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No Footprint is too small: Overcome grief and trauma after a child loss

No Footprint is too small: Overcome grief and trauma after a child loss

by Dimas Cintron


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Discover One Man's Journey Through the Devastating Loss of His Son - An Inspiring Story of Survival, Coping, and Healing.

Whenever a tragedy enters your life, you feel helpless, stricken with grief. Nothing is the same; days are filled with pain and sadness. The only thing you wish is for the pain to go away and for things to go back to how they were. You mourn the loss of a loved one; you struggle to make sense of it and face the challenge of putting your life back together. But sometimes, the sorrow and pain become unbearable, and you find yourself falling into a void and hitting rock bottom. However, when you get knocked down, you have to get up and gather the strength to set yourself on a path of healing.

Follow the story of Dimas, a father who lost his son to brain cancer. Dimas was a semi-professional basketball player, who also pursued an acting career as an extra on HBO. Pain and sadness entered his life when he first received the horrible news, but he was still filled with hope. He dropped everything to save his son's life, but unfortunately, his son lost his battle. Dimas lost all hope, which threw him into a deep, dark hole for years until he gathered the strength to pull himself out.

This memoir is not just a story about loss. It's about the process of going through it-a story about surviving the storm of pain and healing. Accompany Dimas on his heartfelt journey through unknown territory filled with pain, loss, and confusion. Follow him on his path of revelation and realization to discover how to get himself out of the void.

"No footprint is too small to leave an impact on this world." - Dimas Cintron

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9798589430080
Publisher: Independently published
Publication date: 01/01/2021
Pages: 112
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.27(d)

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