No One Will Hire Me!: Avoid 15 Mistakes and Win the Job

No One Will Hire Me!: Avoid 15 Mistakes and Win the Job

by Ron Krannich


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ISBN-13: 9781570232190
Publisher: Impact Publications VA
Publication date: 01/28/2004
Edition description: REV
Pages: 183
Product dimensions: 6.06(w) x 9.04(h) x 0.48(d)

Table of Contents

1Mother Was Both Right and Wrong!1
The Problem May Be Close At Hand1
For Smart People Who Fail2
Learn From Mistakes Other People Make3
What Mother Said Was Often Right3
Then Sometimes Mother Was Wrong4
A Rogue's Gallery of Bad Habits6
Seeking Different Levels of Help6
A Sequence of Multiple Job Search Errors9
What's Your Mistake-Prone Hiring I.Q.?10
Resources for Getting Started13
Make No More Mistakes!13
2Abandon Dreams and Lack Goals15
The Art of Sailing Without a Rudder15
From Go-Getter to Getter16
Be Honest, But Not Stupid17
Where Are Your Dreams Going?19
What's Your Behavioral Advantage?20
Three Steps to Setting Employer-Centered Goals21
State a Functional Objective38
3Harbor Self-Defeating and Bad Attitudes41
Run With Winners41
What's Your Attitude Like?42
Excuses, Excuses, Excuses44
Change Your Attitudes46
Resources for Changing Attitudes48
4Fail to Do First Things First50
A Seven-Step Job Search Process50
The Steps and Mistakes51
Properly Sequence Your Job Search54
5Hang Around the Wrong Crowds and Networks57
The Advertised and Hidden Job Markets57
Are You a Savvy Networker?59
Key Networking Books62
Internet Resources for Networking63
Network Your Way to Job Success66
6Disregard Skills and Accomplishments67
No Evidence of Accomplishments67
Identify Your Skills70
More Self-Assessment Techniques80
Computerized Assessment Systems80
The New World of Online Assessment81
Doing It Right From the Very Start82
7Write and Distribute Awful Resumes and Letters84
Another Rogue's Gallery of Errors84
Misunderstanding Resumes and Letters85
Deadly Myths and Promising Realities85
Resume Writing Mistakes98
Production, Distribution and Follow-Up Errors100
The Perfect Resume and Letter101
Useful Books and Software105
Online Writing Assistance and Services106
Resume Blasting Services108
Tooting Your Horn With Focus109
8Mess Up the Critical Job Interview110
Stressful Times110
What's Your Interview I.Q.?111
Interview Sins and Knockouts115
Books and Websites on Interviewing125
The Face-to-Face Encounter126
9Fail to Develop an Attractive Pattern of Work Behavior127
People Perform, Patterns Predict127
Identify Your Patterns128
Changing Not-So-Hot Patterns130
Useful Resources130
10Appear Honest But Stupid or Dishonest But Smart131
Take the Ethics Quiz131
Stupid But Honest133
Dishonest But Smart134
11Project an Image of Need or Greed136
Premature Money Talk136
Needy/Greedy Job Seekers138
Negotiate Right138
Resources on Salary Negotiations140
12Conduct an Outdated Job Search or Over-Rely on Technology141
Outdated Versus Updated Job Search141
Over-Reliance on Technology142
Using the Internet Properly144
Resources for Using the Internet148
13Unwilling to Take Risks and Handle Rejections150
Losing Your Self-Esteem150
Handling Rejections151
Minimizing Rejections Through Networking152
Resources for Handling Rejections153
14Fail to Implement and Follow Through154
Find Time to Implement154
Commit Yourself in Writing155
Job Search Contract156
Weekly Job Performance and Planning Report157
15Avoid Professional Advice and Seeking Help158
When You Need Assistance158
Alternative Career Services159
Locating a Certified Career Professional164
Dealing With Difficult Backgrounds165
16Resist Changing Behavior and Acquiring New Habits of Success166
Minor and Major Behavioral Changes166
A Gallery of Career-Limiting Behaviors168
Change Your Attitudes169
Acquire New Habits for Success169
Useful Habit-Changing Resources170
Many People Want to Hire You!171
17What's Your Behavioral Advantage?172
Employers Focus on Total Behavior172
You Are Unique and Special173
Career Resources179

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