No Substitute for Victory: Lessons in Strategy and Leadership from General Douglas MacArthur

No Substitute for Victory: Lessons in Strategy and Leadership from General Douglas MacArthur

by Theodore B. Kinni, Donna Kinni


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No Substitute for Victory: Lessons in Strategy and Leadership from General Douglas MacArthur by Theodore B. Kinni, Donna Kinni

General Douglas A. MacArthur's extraordinary life of leadership spanned three wars and more than six decades inside and outside the military. He defined principles of leadership that were decades ahead of their time: principles reflecting extraordinary wisdom about strategy, motivation, organization, execution, and personal growth. Now, Theodore and Donna Kinni distill 52 powerful leadership lessons from MacArthur's life. On MacArthur's command, millions of American soldiers risked their lives. After winning the peace in World War II, he led 80 million citizens of Japan to embrace the most radical and successful cultural change any nation has ever achieved: the transformation from militaristic emperorship to modern democracy. Those extraordinary achievements arose directly from MacArthur's singular approach to leadership. This book reveals what MacArthur knew about defining victory and setting the right priorities for achieving it; building sleek, fast-response organizations; inspiring subordinates to unprecedented performance; focusing relentlessly on results; transforming organizational culture to value speed, knowledge, and honor; pursuing personal excellence; and winning.

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ISBN-13: 9780131470217
Publisher: FT Press
Publication date: 01/11/2005
Pages: 288
Product dimensions: 6.30(w) x 9.32(h) x 0.99(d)

About the Author

Theodore and Donna Kinni have written 11 business books. They are co-authors of 1,001 Ways to Keep Customers Coming Back and Ayn Rand and Business, as well as ghostwriters of books for consultants, speakers, and Fortune 500 companies, including Be Our Guest for the Disney Company. Their books have explored subjects ranging from leadership, marketing and sales, and strategy to customer service, manufacturing, and idea generation. They are the founders of The Business Reader, a business-to-business bookseller based in Williamsburg, VA. Theodore has served as contributing editor at IndustryWeek, Quality Digest, and Workforce Training News. He has written more than 100 published articles on business topics, including cover stories for Across the Board, Training, and Harvard Management Update. He was editor of The Business Reader Review for five years and his business book reviews have appeared in a variety of publications, including Publisher's Weekly. He is a member of The National Book Critics Circle.

About the General Douglas MacArthur Foundation

The General Douglas MacArthur Foundation was established in 1962 to promote the ideals of Duty-Honor-Country and commemorate the achievements and life of General MacArthur. It is a non-profit corporation chartered in the state of Virginia. The Foundation provides financial support for the operations and programs of the MacArthur Memorial and Archives in Norfolk, VA and sponsors programs and awards designed to stimulate leadership effectiveness, personal achievement, and historical scholarship.

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