No Fail Kale: How to Grow Your Own, Make Kale Juice and Green Smoothies, and Cook Delicious Recipes

No Fail Kale: How to Grow Your Own, Make Kale Juice and Green Smoothies, and Cook Delicious Recipes

by R.J. Ruppenthal


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The Perfect Introduction to Kale!

Kale is one of the world's most nutritious foods. Eating kale will nourish your body with healthy doses of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and antioxidants. On top of its many benefits, kale is the perfect diet food, alkalizing your system and reducing some peoples' urges for salty snack foods. Fortunately, these leafy greens are fairly cheap in stores and simple to grow at home.

Sounds great, you think. You head off to the supermarket, where you score a big bunch of organic kale for a few dollars. At home, you steam it or juice it and serve yourself some nutritious kale or raw juice. There's just one problem: As my kids would say, "Yuck!"

On its own, kale doesn't taste great, though a few people will tell you they like the flavor. It takes some skill to make this stuff taste delicious. If it's not delicious, then you may not eat enough kale to make a difference in your body's nutrition. So if you are new at this, you may need a little help, especially if you plan to make kale an ongoing part of your diet.

This book will provide you with all the motivation you need to integrate kale in your diet. Also, you will get 24 great kale recipes, including kale lasagna, kale chips (plain or cheesy), kale udon noodle soup, blueberry kale muffins, and several delicious kale smoothies. These recipes will give you a great start so that you can learn to enjoy kale any time. After successfully incorporating kale into your diet, I think you'll feel better than you have in years. Kale gives your body great nutrition, quite possibly resulting in greater energy levels, enhanced immunity, more radiant skin, and sustained weight loss.

Contents Include:

Introduction: Eating Kale Will Nourish You

Chapter 1: Types of Kale
You Might Be Amazed at the Variety!

Chapter 2: Nutritional Benefits of Kale
Why Kale is the #1 Superfood Vegetable

Chapter 3: Balancing Your Kale Diet with Complementary Foods
Combining Kale with Other Foods for Great Nutrition

Chapter 4: Why Organic Kale is Best
Don't Believe Me? Read This.

Chapter 5: Basic Kale Preparation and Cooking Methods
Steaming, Boiling, Blanching, Stir-Frying, Sautéing, and More

Chapter 6: Juicing, Pureeing, or Freezing Kale
Easy for Green Smoothies, Soups, and Freezer Storage

Chapter 7: How to Grow Your Own Kale
Simple to Grow in the Ground or in Containers

Chapter 8: 24 Kale Food and Smoothie Recipes That Taste Great
...Even If You Don't Really Like Kale!

Kale has the ability to change your health and your life. In order to tap into its power, you will need to eat or drink kale regularly. The best way to do this is by adding it to foods and drinks that taste delicious. This book will help you get excited about kale and ease into it with tasty recipes, so that you are not left with a bitter taste in your mouth.

This book includes a chapter on how to grow your own kale in the home garden. Whether you have a yard, patio, balcony, rooftop, or sunny windowsill, you can grow kale to feed yourself and your family. It grows very successfully in both the ground and in containers. Once you give the plant what it needs, kale grows like a weed, giving you a steady source of nearly year-round green food.

Start your delicious adventure with kale today...your body will thank you tomorrow!

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R.J. Ruppenthal is a licensed attorney and college professor who has a passion for growing and raising some of his own food. He is a former columnist for Urban Farm magazine. Ruppenthal regularly writes and blogs about fruit and vegetable gardening, growing food in small urban spaces, sustainability, and raising backyard chickens.

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