No Heaven before the Resurrection

No Heaven before the Resurrection

by Stanley Jackson


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The resurrection promise has been pushed into obscurity and made irrelevant by the more popular fallacy that says believers go immediately to heaven after death. This book presents Biblical facts that prove believers do not go immediately to heaven after death as we hear preached from the church podium. This book not only gives Scriptural-based explanations to what we should expect to occur after death, but also challenges the conclusion that says when believers die they go to be with the Lord only to be resurrected to meet the Lord for a second time.

We examine fairly each Scripture passage that allegedly supports that widely held belief, and we present a critical analysis of how those passages are being understood against what they are actually conveying. We apply the rule of contextual understanding of every verse or Bible statement: in doing so, we expose the failure of not considering every word in a Bible verse (or statement). We prove that those passages that allegedly support the claim that believers go immediately to heaven after death, only seem to imply, at best, that heaven is where we (who are believers) go when we die. We also prove that the way they understand those passages only conflicts with what is said elsewhere in Scripture.

This book presents the fact that there is not a single recording in the Bible where Jesus or his apostles mentioned that a person that died is in heaven. We also show that eternal life cannot be experienced unless the believer is resurrected, and that the believer’s resurrected body is changed at the moment of Christ’s return, that is, before He enters the Earth’s atmosphere.

If you feel you must exercise your liberty to disagree with what is present in this book, you will still be left with many important questions that are raised in this book that require real answers, I mean, answers that don’t contradict or conflict with what is said by or revealed through each and every Biblical writer; because truth is always consistent.

This book will leave you with the fact that God never promised anyone an experience in heaven that precedes the resurrection. This book also answers relative questions such as: why believers are said to be asleep? Why nothing is mentioned in the Bible about the joy and happiness believers are experiencing in heaven presently? Why Jesus told His disciples after revealing to them He would be returning to the Father, that they could not come where He was going? These and many other related questions are sufficiently answered in this book.

Reading this book can be both a learning experience and a challenge to everything you think you know about death and the resurrections of the redeemed. What is presented in this book, should not only rectify false beliefs and expectations concerning heaven, but also clarify the fact that eternal life fully depends on the return of Christ and the resurrection.

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Publication date: 11/11/2018
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