person does not burn as many calories thus increasing the likelihood of obesity. A comparison would be why does someone not brush his or her teeth on a regular basis? It is the same thing; a person doesn't brush their teeth because they either don't care about their teeth or they are too lazy to brush regularly.


Excerpted from No Excuses! by Rick Bobzien Copyright © 2010 by Rick Bobzien. Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Chapter One: Definition of an Overly Fat Person Methods and techniques for diagnosis....................1
Chapter Two: Character and Personality It is you! Accountability for one's actions....................11
Chapter Three: Genetics Disproving the genetics rationalization. Proving accountability....................21
Chapter Four: Societal Influences Attitudes-empathy, "Big and Beautiful" & "Full Figured" to television, etc....................29
Chapter Five: Pregnancy A common rationalization by women for their obesity....................41
Chapter Six: I am a Man! How perceived "machismo" contributes to the obesity problem....................49
Chapter Seven: Sports How professional sports are influential and insightful....................55
Chapter Eight: Physical Health Health issues with respect to obesity....................63
Chapter Nine: Mental Health How being "normal" can improve one's mental outlook....................73
Chapter Ten: Additional Advantages to Losing Weight Reasons every "Overly Fat Person" should lose weight....................79
Chapter Eleven: Pollution How obese people negatively affect others....................91
Chapter Twelve: Diets And Weight Loss Do diets work?-Save money!-Some useful advice....................97
Chapter Thirteen: The Competitiveness Factor Pro's and con's to competitiveness and how to best utilize your personality....................115
Chapter Fourteen: Societal Actions How society should fight the nations obesity epidemic....................129
Chapter Fifteen: The Outcry From "Fat Sympathizers" to entities that will lose revenues....................137

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