No Such Thing As Impossible

No Such Thing As Impossible

by Jairo Lvarez-Botero


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NO SUCH THING AS IMPOSSIBLE - From Adversity to Triumph" is the inspiring story of the remarkable life of Jairo Alvarez-Botero, a brave, caring seventy-three years old Colombian immigrant and businessman who is living proof that the American dream is not a myth.
His courage and determination will brought him from a difficult life in Colombia, South America, to a prosperous life in the United States. Raised by loving parents who provided a wonderful example of good character and hard work, while also sharing their good fortune with those less privileged, Jairo drew upon his great faith and his father's profound wisdom to always do the right thing when lesser men would have run quickly and run far from the many difficult challenges that crossed his life path.
Extremely well written, this book draws the reader from the tale of Jairo's simple childhood at a potato farm in the Andes Mountains. As a young man he had ambitions to become a general, but destiny would put him on different course. It was a path that would stop him of his career in the Army, but afford him the opportunity to save his president's life and avert a coup that would have resulted in the re-establishing of a dictatorship in Colombia.
In exchange for his life, at age of twenty-five with one hundred dollars in his pocket and unable o speak a word of English he came in a cargo military plain as a poor immigrant in the United States. He was forced into menial labor in a filthy environment in order to survive; from his humble determination to learn the English language on a statue of Moses in Washington Park, Albany, NY. Within three and a half years he had learned the language well enough to earn an honor degree from Albany Business College in Albany, New York.
After years spent struggling, Jairo finally found success in the land development and home construction builder to become the largest in Louisiana, operating his several enterprises with the help of his wife of 44 years and his three children and their families. Today Jairo is an artist, an Olympic athlete, a writer, cancer survivor, motivational speaker and philanthropist who dedicate good part of his fortune to many charities organizations.
No Such Thing as Impossible is the compelling story of a courageous, compassionate man who has provided a wonderful example for his children, but also to his readers as he tells the astonishing tale of finding his way from very difficult circumstances to taking great joy in living the American dream. Simply put, this is a great and inspiring read.

The proceeds of this book go to recognized charity organizations.

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ISBN-13: 9781617645556
Publisher: Palibrio
Publication date: 02/24/2011
Pages: 330
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.74(d)

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