No Wimps In Heaven!

No Wimps In Heaven!

by C.A. Love


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What exactly is a wimp? This term is used by people to demean and intimidate others who do not share their express opinion, or world view. A wimp is considered weak and ineffectual, one who is not to be taken seriously, to be laughed at and scorned. In this book the author attempts to point out who the real wimps are. People of faith, church goers, and Bible believers are often put into the "wimp" category. They are thought of as being losers, using religion as a crutch. But does this have any truth to it? Not according to what is written in the pages of this book! You will find a clear and concise reason why this word is, in reality, misused. Many people in high places and those of great fame are idolized and admired, but what is their "wimp" status? Are they truly living a life that is noble and exemplary? Or are they phonies, all talk and no substance? What about common sense? Is that a dinosaur that has become extinct? These and similar questions are addressed in this book. Controversial? Absolutely! At times, life itself can be a huge controversy of clashing opinions. Especially in the realm of that egregious word, according to many worldly thinkers, called religion. If you would like some thought provoking reading, please indulge yourself

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ISBN-13: 9781449043636
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 11/24/2009
Pages: 264
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