Nocturnal Meetings of the Misplaced

Nocturnal Meetings of the Misplaced

by R.J. Garcia


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ISBN-13: 9781985751019
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 04/27/2018
Pages: 350
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.78(d)

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Nocturnal Meetings of the Misplaced 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
BethanyeWinters More than 1 year ago
A Phenomenal read from start to finish! Could not put this book down. Tommy & his friends take a dark journey thru buried family secrets and expose the haunted past of Summertime and its residents. All leading to the epic and heartrending finale. This fantastic & gripping read is a must for anyone who loves a good ,mystery and characters you will not want to say good bye to. Mystery surrounds the town of Summertime, Indiana, where fifteen-year-old Tommy Walker and his little sister are sent to live with relatives they’ve never met. Tommy soon makes friends with Finn Wilds, a rebellious local who lives with his volatile and abusive stepfather, who also happens to be the town’s sheriff. Finn invites Tommy to late night meetings in the woods, where Tommy gets to know two girls. He forms a special and unique connection with both girls. The meetings become a place where the kids, who don’t fit in at school, or home can finally belong. As the group of friends begin to unravel clues to a cold case murder and kidnapping— they learn the truth is darker and closer than they ever imagined. Even if they live to tell, will anyone believe them?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great read! I couldn’t put it down. Realistic characters and a great plot. I would highly recommend this book.
DiiMI More than 1 year ago
They were misfits, at school and in the one place they should find comfort, home. Together they found a place to belong, in the dark of the night where only the trees could hear them. And now they were about to unravel a mystery that has haunted their small town for years, and it may cost them their lives. R.J. Garcia’s NOCTURNAL MEETINGS OF THE MISPLACED is the story of four kids who know pain, loss and have learned loyalty by learning the hard way when others cannot be trusted. Finn the sheriff’s stepson, is the object of brutal abuse by a man who should “protect and serve.” Tommy is the new kid, he and his sister forced to live with relatives they have never met. Silence has her own secrets, even from her friends. Then there is Annie. Together these teens find solace in each other. Told through the eyes of Finn and Tommy, we witness the daring of teens, the mistakes of youth and an incredible sense of right and wrong, in spite of or because of their circumstances. With the curiosity of youth, they begin to investigate unsolved murders and kidnappings while still trying to be just normal teens doing normal things. Yet, they seemed thwarted at every turn by the time of Summertime. What a brilliant beginning that is really not, as Tommy recites how he came to be in Summertime, after the events of this dark and deadly tale. R.J Garcia has nailed that “teen” vibe! She has given life and personality t each character that is distinct and feels natural all while maintaining an air of mystery and ‘wrongness” that we know is coming! Are you looking for a read that will have your insides churning? Ready for those unexpected twists that veer off the “usual” path? Are you prepared to be glued to each page from start to finish? NOCTURNAL MEETINGS OF THE MISPLACED is one of those hidden gems that deserves to shine at the top of the treasure chest of reading as you root for four teens, not only to stay alive, but find more than what life has dealt them.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
C. Edwards rated It was a Cool and unique story! This story started off as interesting and then I couldn't stop reading! Before it gets too crazy you get to know the characters who each have their own backstory. Each a misfit in their own way. They bond in a small town during late night meetings in the woods. The love story wasn't over the top like a Bella and Edward, but it was adorable. It was one of those kisses that you are waiting and waiting for. When the mystery was finally revealed it made my mouth drop. This story so cool and unique with so many twist and turns.