No Respect: New and Selected Poems, 1964-2000

No Respect: New and Selected Poems, 1964-2000

by Gerard Malanga


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ISBN-13: 9781574231625
Publisher: Godine, David R. Publishers, Inc.
Publication date: 06/28/2001
Pages: 296
Product dimensions: 6.57(w) x 9.39(h) x 1.17(d)

Table of Contents

IThe Fashion Poems (1964-65, previously unpublished)
A Newly Discovered Fashion Poem17
Castel's, 14 rue de Princesse, Paris18
The Yellow Slicker19
To a Young Model, Name Unknown20
Walking in the Rain22
The Model that Models for Buick '65 Buick23
IIchic death, poems 1964-66 (published 1971)
Now in Another Way27
The Pleasure Seekers28
Burning Days30
Photos of an Artist as a Young Man31
Silver Dracula32
The Hyphenated Family / sonnet34
The Underbrush35
New Art37
Fresh Death40
The Circle Pins42
The Hotel Speaks44
The Long Shirt47
Natural Good Looks48
Coming Up for Air51
The Tranquil Tub52
The Young Mod53
IIIThe Debbie High School Dropout Poems (1965-66, previously unpublished)
Empty Lives57
Rene Ricard Is Twenty at Nineteen58
Finding Our Way Back at Night61
"I Missed You by Only Two Blocks"--Debbie62
The Leaves63
Exercise in Excess64
Water with Bloodstains in a Glass66
Drugs and Cosmetics67
IVPrelude to International Velvet Debutante (1966, published 1967)
Prelude to International Velvet Debutante71
VTen Years After (1966-67, published 1977)
Screen Test 383
Waiting to Hear from You84
Dropping Out85
The Photo Machine87
Getting Home Early88
Sunday Evening89
Further Discoveries90
The Landscape Filled with the Grace of Your Posture91
Benedetta's Room92
The Young Girl Moving Through Sunlight93
Hotel Chelsea, Room 12194
A Christmas Story95
Giotto di Bondone97
a handbook reference to flowers98
In Search of America100
Immortal Sin102
Dante Never Got Over It103
Long Distance Photo104
Tomba di Nerone105
Her Father106
Sonnet: Give It a Name107
Student at Lycee Francais de New York108
Contributor's Notes109
An Hour and a Day110
Providence to New York111
Villa Feltrinelli: Porto Santo Stefano112
Barzini's Daughter114
Do Not Give Up Your Desire for Children115
In the Country a Few Miles Outside of Rome116
Consciousness Expanding117
Benedetta Barzini118
Snow Emergency Street121
"Take Me Home"122
VIItalian Photobiography (1967-68, previously unpublished)
White Pages125
The First Time I Saw donna Patrizia Ruspoli Age Six at Forte dei Marme126
Days of Rome127
Homage to P. Klodic128
For the First Time130
Sonnet to Edgar Allan Poe132
The Dawn Patrol133
A Version of Dino Campana134
Warm Morning 8.18136
VIIPoems from the Seventies & Eighties (previously unpublished)
Today the Inner Voice Speaks of Control140
"Stopping the World" (tentative title)142
Bad Days145
What Happens in Dreams148
Autobiography: A Continuum149
The Pull of the Vernal Equinox150
Conceptual Photographs153
This Is the End of Romance154
Poem Paid with a Dreamed-up N.E.A. Grant156
Lavorare stanca157
VIIISubversion of the Pastoral (1973-79, previously unpublished)
the body is death161
We Go Out into the Night162
The Snowy Owl Shudders163
Leaping Over Gravestones164
The Journey165
The Property166
Remembering the Berkshires167
IXRobert Moses 1888-1981, Coordinator of "Limited Objectives" (1988, previously unpublished)
Robert Moses 1888-1981, Coordinator of "Limited Objectives"171
XThree Diamonds (published 1991)
Joan Miro and His Daughter Dolores177
3:ii:81 nyc--The Naked Aura179
The Gift182
Art Project: Mystery Woman, Ongoing Sighting189
Title: Poem for William Carlos Williams who wld have written a poem for Sarah Walker had he been alive to see her now191
XIMythologies of the Heart (published 1996)
Andrea Bankoff from a letter postmarked December 4, 1963--Beverly Hills205
Underground Woman206
Whereabouts Unknown209
In the Kaaterskill211
The Little Schoharie212
Memorial Day214
How They Didn't Meet215
Visual Dialectic or "photographer unknown"218
Boerum Hill and Milano / Two Sightings221
Ben Maddow Speaks225
The Invisible Photographs226
Poem in Italian227
Endangered Species228
Some Things to Remember about Tri-X229
18 February 1994232
XIIfrom Bosnia and Herzegovina (1995-96, previously unpublished)
The Life and Death of a Photograph237
November 21, 1995243
XIIIMemory's Snapshots, 1990-2000
Robert (Mapplethorpe), remember when247
Morning of January 2, 1993250
This Never Happens252
This Is for Asako's Notebook254
William Burroughs, 1914-1997256
L'Histoire de Paris259
Cafe Gitane260
The 3rd Avenue El262
Italian Superstitious265
Molly Goldberg Once Lived Here266
Girl with a Box Camera267
The Arcades Project, unfinished269
The Council Flats274
The Riddle of 16 Silver Double Elvis Paintings275
Leo Dies277
ALgonquin 4-8692279
The Navyblue Overcoat281
Autumn Leaves282
The Nassau Loop Is No Longer Running283
Meshes of the Afternoon284
Passage Choiseul285
It Happened Here286
Charles Henri Ford's Archive Vanishes288
Ernest Hemingway's Famous Lost Manuscripts, ca. 1922289
Lost Time290
No. 2291
Discard Box292
Leaving New York294

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