No Prince Charming

No Prince Charming

by Angel Payne, Victoria Blue


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ISBN-13: 9780990413714
Publisher: Fin Mint Publishing
Publication date: 05/08/2014
Pages: 296
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.67(d)

About the Author

USA Today bestselling romance author Angel Payne loves to focus on high-heat romance starring memorable alpha men and the women who love them. She has numerous book series to her credit, including the action-packed Bolt Saga and Honor Bound series, Secrets of Stone series (with Victoria Blue), the intertwined Cimarron and Temptation Court series, the Suited for Sin series, and the Lords of Sin historicals, as well as several standalone titles.

Angel is a native Southern Californian, leading to her love of being in the outdoors, where she often reads and writes. She still lives in Southern California with her soul-mate husband and beautiful daughter, to whom she is a proud cosplay/culture con mom. Her passions also include whisky tasting, shoe shopping, and travel.

International bestselling author Victoria Blue lives in her own portion of the galaxy known as Southern California. There, she finds the love and life-sustaining power of one amazing sun, two unique and awe-inspiring planets, and four indifferent yet comforting moons. Life is fantastic and challenging and every day brings new adventures to be discovered. She looks forward to seeing what’s next!

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No Prince Charming 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 50 reviews.
lisamarie1 More than 1 year ago
I love their story, I honestly do.. So much fun and intrigue and a hot, dominant, billionaire named Killian who is swoon worthy and a plucky irresistable gal named Claire who can actually stand on her own two feet. I love that it is a wonderful suspenseful romance and with the cast of characters can go in so many directions. Also it is the first book in a series Cannot wait for the next book to come out in October 2014.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I absolutely loved this book. Angel and Victoria did an amazing job. I fell in love with Killian Stone right away. Who wouldn't? That's what happens when Claire and the company she works for are hired by Killian to do some PR work for him and his out of control brother. When Claire and Killian meet the fire is lit and there's no way it will be put out. Clair's future sister in law isn't going to let that happen because she wants Killian for herself. This is a wonderful story and I can't wait to see what happens in the next book.
Peachs44 More than 1 year ago
Surprisingly, I actually enjoyed reading No Prince Charming by authors Angel Payne & Victoria Blue. I sort of walked in with preconceived notions of what to expect, which, thankfully were absent. First off, the whole story is told in alternating first person POVs which, the authors have very successfully pulled off. I hate it when I feel like the story ping-pongs back and forth between characters and I get lost. Not a problem here. The transitions back and forth was smoothly done and gave wonderful insights to Killian’s and Claire’s thought and feelings. The other reason I was surprised I enjoyed No Prince Charming was because of Killian.  So many authors seems to think the leading male needs to be rich, domineering and has to sweep the leading lady off her feet straight into a BDSM relationship That cookie cutter premise has gotten so old. Thankfully, that is not the case here. I found him to be a combination of smexy and sweet. Claire also lacks that cookie cutter character as well although she does seem to fall into that Cinderella realm with a (so-to-be) evil step-sister, Margaux. Now that is one chick I wouldn’t mind seeing her stiletto get stuck in a stairwell on the way down. Back to Claire and Killian. Their dialog was snarky and funny, their sexual interludes sometimes had me in stitches. They certainly were creative on getting private moments together. And secrets…boy do these two have juicy secrets! Of course while we the reader finds out both their secrets before everyone else does, I was surprised to find out only one gets revealed. Truly I knew this was a series but as the story progressed along I was surprised to find the ending to have cliffhangers. They were those OMG I need the next book NOW type for me. The cliffhangers were more of Oh Boy! type to let me simmer along. This is my first book by both authors and it certainly won’t be the last. They have a style that is like smooth whiskey…goes down hot and lingers for a while. I know I’m looking forward to the next book in the Secrets of Stone series. Yes, No Prince Charming is a book I will be recommending. I received this book from JeepDiva for the express purposes of an honest review. The opinions and rating of this review are solely mine and in no way was I compensated. Stars– 4, Flames – 3
Bellereader 9 months ago
Killian and Claire are Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boorific! Killian needs a PR firm to help him remake his brother Trey’s image. The scandal from his older brother has left him scrambling and he needs to find somebody to spin it. When he meets with Asher and Associates and gets an eyes on the delectable Claire he knows she’s just the girl to help him with oh so many things. Working for her Stepmother and Stepsister at the PR firm has never been easy and when Killian Stone comes looking for some reputation assistance they have their eyes set on them. Her stepsister has her eyes on Killian and warns Claire way and threatens her away should she get any ideas. There’s no stopping the insane chemistry she and Killian share, but a warning to this fairytale it shall be continued in book two, so a HFN is on the horizon.
JWright57 12 months ago
This book has been on my TBR list for a while and I have no idea why I waited so long to get into the Secrets of Stone Stone Series by Angel Payne because I really enjoyed this quirky take on the old Cinderella fairy tale. Killian (our prince) hires a reputation management firm to clean up the mess his brother Trey has gotten into and that’s where we meet Claire (our Cinders) and her soon to be stepmother and stepsister Margaux (I’m guessing you are getting the picture). Margaux calls dibs on Killian but he has no desire to be with her he only has eyes for Claire but secrets are being kept and that could mean jail for the innocent insecure Claire so she runs will her prince follow and save her. Charming characters with lots of sizzling chemistry and a modern day twist on a timeless classic makes this a great read, looking forward to the rest of this series.
MaimeosAngelsEL More than 1 year ago
4 Star Review of No Prince Charming (Secrets Of Stone #1) by Angel Payne & Victoria Blue The first book in the Secrets of Stone series and it is off to a good start. If this series is not on your TBR list then I suggest that you add it. This was a fast paced book, full of secrets; a fun and quirky take on Cinderella. From the start I was entranced by Killian Stone and I was excited to see who the woman who would capture and hold his attention would be; Claire Montgomery did not disappoint. Claire is a member of a PR team that has been called in to clean up the image of Stone Global Corporation. She has her own secrets, ones that she is determined will not be exposed. Claire finds herself attracted to Killian and when you throw in the fact that Killian is enthralled with Claire, complications are sure to arise. Killian too has his secrets which he is bound and determined to keep, but all is not as it seems, despite the confident persona that Killian shows the world. No Prince Charming is smoking hot and certainly delivers on the sizzle.Told in dual POV’s it will spark your interest and keep you entertained. Both Ms.Payne and Ms. Blue obviously work well together as it was impossible to determine who wrote what.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I gave time to 80 pages but its plain BS characters are terrible playing arolike kids and plot is not best one either I usually finish every book but I this one , no way
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I found this book dragging on and on. I was totally bored. Nothing was really gripping me. I expected it to be good bsed on the reviews, but sadly, it was not.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love this book!
Anonymous 2 days ago
Fast paced, full of heat and fun.
Anonymous 10 days ago
Cliffhanger. Book way to wordy. Could have been much shorter. Will not be reading second book.
Anonymous 19 days ago
Anonymous 24 days ago
Premise of book was interesting, but… too many “f” words added nothing to the book. When Claire said NO to Killian's pressure he should have honored and respected her decision. Killian and Claire could have had a nice romance without Clair being pressured.
Anonymous 25 days ago
This is a really good retelling of Beauty and the Beast. I had a hard time putting it down. It has beautiful imageries and thoughtful characters.
Anonymous 3 months ago
This book is a good book!
Anonymous 6 months ago
This book was so good. Loved all the things that made this a great book, all the trouble Trey gets into, which brought Stone and Claire together. Then there was the soon to be wicked step sister. Very very good.
LThorp 6 months ago
This is my first Angel Payne and Victoria Blue book. It started out kind of slow, had to put it down and go back. But once I started it up again, I could not put it down. I was rooting for Killian and Claire. They had such great chemistry and humor. Can't wait to see what No More Masquerade brings!
Anonymous 6 months ago
Another book about a woman afraid to love or stand up for herself. This woman is a doormat to other women. I had hoped for something different, but got the same old plot; again. There is no way I will spend $7 for a book written four years ago with a little over 200 pages to continue this boring drama. I don't understand the 5 star ratings. This is the same story that has been told repeatedly and not told that well. What a disappointment.
Cynthia181 6 months ago
Loved It Claire is working for a high priced PR firm in hometown of San Diego. Their company is called to fix a PR mess in Chicago for Stone Global. She goes with her boss also is her future step-mom, bosses daughter, and 2 other co workers. She gets tongue toes the first time she meets Killian. He is the CEO of the company and its his brother in trouble. Lots of twist and turns.
Anonymous 7 months ago
Loved the strength and independence of the characters!
Anonymous 7 months ago
I'm surprised by all of the 5 star reviews. While it was an okay book and written well it really wasn't all that exciting. It took me forever to finish after I skimmed ahead. I thought that Killian had more character development than Claire, she was just lacking for me while I found him more interesting. In the summary Claire is called "a fighter"... she's not or I somehow missed that in the book. Her future stepmother gave her her job and she sure as hell didn't stick to her guns when she'd tell Killian no or that they needed to slow down. This is book 1 in a series. For me, the book ended with loose ends and not a cliffhanger, which I appreciated. It didn't interest me enough to keep reading.
Nanalady 8 months ago
Enjoyed reading.
Anonymous 8 months ago
Good story filled with tradh and vulgar smut. Pity i was hoping it was a lovely romance with a twist. Greatly disappointing unless you like to read porn
KivicCT140 8 months ago
This was my first Angel Payne book and I have to say I'm impressed. I loved the characters and the witty back and forth banter between them. The story puts a whole new hot and steamy twist on the traditional Cinderella story. I'll definitely be adding Angel Payne to my "must read" authors list
Anonymous 9 months ago
Enjoyed the story and characters