Noah's Boys in the City of Mother Earth

Noah's Boys in the City of Mother Earth

by Gregory Horning


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How can you live confidently, purposefully, and even have fun when the whole world is going off a cliff? Join Japheth and his brothers in their thrilling adventures in the doomed City of Mother Earth during the Last Days of the Old World, a time of decline and impending catastrophe...

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ISBN-13: 9781634922890
Publisher: Inc
Publication date: 04/10/2017
Pages: 440
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.98(d)

Table of Contents

Book One: Noah’s Boys in Enoch’s Valley

Chapter One: What Was It Like In The Old Days?

Chapter Two: One Day At The Creek

Chapter Three: A Dam Catastrophe

Chapter Four: The Flaming Behemoth

Chapter Five: Jared’s Mill

Chapter Six: Uncle Nebach’s Workshop

Chapter Seven: Something is Wrong In Enoch’s Valley

Chapter Eight: The Sabbath Day

Chapter Nine: The Sabbath Feast

Chapter Ten: Adam’s Rest Park

Chapter Eleven: The Big Race

Chapter Twelve: A Ring of Vandals

Chapter Thirteen: Ambushed

Chapter Fourteen: The Patriarchs Overthrown

Chapter Fifteen: Securing Assets, Preparing Defenses

Chapter Sixteen: A Way of Escape

Chapter Seventeen: Invaded

Chapter Eighteen: Hostages

Book Two: Noah’s Boys in the City of Mother Earth

Chapter Nineteen: A March into Captivity

Chapter Twenty: The City of Mother Earth

Chapter Twenty-One: Willing to Serve

Chapter Twenty-Two: Mother Earth Academy

Chapter Twenty-Three: Choosing to Resist

Chapter Twenty-Four: The School of Arms

Chapter Twenty-Five: The Queen Mother

Chapter Twenty-Six: A Religious Festival

Chapter Twenty-Seven: A Rescue of Adamites

Chapter Twenty-Eight: A Banquet

Chapter Twenty-Nine: The Temple of Virility

Chapter Thirty: Ham’s Best Prank Ever

Chapter Thirty-One: An Assassination Plot

Chapter Thirty-Two: The Battle for the Zoo

Chapter Thirty-Three: Heroes of Mother Earth

Chapter Thirty-Four: A Duel

Chapter Thirty-five: Father and the Queen Mother

Chapter Thirty-Six: Uncle Samlah

Chapter Thirty-Seven: The Great Dam Festival

Chapter Thirty-Eight: An Escape

Chapter Thirty-Nine: The Great Dam Catastrophe

Chapter Forty: A Happy Ending

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