No One Like's A Bully

No One Like's A Bully

by Sherene Williams


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This book is about humility and compassion. This book has no gender meaning and is a unisex children’s book where they are being bullied by their peers. This book is dedicated to children ages five years old and older. The book is kid reader friendly as I have chosen words that are easily pronounced by them. This book is about a child who is being bullied by their peers. This particular child was a bit confused as they were not sure why they were constantly being picked on by their fiends. This child inevitably started to feel unwelcomed and unloved.

There are no pictures in this book, the reason being, I want each child, boy or girl to be able to imagine themselves as the character. This way they can understand more what bullying is. I use big bold letters at the bottom of each page and quote these words “Bullying is Wrong”, “be kind”, and “no one likes a bully”, under the title in colours. I also use text messages to indicate to parents that cyber bullying is also terrifying, and that they should have a relationship with their child where they can check their kid’s phone anytime they realise that something is wrong.

This particular child, however, did not allow bullying to get the best of them. Instead they beat their bullies through showing kindness to them. I decide to write on this topic as I was bullied sometimes in my childhood, and I wish I had someone who was there to teach me or guide me in handling this situation.

Sherene Williams was born September 26, 1982 in a small town called Old Harbour in Jamaica. She grew up very humbly, in an extended family. Sherene have always been an adventurous child with a creative talent and has always been interested in art, design and athletics where tennis was her favourite where she dreamed of having a profession in. After leaving high school and spending a few more years in Jamaica, Sherene decided to move to the United State to achieve her goals and dreams. Her first job was working in a hotel in St. Louis as an attendant. This was not fulfilling her objectives so she decided to move on to something else. Sherene moved to the Big Apple, New York where she studied to be a Certified Nurse Health Aid worker. During her years in New York, she had tried many things, creating inventions, sewing scarfs for winter and fashion. Though growing up humbly Sherene never limits herself and always working towards her dream.

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ISBN-13: 9781631292569
Publisher: Salem Publishing Solutions
Publication date: 05/23/2020
Pages: 32
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